Ways to Use Video Content On Your Product Pages

The constant development of technology is simultaneously opening many doors of opportunities for businesses. If you run an online business and are looking for a way to maximize your reach by boosting SEO and content sharing, you have landed on the right page! You can take over all your competitors by using video content for your brand or product pages. Engaging the audience with your videos is a straightforward way to enhance your business marketing and reveals greater details of the products you want to sell. As the customers cannot physically browse through the products online, video content will be a great help to get the narrower details of the product via visual representation. 

How to effectively make a video for your eCommerce product pages?

The sole aim of creating a video for your product page is to add a professional touch to your content and to focus on various facets of the products you wish to sell. You can follow these methods below to engage the audience with your videos.

Method 1: Get Ready

Before creating any video, you must be prepared to ensure nothing goes wrong in the video and your product is put across in the best possible way. Some things that you need to arrange include a tripod stand, video editing tool, microphone, HD camera, and proper source of light. To make your content even more impactful, set a background theme that compliments the product. You may also seek some professional help to get the job done and arrange for the required equipment or tools. 

Method 2: Selecting Formats

You must choose a suitable format depending on what you are going to execute in your video. Below are some formats that you can choose from.


Closeups of the products help showcase the minor details. You could show a 360-degree view of the products to provide an experience from different angles, in the same way that a customer would examine a product before buying it.


Product demo explains the entire details of the product based on its working, use or functionality. This format can be used for almost everything like electronic devices to provide step-by-step highlights of products in action or real scenarios.


How-to videos are similar to demos as it also gives the step-by-step representation of any item of product. Such videos use special features and highlights of the product you want to sell for the customer to completely understand its operation. How-to videos work excellently for many types of products, from electronics to skincare.

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Unboxing Videos

Product unboxing videos are satisfying and surprising as they reveal every aspect of the product. Such videos represent every detail, from opening the package to assembling the parts. Unboxing videos are also the most popular type, as these videos walk the buyer entirely through the product and the other elements/accessories that come with the product.

Installation Videos

Even if you get a step-by-step installation guide with the products, the idea of assembling some parts can still be daunting. Therefore installation guide videos can be a perfect way to prevent complications while letting the user install the device seamlessly. 

Lifehacks Videos

Lifehack videos are impressive as they expedite your product sales by providing the customer with some simple tricks and advantages related to the product. These videos are short yet highly engaging and elevate the chances of sales. Lifehack videos focus mainly on how the product can save customers time and effort by following simple tricks. Also, these videos can be easily shared across social platforms due to their small size.

Story-Based Videos

Story-based videos provide a real narrative of the products. Such videos convey not just a message about the product but also about the ethics you as a brand follow to establish a connection with their customers. Besides describing the product, these videos create an impression for the customers to remember. 

Method 3: Scripting or Pitch

After making all the arrangements and selecting the format, now it’s time to create a script for your videos. Your script or pitch must be engaging and positive, and it should cover all the advantages, key points, selling points, details and FAQs related to your product. You can try to add some fun by incorporating jokes or comic lines without deviating your focus from the product itself. Also, it is better to keep your script short and crisp and compare the product with its previous versions or competitors to showcase it as a ‘Hero’. 

Method 4: Add-Ons

You must know what you want in your video before you start recording. Aspects like customer reviews, feedback, brand logo, comparison videos, past videos, user-generated content etc., should be kept in mind before filming to avoid lapses while shooting.

Method 5: Filming

While filming the video, make sure that you make the product look attractive. If you are showcasing some decorative item, consider using related props to add an edge to your product. For example, if you are shooting for lipstick, complement it with suitable nail paint and a dress to make your product look tasteful and worth investing in. Also, pay attention to the light; it should be sufficient enough to brighten up the video so that the product stands out.

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Method 6: Final Touch

Filming the product is not the end. You have to invest decent time in editing the video to engage audience with your videos. Depending on which platform you prefer to publish your video, finalize the changes based on factors like video length, size, format, etc. Use a video maker like InVideo to create professional, high-quality videos in minutes. With a wide range of editing tools and a vast library of media and templates, you can add magical touches to your video with this program.


You might be doing everything to promote your product sales online, but if you skip on certain vital aspects, you might never be able to compete in the online business world. Using video content for your product pages can be extremely beneficial as it increases the confidence of the buyer in your product. Plus, it adds to your brand value and shapes the way you sell your products online.

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