4 Reasons Why You Should User Test Your Website

Why You Should User Test Your Website

So you’ve devoted hours of creativity to design an awesome company website; it is still only as effective as your visitors agree. 

However, the key is to know that your visitors like your site and find it user-friendly before you actually launch it, so your efforts don’t go wasted.

Hence, once you’ve finished designing your webpage, it is a good idea to run user-testing with your target audience to ensure it is well received.

What is User Testing?

User testing is early-stage testing to ensure your company’s webpage provides what visitors want and are willing to pay for, thus enabling you to launch a successful site. 

In other words, it enables you to verify your assumptions and back up research regarding your web design to help prevent setbacks and costly revisions down the road.

In fact, testing your site with users serves various purposes for your web design, which we will see next.

4 Reasons Why You Should User Test Your Website

Saves Time on Development

Web development can take valuable hours to complete and only to find out that the coding doesn’t fit the user once it’s been introduced, which can take another large amount of time to fix it.

However, testing your site’s usability enables you to validate whether or not it makes sense to deploy it, so you don’t waste time on development.

First, launching a prototype of your web page also lets you know what works with customers, so you can quickly make changes to build the exact elements needed in your coding for a smarter web design.

Reduce Customer Support Costs

Testing when you sit early also enables you to dig into your log and see which issues your customers encounter the most, so you can help prevent them from getting stuck, which helps significantly reduce the amount of time your customer support team spends handling questions, thus helping reduce customer support costs.

Improve Customer Retention

Research shows that customers are repelled by what is unpleasant, making them less likely to return in the future.

However, providing clear and simple navigation, easy sign-ins, mobile-friendly sites, and more creates an exceptional user experience that helps build loyal fans that return again and again and recommend your site to family and friends.

One way usability testing helps you improve the user experience for improved customer retention is by providing you with insight into where they get stuck on your site to make the proper adjustments to enable them to accomplish what they are trying to do.

Improve Conversion Rates/Revenue

Since early testing is based on real user feedback, it also enables you to learn exactly what parts of your page keeps customers from converting, so you can develop a more human-centered design for the biggest impact on conversion rates.

If you are unsure how to incorporate user testing for your site, consider Adobe XD web design software provides all the working UX design knowledge you need to make the best product design decisions.

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