What Does a Refurbished Laptop Mean?

What does refurbished laptop mean

What does a refurbished laptop mean? You may have seen this online or heard other people talking about it. In this guide, we will answer all of your questions about refurbished laptops. This starts with explaining what a refurbished laptop is and whether you should get one or not.

The thing is that you can save quite a bit of money by purchasing a refurbished laptop over a new one. Or you can get a more powerful refurbished laptop for the same price as a standard specification new laptop. 

Many people in the market for a new laptop will discount the idea of getting a refurbished model because they believe it will be second-hand or used. However, you will discover by reading this guide that this is not the case. So, we want to give you all of the facts about refurbished laptops so you can decide if they are a good option for you or not.

What’s a Refurbished Laptop?

There are a few situations that can result in a laptop being refurbished. For example, a customer may have purchased a new laptop from a business, not used it in any way, and then returned it to get something else or for a refund. However, it is illegal for a business to re-sell this laptop as “new,” so they have to say that it is refurbished (even though it is new and never used).

Laptop manufacturers use stringent quality tests for all of their models, and it could be that a model failed this test for some reason. So the manufacturer will examine why the laptop didn’t pass the test and then fix the problems so that it does. They will then sell the laptop as a refurbished model.

If a laptop sits on the shelf of a business for a while, it can be susceptible to scratches and other minor defects. In some cases, a customer will return a laptop after opening the box but not actually using the machine. These are then sold as refurbished.

Where Does a Refurbished Laptop Come From?

The answer to this question is many different places. As you have seen above, a refurbished laptop can result from several different situations, such as a customer decides to return their purchase and a machine failing a manufacturer’s quality check.

Some businesses will trade in their older laptop models for new ones, and these are then refurbished and sold again. It is possible that a refurbished model could be old, so you need to check this. Stores can have laptops that they need to sell as refurbished because they have minor defects such as scratches. 

Used Vs. Refurbished Vs. Certified

By buying a used, refurbished, or certified laptop, you are going to save money. You know what a refurbished laptop is, so we want to clarify what used and certified laptops are. Most people are familiar with the concept of a used laptop, but it can be more complicated than you might think.

There are many places online where you can purchase a used laptop. Two that instantly spring to mind are Amazon and eBay. These websites are regulated, so you will know exactly what you are buying. For example, they cannot use false descriptions to hide the actual condition of a used laptop.

You may be able to find a cheaper used laptop on a classified ad website like Craigslist.org. The problem here is that there is no regulation at all and what is described in an ad may be far from reality. Buying a used laptop can save you a lot, but it can also be a lot of hassle, and if you don’t want this, stay away from the used market.

A certified used laptop is where a business will sell a machine that they have inspected thoroughly and made necessary repairs to get it back to the original specification. In many ways, it is the same as a certified refurbished laptop. Often you will have an extended warranty with a certified laptop. 

Benefits of Buying a Refurbished Laptop

There are several benefits to buying a refurbished laptop, and we will discuss the main ones here. These are:

  • Your laptop will cost you less
  • You will have a laptop that has been tested
  • You will be doing your bit for the environment
  • You can get a higher specification laptop
  • There are different warranty options

The most important benefit of purchasing a refurbished laptop is that you will save money buying a new one. Laptops have come down in price, but they can still be expensive. In some cases, you can save as much as 50% off the new price when you go for a refurbished machine. 

You must purchase a refurbished laptop from a seller that you can trust. They will tell you the truth about all of the refurbished laptops they sell, such as a customer return that has never been used before. 

If you purchase a brand-new laptop, it is very likely that it will not have been thoroughly tested. On the other hand, a refurbished laptop will always be tested and thoroughly checked before selling it. This means that it is much more likely that you could end up with a faulty machine if you buy a new one.

Purchasing a refurbished laptop is good for the environment. A lot of computer equipment that is faulty or out of date is just disposed of. In addition, you have the opportunity to get a higher spec laptop when you go refurbished. If you have a budget of $1,000, for example, you will get so much more for your money when you buy a refurbished laptop.

Different companies that sell refurbished laptops have different warranty arrangements. Some will provide you with an extended warranty that will include technical support for free. On the other hand, it will pay you to shop around to find the best deal.

Should I Get a Refurbished Laptop?

If you want to save money while purchasing a fully checked and tested machine, the answer to this question is a resounding “yes”. You should be able to save anywhere from 25% to 50% on the price of a new laptop when you go for the same model refurbished. 

You may be concerned that a refurbished laptop will not last as long as a new one. This is not true as most refurbished laptops are as good as new. The sellers of refurbished laptops thoroughly test them, and you will find that all the main hardware components are new. 

Do you want the latest operating system with your laptop? Of course, you do, and if you purchase a Windows laptop, it will have Windows 10 installed on it. It doesn’t matter what makes the laptop; you can rely on a refurbished laptop with the latest operating system.

We would always advise that you purchase a refurbished laptop from a well-known company like HP, Acer, Dell, and so on. These companies will ensure that their refurbished laptops are of the highest quality because their reputation is on the line here.

They will only use the very best refurbishing companies that have vast experience in the market. This way, they know that any laptops they send to them for refurbishing will be exhaustively tested and that the company will apply all of the necessary fixes to make the machine as good as new again.

So, it is safe for you to buy branded refurbished laptops. You do not have to concern yourself with anything significant going wrong, such as the battery failing a lot quicker than it should. As long as you go with a well-known maker of the laptop, you should be fine.

The one drawback with refurbished laptops is that you may not get the latest model. Usually, a refurbished laptop will be a generation behind the latest laptops. Therefore, you need to check the specifications of a refurbished laptop to ensure that it meets your requirements. Internal storage and RAM are essential things to look for.

What to Consider When Buying a Refurbished Laptop

Before you decide to look for a good refurbished laptop, you need to consider several things. First, the price of the laptop is going to be a strong consideration for most people, so it is a good idea to have a budget in mind for your new laptop. Second, take a look at the specs and prices for new laptop models to give you an idea of this.

It would be best if you thought about what you are going to do with your laptop. Think about your short-term and long-term requirements here. For example, it is no good purchasing a refurbished laptop that will not have the power to do what you want in a year. At the same time, you do not want to spend too much on a high-spec laptop if you will not use the power that it offers.

Choosing the right seller of refurbished laptops is crucial. This is not just about money, but also the support you will receive for your refurbished laptop and what will be included with your purchase. Some refurbished laptop sellers will only supply the machine itself, meaning that you will need to purchase the power adapter and other accessories separately. 

Final Words

You now know that a refurbished laptop does not necessarily mean that it has been used. It is possible to save as much as 50% on the price of a new laptop when you choose a refurbished model. All refurbished laptops should have been thoroughly tested, and the refurbishment company should have replaced any faulty components to make them as good as new.

When you are in the market for a refurbished laptop, you have a good idea of the specification you require and the amount of money you are prepared to spend. We highly recommend that you use only reputable sellers of refurbished laptops that have a good track record. You can find reviews online.

It is unlikely that you will get the latest laptop model in a refurbished condition, so purchase a new one if this is important to you. There is nothing to fear with buying a refurbished laptop if you get one from the right companies. We have answered, “what does a refurbished laptop mean?” so now it is time for you to take advantage of this.

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