What a University Student Can Sell to Make Money

Students can make money in countless ways. Although time can be a limiting factor, one can always indulge in side hustles that earn extra money. Being self-employed is extremely rewarding and lucrative. Life can be challenging as a student, and it becomes a challenge to concentrate on your studies when struggling financially. University students try different money-making ventures. Learn more about what you can sell to make money as a university student


Students often require stationery to navigate through their daily academic work. They are often required to print notes and assignments, books, calculators, and pens. If there are no such services next to your college, grab this golden opportunity. Exam time is often a good time to sell because everyone wants to get set. This is a lucrative business that is not time-consuming.


Offers snacks like biscuits, candies, and chocolates to your fellow students to keep them busy as they wait for another class or during their free time. Students can have tight schedules such that they forget to have a good meal during the day. Therefore, most of them prefer having snacks instead.


People living in the dormitories need simple cleaning and laundry products. Though it doesn’t sound like a big business idea, it can be a profitable venture. Availing products like soap, washing detergent, and fabric softener to students will help you earn extra cash.

Old Textbooks 

At the end of the semester, purchase your classmates’ second-hand textbooks. There are higher chances of getting them at a lower price because they are already used. At the start of the semester, find new students who would require the books and sell them at a relatively cheaper price than a new book but higher than your buying price.

Handmade Goods 

If you are handy with different crafts, you can sell your handmade goods through Cargo or Amazon. Alternatively, you can sell your crafts to your fellow students or lecturers. Market your business by posting your products on different social media platforms. Handmade goods can be stylish woven bags for ladies, carvings, or decorations. Make handmade items that won’t take most of your time. You can also get tutorials on YouTube on how to better them and new styles of making them more appealing.

Food Hampers

Parents whose children are on campus will always be concerned about what their children eat back in school. Make them worry less by selling food hampers. Instead, aim at filling them with student essentials like long-life foods such as baked beans, rice, and pasta. Include healthy stuff that is not easily available but nutritious.

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Buy jewelry from a wholesale store and sell it to the staff and fellow college students after classes. Pieces of jewelry are not bulky, and they can fit in small bags, making it easy to walk around carrying them. If you find a potential customer, you can avail the goods on the spot.

Stock Photos

If you prefer to take pictures, there are ways to sell your stock photos. The penny Hoard has a guide to selling stock photos, and it breaks the steps down. You can earn roughly 15% of the selling price when you start, but it can go up to 50%. 

Sell Your Idea or Invention 

Do you have an excellent idea for an invention but don’t know how to create it? Well, submit your idea to Quirky. They’ll screen your concept, and in case they like it, they’ll either develop it themselves or in partnership with a major brand. In the end, you’ll get a cut of all the sales from the final product. For some inventors, this has only earned them $1,000s, but others have made $100,000s through the platform.

Sell Roadside Gifts for Holidays

Have you ever seen roadside stands around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day? As a college student, buy some flowers and holiday candy. Get authorization to set up a stand near a busy intersection or roadside. You can double or triple your initial investment. 

Small Gadgets and Toys

Almost all kids love small gadgets, popular items, cool toys, and various cool little things. Examples of such items are cables for charging phones, fidget spinners, and different gadgets, which are especially popular nowadays on the Internet and social media.


There are several things to sell as a student looking to earn some money. Being a student is an added advantage since you have fellow students that will act as your target market. However, selling requires a persistent and determined person. It comes with different drawbacks but can be a rewarding idea. Also, manage your time well and create time for your studies. Entrepreneurship is a fantastic venture; give it a try!

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