Where can I Find the Best Cable and Internet Bundles?

Having a cable and internet connection nowadays is essential for completing day-to-day tasks on time and for catching the best of entertainment from around the world. Most people tend to get a separate subscription for both their cable TV and internet services. These a la carte plans, though deliver the promised features, have the side effect of draining your budget. For instance, $60 for the internet and $80 for the cable TV service with separate taxes on top successfully manage to extract $100 from your pocket every month, exhausting your savings as a result. In other words, you won’t have anything left for other expenses, after you pay your cable bills. However, there is one way out of it. It goes by the name of bundling. Bundling is a blessing for people who are thrifty spenders and love to save up on their income. When you subscribe to the most lucrative bundles in the biz you automatically relieve your budget of extra burden.

How does bundling work?

To retain their subscribers, cable providers usually combine two or more services and offer them at a discounted rate. These double or triple plays also come with exclusive add-ons and promotional pricing. Not only that, you don’t have to deal with separate bills, but can easily enjoy the convenience of paying for your cable and internet bundle on a single invoice. Some companies give you the freedom to create your bundles, while others advertise pre-made bundles in the market. You can go for either, depending on your unique requirements. The main question here is, where can you find the best cable and internet bundles? Let’s figure it out below. Stay tuned.

How to Find the Best Cable and Internet Bundles?

Before you can head out into the market to search for the right cable and internet bundles for your household, you need to undergo a few steps to make your search systematic and fruitful. Here’s how you should begin:

Evaluate Your Need – Understand your requirement for download speed and channel count. What do you need the internet for? How many hours do you spend online? How many internet users are living in your home? Which download and upload speed tier will be perfect for you? Do you watch hundreds of TV channels or stick to a couple of channels? Will you need a DVR? How many cable receivers will be good enough for you? Once you have an answer to these questions, you’ll be able to streamline your search for the best bundles and select wisely.

Consult Forums – Time to head online. Look up consumer forums and discussion platforms on the web, and enter your keyword in the search bar. Read up on previous threads about the best bundles in the market. Post your question and listen to what tried-and-tested consumers have to say about providers. Note the cable company that has the most positive reviews, and tally the offers with the provider’s actual site. Call around, ask the neighbors and keep an eye on the competitors too.

Search by Zip – Use any of the free ‘search by zip’ tools online and narrow down the list of providers available in your area. Highlight the providers that are backed by good testimonials and have the vote of the neighbors. Compare their cable and internet bundles, and cross-check them with your requirements. Choose the bundle that works out ideally for you.

Top Cable and Internet Bundles in the Market 2021

When you’re shopping for internet and cable TV together, it’s wise to look at the offers from the best cable providers in the market. These providers are known for their service reliability and have been ranked by the American Customer Satisfaction Index at the very top. Check out the most amazing cable and internet bundles for this year below:

Cox Bronze Duo

Cox Communications is one of the largest cable providers in the US and has a huge subscriber footprint. You can get multiple bundles with Cox, but the one we’d recommend is the Bronze Duo. Why? Because, for starters, it delivers an internet speed of up to 150 Mbps, which is ideal for supporting online activities across 7 devices at the same time. It also comes with a free Security Suite powered by McAfee and instant access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide. Moreover, the digital Contour TV service provides 140+ channels in the lineup, which encompasses local programming, music networks, and free HD, along with the TV Everywhere facility. The Bronze Duo bundle costs $109.99/mo. and gives you free install + one TV receiver, depending on your location.

Spectrum Double Play Select

Spectrum is a household name, being available in 44 states. This cable provider is majorly known for its standardized pricing and straightforward plans. Though Spectrum has many cable and internet bundles, the most remarkable one for an average household is the Double Play Select bundle. It delivers a download speed of up to 200 Mbps and a channel count of 125+ for a monthly price of $89.98. Just under $100 a month, you get super-fast internet speed, a free modem, thousands of On Demand titles, a free Spectrum TV app, and an exclusive channel lineup. What’s more, there are no data caps, no contracts, and no price hikes with Spectrum. Charter also gives you a contract buyout worth $500, if you’re uneasy about changing providers. So, give it a go!

Altice One Double Play

Suddenlink is a relatively new cable provider, but its bundles are finger-licking good. If you choose the Altice One Double Play, you get around 290+ Select TV channels, including CMT, STARZ ENCORE® East, Disney Jr., and NFL Network, up to 100 Mbps internet speed, a special $100 worth Amazon Gift Card, and a 4K UHD accessibility. The Altice One device has streaming apps included, DVR, and Wi-Fi capability. It’s really a state-of-the-art system. The price? Only $69.99/mo. You don’t have to worry about pesky contracts or data caps, either. That’s how amazing Suddenlink cable bundles are, given that they are available in your area.

Wrapping Up

Bundling is a smart move in this turbulent economy. Use the tips mentioned in this article to find the best cable and internet bundles near you. Also, keep the top bundle deals by Cox, Spectrum, and Altice in mind, which have been outlined for you above, and you’ll thank us later.

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