10 Best Primewire Alternatives To Consider in 2023

Primeware has been around for a while and many millions use it to watch streaming movies online. Although it doesn’t store movies on its servers and uses associations with third parties to provide the streaming movies the anti-piracy groups still consider an illegal streaming website. It is difficult to access Primewire from a lot of locations.

Over the years Primewire has had to change its domain extension to avoid bans and shutdowns. It is still operating today but a lot of people complain about it because of ads and even malware threats. The truth is that no free movie website can be completely trusted so you need to be very careful and ensure that your antivirus program is up to date.

Primewire does have access to a huge amount of movies which is why it’s so popular. Using the website is easy and this helps as well. But there are other websites out there that provide access to free streaming movies in a similar way.

So I went on a mission to find some good Primewire alternatives. There are a lot of these free streaming websites out there so I needed to find the best ones. I eliminated any that posed a malware or other threat in my testing. That’s not to say that this won’t happen with the websites I have listed here. It just didn’t happen when I tested them.

OK so here are my top 10 Primewire alternatives. Always remember that streaming movies for free is illegal so you do this at your own risk.

10 Best Primewire alternatives

1. Putlocker

Although Putlocker has changed its domains many times it still remains immensely popular and a good Primewire alternative. They have probably the largest database of movies and this grows daily. You can also find TV shows on Putlocker if that interests you. I found it easy to find new and old movies on Putlocker.

One of the best things about Putlocker for me is the user interface. It’s really easy to use and if you scroll over a movie you get further details about it which I found useful when I wasn’t looking for any specific movies. Usually you can download the movies in HD as well which is a great feature.

There are a lot of popups and ads with Putlocker so I recommend that you have a good adblocker installed. Some people have reported virus issues with Putlocker too but I didn’t experience this.

2. Yify

You will find that Yify has a lot of movies available including a number of new releases which makes it a good Primewire alternative. There is a big difference between Yify and Primewire though. With Yify you have to download the movies that you want to watch as there is no streaming feature.

I found that searching for the movies you want to download is simple with Yify. I was able to use a number of different parameters with my search including the launch year and genre which made everything faster. A lot of people like to download movies and as a result Yify has become immensely popular.

I downloaded a few movies from Yify and the quality was really good. I don’t know how long Yify will be around as the owner faced prosecution for copyright infringement. My advice is to enjoy it while you can.

3. VMovee

You may not have heard of VMovve before but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a viable Primewire alternative. I liked the look of the interface with VMovee and it was certainly easy to use. OK it doesn’t have the same huge number of movies available as Primewire and Putlocker but it is growing and becoming more popular.

I felt that the VMovee movie streaming website had good organization and searching for what I was looking for was painless and quick. The categories were as you’d expect including the most popular, new movies and their latest additions. All of the movies on VMovee are HD and you can even find movies from Bollywood.

Like other streaming websites, VMovee doesn’t save movies on its servers. It provides links to third parties providing the movies in an attempt to get around copyright laws. Although I didn’t experience any virus issues I suggest that you’re on your guard when using this website.

4. Niter

Niter is fast becoming one of the most popular movie streaming websites and so it makes my list of Primewire alternatives. A lot of people believe that it’s a good alternative to 123 Movies which I’ll discuss later. Once I started to use Niter I found that the searching for movies was really good. You can use all kinds of parameters to speed things up.

Niter provides you with links to the movies that reside on other websites in a similar way that most of the others do. This is still illegal. Anyway, the user interface is nice and I think that they copied it from Netflix. When you search you will often be provided with links to websites that you can’t find using Google.

The fact that a lot of the links were not showing up in Google worried me as I had visions of malware threats. But in my testing, I didn’t have any problems. Niter is growing and I found it to be a good alternative to Primewire.

5. 123 Movies

OK I mentioned 123 Movies in my Niter review so let’s talk about this movie streaming website as a good Primewire alternative. There is no doubt that 123 Movies is a popular website. Recent estimates suggest that more than 90 million people visit it each month. But this popularity has not gone unnoticed with the anti piracy groups.

Like most other Primewire alternatives 123 Movies doesn’t host any movie content. You cannot upload any movies to 123 Movies either. There are a lot of movies available at 123 Movies and I also found IMDB ratings alongside them which helped me to decide on whether it was worth watching a movie or not.

There is no need for you to create an account on 123 Movies but if you do then you will receive emails from them telling you about new releases and so on. Although I didn’t experience any virus issues the threat is always there because 123 Movies links to other websites.

6. Vumoo

Vumoo is another Primewire alternative but it’s not so good when it comes to searching for what you want. Their database has a lot of movies listed but finding I found finding them quite a challenge. If you know the full name of the movie that you want then Vumoo is a good option as the search function works best by movie titles.

If you are into TV shows then it is good for these too. I was able to find all of the episodes of a show easily using Vumoo. As with the other Primewire alternatives Vumoo does not keep movie content on its servers. It has affiliations with sites such as Gorillavid, Videozed and Movshare which are infamous for stealing copyrighted content.

I didn’t have any virus issues using Vumoo to access movie links but there was one occasion where a site asked for my credit card details. Of course I didn’t provide them and you mustn’t do this either. Vumoo is good for the amount of movies it has.

7. SolarMovie

I had never used SolarMovie before but I was pretty impressed so it makes my list of good Primewire alternatives. It’s really easy to use SolarMovie. All you have to do is click on the movie you want to watch and then it takes you to a page where you can play it with a single mouse click. You do not have to go through a lot of different links.

One of the downsides with SolarMovie is that you can only watch most movies with a 240p resolution. I think the reason behind this is to offer the fastest possible streaming. It doesn’t host any content like most of the others. I didn’t experience any ads when using Solar Movie which was great.

So if you don’t mind watching your movies in 240p resolution then you’ll like the speed and efficiency of SolarMovie. I found that searching for movies was OK but not as good as some of the others.

8. Movie 4K

You might have heard of Movie 2K before. This was a popular movie streaming website closed down by authorities. So enter Movie 4K to take its place and be another Primewire alternative. A lot of ex Movie 2K users flocked to Movie 4K and now the website receives over a million visitors each month.

I found Movie 4K to be a fairly simple movie streaming website with a few categories and a reasonable search feature. Once you do find a movie that you want to watch then you’ll find it high quality. I was impressed that Movie 4K had movies available as soon as they were in the cinema.

Once again Movie 4K works on an associated link basis so there is always the threat of popups, viruses and pages demanding your credit card information. I didn’t encounter any viruses but that’s not to say the threat isn’t there.

9. SnagFilms

I was able to find a large amount of movies for streaming on SnagFilms which is why I included it in my Primewire alternative list. The user interface is clean and simple and on the homepage they provide suggestions to you of their popular movies and those recently added to their database.

I was impressed with the number of genres offered by SnagFilms such as crime, documentary, comedy, sports, thrillers, family movies and a lot more. Another good thing was how SnagFilms organized collections of movies so that you can choose to watch similar movies if you want.

There is a built-in video player and most movies are in 720p or 1080p. I did experience ads on SnagFilms but it wasn’t too bad. They have to make their money somehow. I did actually experience a couple of buffering issues with SnagFilms which wasn’t great.

10. Afdah

I discovered Afdah by accident and I hadn’t heard of it before. But I was impressed so I added it to the list of Primewire alternatives. There is a lot of movie content available through Afdah and it has a lot of popular TV shows as well. There are 27 categories and I found it pretty easy to find good content in most of them.

I really liked the Afdah search feature. I was able to find movies by using the names of actors and even directors as well as using the titles. You can find movies based on their languages too which was nice. Afdah even has a customer support feature which I didn’t test but other users say it’s good.

I always felt safe using Afdah. I didn’t encounter tons of popups and all of the other nonsense that some of the other websites subjected me to. The streaming was fast and overall I would say it was a very good Primewire alternative.

What is the best Primewire Alternative?

If you want access to the largest amount of content then I would have to say that Putlocker remains the best Primewire alternative. For downloading your favorite movies then I would recommend Yify.

I also really liked Afdah. It has a lot of content and the organization is good and so is the search. I found that SolarMovie had the fastest streaming but the movies are mostly in 240p resolution which explains the speed.

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