Why PPC Advertising is a Must-Have in Your Marketing Strategy

PPC or pay-per-click advertising has become a mainstay in the digital marketing landscape and established itself as one of the most prominent ways to advertise and get the word about your brand or product out online. Marketing experts and successful brands that have already made it online all swear by PPC and recommend you make it a large part of your marketing strategy. Here is why. As per Inc.com, PPC is supposed to be an effective online advertising stratagem in which you need to pay only when consumers or visitors click on your advertisement. PPC is known to live up to its literal name pay-per-click.

Understanding PPC

Pay-per-click is a form of ad purchasing in online marketing where an advertiser is billed based on how many clicks their ad generates. Done well, it becomes a method to get eyeballs onto your websites by buying visits rather than earning them completely organically. At its very base, PPC advertising allows you to reach an audience of your choosing by putting up ads and quickly selecting whom they should target. Once people see your ads and click on them, you are billed by the ad provider. This progressive billing scheme makes online advertising far more accessible to everyone and has several other advantages.

Allows You to Reach Goals Effectively

PPC provides an excellent gateway to fulfilling your business goals. As long as you have set realistic goals and analyzed how best to get to them, PPC will allow you to attract and drive traffic to pursue any and every target effectively. Whether you are looking to sell some more or become a thought leader in your field, pay per click ads can be used to help you along the way. If marketing is a funnel, PPC provides great incentives to help people through the middle of the funnel towards the conversion end. It can, however, be deployed at any stage of the funnel for any kind of call to action that you deem necessary, be it pushing downloads, requesting people to sign up to a newsletter, or inviting them to enter a giveaway. Get in touch with reliable PPC services for the best results.

PPC Gains are Highly Measurable

PPC ads, especially through established providers like Google Ads, provide excellent tools to track your campaign’s progress. Google Analytics and similar tools, in conjunction with Google Ads, provide data at several levels of details from the top-down, for every metric imaginable, like clicks, impressions, conversions and so much more. This analytical approach allows you to bridge the gap between marketing and magic and understand how the campaign you have crafted is working towards achieving the goals you have laid out for it in real-time. You can then tweak your strategy to better fit your budget or orient itself towards achieving deliverables. This alone puts PPC legions ahead of most traditional marketing channels like print ads on magazines and billboards.

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Fewer Barriers to Entry

PPC ads have been around for quite some time now, but they are so approachable that you can make up for lost time even if you jump on the bandwagon today. Some time, effort, and investment can quickly get you up to speed, putting PPC in stark contrast to other online marketing schemes like SEO which need a long time and a lot of effort to grow organically and return dividends. Further, it stands out from social marketing and email marketing because the platform allows you to target people outside those your brand has already been in touch with directly or indirectly, which means you can go beyond your customers and reach a sizable potential audience by casting a wide net. It is incredibly easy to get started too; you could set it all up in a single day, even without a development team, who would only be needed to set up landing pages or some kind of conversion tracking system if you need one.

Complete and Granular Control

PPC ad providers allow you a lot of flexibility when it comes to altering the parameters for your campaign. You can typically do this at any time during the campaign’s life cycle, and it can be proactive or reactive. You could tweak the keywords you are targeting or the demographic you wish to attract if you like. You can also add or remove features to ensure you stay within budget. This is made easier by setting up bids or limits to how much you would like to spend well beforehand. You could stop when you go out of budget, or choose to ramp things up if early results are promising. This kind of flexibility is hard to find on any other medium. While Google’s algorithms decide where and in what context your ads show up, you get to optimize every aspect of it ranging from ad copy to targeting parameters. There is no cycle for which it has to run, you can pull or edit an ad immediately whenever you would like.

Cohesive and Compatible

Pay per click ads fit very well into any existing content marketing strategy. If you are already doing SEO and developing quality content, PPC will allow you to attract even more visitors to your site and boost conversions sooner. The performance of your ad campaigns for certain keywords and parameters may also return valuable insights that you can use in our SEO efforts while developing content in the future. The same is also applicable for your SEO metrics when you are running PPC campaigns. There is a wealth of data about your PPC ads that ad networks will provide you, and you can go through it at various levels of granularity to make informed decisions about the rest of your marketing activities. Aside from the already excellent tools that Google Analytics provides, you may also use third party applications to go through the marketing data and draw inferences that can be used as actionable information later in the process.

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PPC advertising is an established form of promotion that is very approachable, affordable, time-tested, and effective. There are no downsides to it, so you can definitely at least try a pilot program to see if the gains are worth it for you. You can drop out at any time, and also alter your campaigns based on insights from experts or your observations. Chances are that you will be so impressed by what you see that it will become a mainstay in your marketing strategy for years to come. The outlay in terms of time, effort, and money is well worth it once the dividends start coming in.

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