Video Has Moved to ‘Must-Have’ Status to Generate New Leads – What Is Your Video Strategy?

Video marketing used to be a plaything for only the biggest companies or those with large marketing budgets. The digital age has opened up the market no end, and companies of all sizes and budgets can now produce compelling video content in a short space of time.

The trick is making videos that are appealing to your potential buyers so they take a positive action to visit your website and buy or find out more. With video moving to must-have status, now is the time to consider how your firm could be missing out by not leveraging this visual, highly engaging form of media.

This article gives some tips on how to get started with a video strategy, and how to represent your company in a short space of time to potential new customers.

The business case for video

Video content is increasingly dominant on all social media channels. You can also use the targeting capabilities of platforms such as LinkedIn to ensure your content gets in front of only the right kind of potential buyers.

As well as its ability to generate new website traffic and impressions, video is also a useful tool for developing other marketing KPIs. In particular, video can be used to educate viewers as they progress around your website. Even simple animated videos can be much more effective in aiding the buyers’ journey than the written word or static graphics.

How animated video helps

2D video is inexpensive and simple to produce effectively. It is also much quicker to produce and means content can be churned out in a short space of time. Better still, well-produced animated videos can be just as effective for generating leads and brand awareness as 3D versions.

Use animated video to create short stories to bring buyers through the journey from pain point through to your solutions. In the space of a minute or two with animated video you can tell the story and tell them what they need to do next to find out more or buy. Keep the messaging focused on the problem you solve, and how you solve it.

Starting your video content strategy

When you have made the decision to go ahead with some video marketing, the next step is to choose an agency to help you produce top quality content. You have the option of making a permanent new hire, but this is a risky business for a first foray into video.

By using a skilled external agency, you can benefit from top talent without the costs or time of regular recruitment.

That said, it is worth investing a little time in finding a good agency. Doing so will save you time in the long run, and it will ensure you bring the right partner on board to showcase your firm in style.

Cutting corners on video quality is not a wise move. Whether on social media, email or on your website, a video is likely to be the first sight many potential buyers get of your brand. Use video to convey key messages and connect with your prospects.

Making your shortlist

You need to take these factors into account when choosing an animation video company. It is vital to find a firm that wants to partner with you and help build your marketing. Put together an outline of your budget and goals and shortlist some agencies you believe may be a good fit. These could be agencies your competitors use, or locally based ones you feel you can form a good working relationship with.

Look at potential agencies’ skillsets. Consider whether they are specialists in 2D video, or whether their core business is on-site shoots and 3D production. Depending on your budget, a specialist 2D video production agency may provide more competitive pricing due to a lower fixed cost base.

When you have sent your requirements to some agencies and received responses back, review them and shortlist again. Invite a small number to a call or meeting to talk to them face-to-face to ask more about what they think they can bring to your business. Agencies that are really driven to win new business will put together some ideas for this meeting to show how they would suggest positioning your brand in video form.

Discuss your campaign objectives with the agencies too. Whether you are looking to convert immediate sales or drive more traffic to your website, you need to be aligned on the call to action the videos will promote.

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