9 Best Rabb.it Alternatives in 2023

Best Rabb.it Alternatives Rabb.it used to be a very popular app for setting up watch parties with your friends. It has now been taken over by Kast.gg. The Rabb.it service started in 2014 and I used it a lot for the 4 or 5 years that it was available.

Many people think that Rabb.it hosted all of the movies that you could watch as a group but this was not the case. Through the app and their website, they provided a streaming video service so the movies were hosted elsewhere. This did not take away anything from the Rabb.it service though.

I used to enjoy setting up rooms for a “Rabbitcast” and then inviting my friends to join in. It was fun to chat with the others when the movie was playing. People like to voice their opinions about movies or TV shows and it was interesting for me to know what they thought.

When I hear that Rabb.it was ending due to financial problems I started to look for good Rabb.it alternatives. It took me a while to find some good alternatives to this great app but I did find some. The alternatives below are certainly worth trying out.

1. Kosmi


With the Kosmi app you can set up virtual hangouts with others. There is no need for you to use an app on your smartphone or tablet – in fact there isn’t an app available for you to download and install. You can use all of the features of Kosmi straight from a browser.

Kosmi doesn’t work in exactly the same way as Rabb.it did. You can watch locally stored video files rather than streamed videos. If you are into retro games then you will love Kosmi as you can play some classic NES games. These are all 2D graphic style games and if you want 3D you can also play Quake 3.

There are many different features available with Kosmi. I really liked the fact that there is no downloading and installing of an app as that irritates me. Do you want to invite strangers to your Kosmi room? You can do that if you want. I rate Kosmi as a good Rabb.it alternative.

2. Rave

My second Rabb.it alternative is the Rave app. Yes, this is an app that you will need to download from either the App Store or the Google Play Store depending on what device you have. There is even a virtual reality version of Rave available if you are into that.

The first thing that impressed me about Rave was the look and feel of the interface. I found it really easy to access the different features that Rave had to offer. As with Rabb.it, you can create virtual rooms and then share stuff with the people you know. You can watch streaming videos too.

Connecting with your friends is easy with Rave. It is really easy to share stuff with others on this app and you can easily connect with YouTube, Viki and Vimeo to name but a few. I found the Rave service to be fast enough and it really has some cool features.

3. Tutturu


Tutturu is another Rabb.it alternative that you can access on your desktop or laptop computer using a browser or by downloading and installing an app for your iOS or Android mobile device. In a nutshell, Tutturu offers shared browsing similar to Rabb.it.

You can create a virtual room and then invite people that you know to it. There is a shared browser feature where any one of you can be in control. With this virtual browser you can go to any site that you want such as YouTube.

You can chat with your people using either standard text chat or audio chat. One of the best things about Tutturu is that it is free. However, as a free user I did experience having to wait quite a while to use the service.

To overcome this there is a $5 a month subscription option where you will never have to wait. There is no subscription required to participate as a viewer. I felt that Tutturu was one of the closest alternatives to Rabb.it.

4. Watch2gether

Watch2gether is certainly up there as a good aRabb.it alternative and it actually does a little more and in some cases a little less. The bottom line is that Watch2gether is a platform where you can invite friends to watch videos and other stuff at the same time. It is all done with a browser and there is no app.

As with Rabb.it and other alternatives, you need to create a chat room first and then you can invite your pals to join you. One thing that is less than Rabb.it offered is a restricted list of video platforms. Watch2gether supports YouTube, Dailymotion, Amazon, Vimeo, Facebook and more but you can’t just choose any video streaming service.

One thing that Watch2gether does that Rabb.it didn’t is that any person that you invite to your room can perform a search for videos and then play them. There is no logging in to services like Hulu and Netflix allowed but you do have access to several platforms where you can choose from a ton of free content.

5. myCircle

myCircle TV

This is another web based alternative to Rabb.it. There is no requirement for you to sign up for an account to begin watching a movie or listening to your favorite music. I liked the navigation with myCircle and found it really easy and intuitive to create a private room.

With myCircle you can use YouTube and other platforms like Vimeo that offer free videos and stream them. You can even make your own playlists if you want to. There is a feature where you can upload your videos, but you need to do this using myCloud and not Google Drive or Dropbox.

As you would expect there is a social sharing feature, which enables you to invite people that you know to join you in your room. This is achieved through either Facebook or Twitter. I quite liked myCircle as a Rabb.it alternative but I have to say that some of the others are better.

6. Synaptop

Synaptop tv

I really liked this web-based alternative to Rabb.it. It might not be to everyone’s liking but I found it to have some cool features. Synaptop will allow you to view video with your friends at the same time using a remote connection. There is a chat function with Synatop. This is a free service but you have to sign up to use it.

Once you have registered you can then add some apps. There are apps for:

  • Watching movies
  • Reading books
  • Playing games
  • Listening to music

If you are working with others on a project you can even add an app that allows you all to collaborate. Synatop is more than just a synchronized video application; you can share virtually any kind of content with it.

There is no Android or iOS app available for Synatop. Just use the browser on your mobile device. The only thing that I didn’t like about Synatop was that the only movies you can watch together are those that are featured on their website.

7. Teleparty (formely Netflix Party)

If you have Google Chrome on your desktop, laptop or mobile device you can use Teleparty because it is an extension for the Chrome browser. In order to enjoy watching content with all of your friends, they will need to have installed this Chrome extension as well.

Once you have the Teleparty extension you just have to log in to your Netflix account. Now you are ready to create your party and invite your friends. You can watch any video on Netflix together.

Teleparty was not my favorite Rabb.it alternative by any means but I wanted to test it out as I already had a Netflix account and I know that many others do as well. This is totally Netflix centric and you cannot watch YouTube videos or any content that you have stored locally.

8. Caracal

This was one of my favorite Rabb.it alternatives. It is all based in the cloud so all that you need is a web browser. You can use Caracal on your desktop or laptop and any mobile device that has a browser so no messing around downloading and installing apps.

The first thing that hits you is the simplicity of the interface. I just found it totally intuitive. If you have never used a service like this before then there is no learning curve – you can just dive right in. It is so easy to setup a room and get your streaming going on.

With Caracal you can create a private room or a public room. You can invite anyone you want to watch videos with you and they will be able to share their favorite videos with you as well. There is a remote control available with the room you create, and you can share this with your people.

9. Kast

Kast tv

I just had to try Kast as a potential Rabb.it alternative. If you didn’t know, Kast actually took over Rabb.it in 2019. So have they made it better? Well yes, I believe that they have. When Kast first started, you could only use it on a desktop or laptop running Windows or Mac. Now they have an iOS and an Android app for mobile devices.

You get all of the features that Rabb.it used to offer such as sharing videos with your friends, a chat feature and sharing of files. Kast allows you to create a watch party for over 100 people if you have that many friends!

I have heard that Kast is also popular with gamers now as you can use it to share your screen while you are playing games. So, I have to give the team at Kast credit for keeping the original Rabb.it features and going a step further.

Rabb.it Alternatives Final Words

If you were a Rabb.it user then you were probably as sad to see them go as I was. But there are enough good alternatives around so that you can still share videos and other stuff with your friends and chat with them as you are doing this.

I must say that I enjoyed using Kast as a good alternative to Rabb.it. Other favorable mentions have to go to Kosmi, Watch2gether, Synaptop and Caracal. You are really spoiled for choice when considering good Rabb.it alternatives.

Since the age of 16, Prayas has been enthralled with all things tech. As a result, he’s developed an extensive skillset that has allowed him to help people with their computer and smartphone problems. When he’s not at his PC, you can find him riding his motorbike.

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