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In this article, we will provide you with all of the most important information about 13377x torrents. You will learn what the website offers, what you can download from 1337x.to, the best way to download torrents from the website, why you need to use a VPN and which are the best and more.

A torrent file, sometimes known as a METAINFO file, includes meta data about folders and files for distribution. You will not find the actual content itself in a torrent file – it just provides the information about specific files and provides a vehicle to download them onto your device.

The 1337x.to website is very popular has it has a very large directory of torrents that users can use to download the content that they are looking for. In 2018, the 1337x.to site was judged as the third most visited website for torrents. 2007 saw the launch of the 13377x website and it has changed its domain extension from .pl to .to.

What can you Download from 13377x.to Torrent?

There is a whole host of different content on the 13377x website. One of the most popular categories on the site is Movies. Here you will find thousands of movies in all genres and different languages. There are current movies in the directory and old classic movies too. Most of the torrents provide details of large movie files.

Another popular category is TV programs. There are literally thousands of torrent files available here for current TV programs and classics from the past. You can find TV programs from just about every nation in the world in this category. Again the torrent files provide the conduit to downloading large files such as TV series.

The next category is Games. Here you will find popular games for the Windows PC and other popular gaming platforms. As with all categories you can organize the torrents into the most popular and those that are currently trending. There are new torrents uploaded every day in this category.

If popular music is your thing then 1337x offers a number of torrents providing access to the latest tunes. There are also classic songs in the list and if you can’t find what you are looking for then you can use the search facility to see if it is available.

People also use the 1337x site to download applications for computers and mobile devices. You will usually see Windows applications and popular apps for Android in this category.  If you are in to Anime then there is a category for this where you will find many torrents available.

The site has a Documentaries channel and sometimes you will find an interesting documentary here. There are not usually that many documentaries available but if this is something that interests you then it is always worth taking a look.

For all of those torrents that are hard to categorize there is an “Others” section where you will find anything from Audiobooks to training courses. The final category is “XXX” which needs no explanation.

How to Download from 13377x.to Torrent using uTorrent?

You need to understand that torrent websites are banned across the world. To access them you need to use a VPN (virtual private network) service and we will explain this in more detail later on.

To download torrent files you will need to use a BitTorrent client and one of the most popular ones available is uTorrent. There is a free version of uTorrent that you can use on a Windows or Mac based computer and there is a version for mobile devices as well. The free version does contain ads and you can get rid of these by paying $4.95 a year.

Utorrent download

There is a Pro version of uTorrent which is currently available for $19.95 per year. The major advantage of this version is that it claims to provide security from all threats. Some torrents contain malware and other malicious viruses so you do need to be careful. There is also the Pro + VPN version which provides premium VPN access for a year as well.

The free version of uTorrent is sufficient for most people. As long as you have a good antivirus program on your computer then you should have the protection that you need. Download the free version and install it.


Once you are in the 1337x.to site and found the torrent you are looking for either in the categories or through searching you can select it and then you will usually have a choice of a magnet download or torrent download.

A magnet link is similar to a normal hyperlink but will also include the hash code for the torrent file that you want to download. It is an alternative way to download torrent files and alleviates the need to download directly from a server.

To use uTorrent you will need to select the Magnet Download option. If your uTorrent client is not open then you will receive a message to launch the application. Confirm that you want to do this and uTorrent will open on your device.

When uTorrent opens you will see a new window appear and you can then select the folder that you want to download the file(s) to. Once you have done this click on OK and this will automatically start your download.

If you want to download a movie file, for example, this is very likely to be a large file. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the efficiency of the server that is hosting the file that you want to download this can take quite a long time.

Sometimes a file will stop downloading in uTorrent. If this happens you can right click on the download and then you will see a number of options to get the download working again. There may be times when you need to start all over again.

Within uTorrent, you will be able to see the size of the file that you are downloading as well as the status (how much of the file you have downloaded as a percentage). You can also see the speed of the download. The faster the speed, the less time the download will take and vice versa.

Working Proxies for 13377x.to

As we mentioned above, torrent sites like 1337x.to are banned by most Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) so you will need to use a proxy server to access the website. The simplest way to explain a proxy server is that it sits between you and your ISP and the World Wide Web.


A proxy server will provide different levels of privacy, security and functionality. When you use a proxy server you will gain access to the website that you want – in this case, 1337x.to through it and not via your ISP. The proxy server will send the data to you directly so it is anonymous.

Proxy servers are really all about privacy. If you try to access torrent websites like 1337x.to through your ISP then it is very likely that they will have banned the site and they can even report you to authorities (this is rare). A proxy server can also protect you from the nastier side of the Internet as well.

So the main reason to use a proxy server to access 1337x.to is that it is extremely likely that your ISO has banned it. There are proxy servers available for different cities and countries around the world. So if you are in New York, USA, you can use a proxy server to make it look like you are in London, UK for example.

Some Working 13377x.to Proxies

There are thousands of free proxies available today. If you choose to use a free proxy server then you will normally have ads served to you as the companies behind them need to generate revenue. But this is the least of your worries. Usually, a free proxy server will not have high levels of security and protection that a paid service provides.

In some cases, free proxy servers do not use encryption. If this is the case then you are wasting your time. Without encryption, all of your web browser requests are visible to all. This can be a real security risk as a hacker that knows what they are doing could “listen” to your Internet activity and steal usernames and passwords etc.

You can gain access to proxy servers through the use of a good VPN service which we will explore next.

Best working VPN for 13377x

By using a VPN service you will hide access details to websites such as 1337x.to. There are also security and other features that will provide you a level of protection. VPN services are available for free and there are paid services as well. Here we will take a look at the top 5 free VPN services and top 5 paid VPN services you can use to access 13377x.

We only recommend using torrents and VPN services in the context of legal recreational uses.

Free VPN Services to access 13377x

1. Cyberghost

Cyberghost used to offer a completely free VPN service application but they withdrew this in 2018. The good news is that they still offer a free VPN service through browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

With a lot of free VPN services the companies that provide them will generate revenue by selling your personal details to companies that are looking to target you with their products and services. Cyberghost do not do this as they make sufficient revenue through their paid VPN services.

So what do you get with the free VPN browser extensions from Cyberghost? Well, you can connect to 8 different servers located in 4 countries which are the USA, the Netherlands, Romania and Germany. There are 2 servers per country.

You can use the VPN extensions on an unlimited bandwidth basis. There is blockchain technology behind the free VPN service from Cyberghost and by using their incognito modes you will have complete privacy.

It is really easy to set up the browser extensions for both Firefox and Chrome and you do not require any technical knowledge to do this. Cyberghost will never keep any logs of what you are surfing using their free VPN service.

2. Tunnel Bear

Another high-quality free VPN service is Tunnel Bear. You can use the Tunnel Bear app on your Mac or Windows computer or with an Android or iOS powered smartphone or tablet device.

When you use the Tunnel Bear VPN service you will have a high degree of privacy and it will prevent your ISP from seeing what you are doing online. Tunnel Bear also prevents hackers from stealing your personal information if you are connected to an insecure WiFi network in a shopping mall for example.

You can easily access 1337x with Tunnel Bear as it will provide you with a virtual location that has no restrictions. With the free version of Tunnel Bear, the usage is limited to 500 MB of secure browsing.

3. VPN Book

VPN Book is a totally free VPN service. They claim to use state of the art server hardware for excellent speed and performance and their service has no restrictions so you can easily access 1337x.

Encryption is strong with VPN Book so you can use the service with confidence. There are no limitations with bandwidth which makes this an ideal free VPN service to use for downloading from 1337x.

The company claim that they never record any log details so you have 100% anonymity. They locate their servers in countries that do not have snooping and data retention laws. The only details that they log are your IP address and when you made the connection. Every week they delete these logs.

4. Open VPN

Open VPN is an open-source solution meaning that it is completely free to use. They offer a fully-featured VPN client called Open VPN Connect which you can use on Mac OS and Windows computers, Linux computers and iOS and Android-based mobile devices.

The consumer version is fine for accessing and downloading from 1337x. It is a “private tunnel” service that provides a secure and anonymous connection wherever you happen to be. There are a number of servers all over the world that you can connect to and offers full encryption and anonymity.

There is a good level of security offered with Open VPN. When you use it on any device you will shield yourself from cyber attacks and spoofing. Your true IP address will always remain anonymous when you use Open VPN.

5. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield claim that their VPN service is the fastest available. If you are a Windows or Mac computer user, Android or iOS mobile device user or you want to use an extension for Google Chrome then these are all available to you.

All you need to do to use the free VPN service from Hotspot Shield is to choose your device (e.g. Windows PC) sign up for a free account and download the app. There are no limits on bandwidth and you get fully anonymous browsing and downloading which is great for 1337x.

There is a one-click connection feature within the app and if you want to choose your VPN location you can do that as well. The encryption is military-grade and there are thousands of servers around the world that you can use.

1. Express VPN

One of the best premium VPN services available for 1337x access and downloads is Express VPN. It easily overcomes any restrictions that your ISP imposes so you can freely access the 1337x.to website and download as much as you want.

There is full encryption with the Express VPN service so you have full protection from cybercriminals and nobody can see what you are doing. You can use Express VPN on Windows and Mac computers, Linux based computers and iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets.

There are three plans available from Express VPN. You can pay for the service monthly which will cost $12.95 each month. If you want to go for the 6 months plan then this will cost you $59.95 which works out to around $9.99 per month. And then there is the annual plan for $99.995 which is around $8.32 per month.

2. Nord VPN

Another well known and very popular premium VPN service is Nord VPN. With this service, you can access any websites that you want, including 1337x.to, without any censorship or restrictions.

Nord VPN claim that they will protect your IP address at all times and ensure that all of your web surfing and downloading activity is completely anonymous.  If you are at all concerned when you are using the service you can use the “automatic kill switch” to break your connection.

You will have military-grade encryption with all of your surfing and there are apps for macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux and browser extensions too. There is a monthly plan costing $11.95 a month, a 1-year plan at $83.88 a year (around $6.99 a month), a 2-year plan at $119.76 (around $4.99 a month) and a 3-year plan which saves even more money.

3. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is another top-quality premium VPN service. With this service, you will be able to access 1337x.to anonymously and your connection will have full encryption. The service will always override any access restrictions that local ISP’s may impose.

With Private Internet Access, you will have a fast VPN connection which is really important for downloading torrents from 1337x. You get a high level of security protection with the service so that you never have to concern yourself with cyber attacks when you are using public WiFi services for example.

They have over 3,000 servers in 29 countries and the service works with a wide range of devices such as Mac and Windows computers and most mobile devices. There is a monthly plan for $9.95 each month, a 6 monthly plan costing between $30 and $60 and a yearly plan from $35 to $120 (there are usually deals available for these plans).

Is Downloading from Torrent Websites illegal?

There is not a straight forward answer to this. The act of downloading a torrent is not necessarily illegal in itself. It is all about copyright. If the content that you are downloading via the torrent has a copyright and you have no rights to this then you will be breaking the law by downloading it.

Are you likely to be caught and prosecuted downloading copyrighted torrent files? Well, it does happen but the number of prosecutions is really low. A website like 1337x.to will have copyright trolls and maybe even government agencies sniffing around at times.

Tips for Protecting Yourself

It is not a good idea to become a seeder to the torrent community. The thing is that the torrent community needs seeders (people that provide access to the content files) to keep going. But seeders are far more likely to grab the attention of the authorities.

You should always use a VPN service (proxy server) when you are accessing and downloading from 1337x.to. Do this even if your ISP has not banned access to the website. The less anyone else knows about your torrent access and downloading activity the better for you. Spending a few dollars a month on a good VPN service is well worth it.


As long as there are torrent websites such as 13377x.to (and its variants) offering access to popular movies, music, applications and more there will always be people willing to download torrents and get what they are looking for.

If you want to participate in this activity then you must get yourself a VPN service for protection. Most of the torrents are going to provide access to copyrighted content and you do not want to find yourself in a difficult situation. We cannot say for sure that you will not fall foul of the authorities – it is up to you to decide whether it is worth the risk or not.

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