Media Streaming As An Inevitable Routine Of Modern Life

Each day most of us spend 2-3 hours watching TV series and even more for certain individuals. We are aware of the fact that Netflix is not a regular entertainment site, but it has also transformed the preferences of people, the TV and film industry, and the web, of course. By partnering with media companies and producers from each region, they have now reached the entire world. This makes the structure of Netflix to become a service dependent on geography at the same time.

The question of whether Netflix is addictive is among the concern that individuals, parents, and many education professionals have. For those who are bored with TV series shown on the screens, those who want to flee from regular television programs and indulge in a perfect fiction world, it is an indispensable activity. This app, which includes all kinds of TV series and movies, is entirely original and this is the most addictive and tricky part.

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Due to legal limitations such as licensing issues and copyrights, Netflix does not and cannot offer all content in every national library. It does not, however, approach each nation with the same standards. And the subscribers who know that use various methods and tools the overcome this Netflix blocking and consequently, become tired of fixing the error code: m7111-5059.

This error shows like this:

“Whoops, something went wrong. Streaming error. You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”

This means that you are trying to use a location changing software, a Proxy Serve or A VPN, and your new IP is identified by Netflix so that it bans your remote connection attempt.

Several countries have a lot more material than they had a few years ago. Even after this, the Netflix US library’s own collection is still utterly different. This is because the rights of TV shows and movies are owned by Netflix or other broadcasters for only certain countries. While several methods are used for fixing the Netflix streaming problem, such as changing DNS settings and using a proxy server, the most permanent and quality approach is the use of a VPN.

How Netflix Blocks VPNs?

Netflix will see which country you are accessing the app from, like every other platform. Often by looking at your IP address, they achieve this info and provide content relevant to the country in which you reside. This is irritating, both for users who are able to access less content because they do not live in the United States and for Americans who originally signed up for full access but were unable to use this content when they were outside of the state.

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Using a proxy server is one of the approaches. To link your device to the selected Netflix library, a proxy acts as a mediating role. Let us say you are a Turkish user, but you want to get to US shows and movies, the proxy will shift your location to the USA. In the new method, however, Netflix constantly scans and checks proxy servers to evaluate and denounce their IP addresses.

Although you think you have changed your IP address with Proxy or DNS settings, Netflix is making technological advances to detect the changed IP addresses simultaneously. Netflix determines these login attempts, especially since proxy servers have limited IP addresses to change location, and then blocks and bans these IP addresses.

How to Solve Netflix Streaming Problem with VPN?

Looks a bit confusing? It is really simple indeed. All you have to do is have a VPN that has servers in the US and operates with Netflix because not all of them able to succeed in overcoming Netflix error. Changing the proxy server or DNS settings is not enough, as we described. In reality, not every VPN solves the Netflix streaming problem Because VPN providers that have restricted server locations and IP addresses, usually these are the free VPNs that have low tech investments, the Netflix block cannot be removed. They can be tracked, determined, and blocked because the IP addresses they redirect to you are limited in terms of numbers and locations.

By encrypting your connection, the VPN gives you a protected internet protocol, so that your original IP address is concealed, and your presence becomes anonymous. This is the function that allows you to change the location and claim to deactivate geography-based limitations as if you were in another place. VPNs change the IP addresses regularly to make the system unidentifiable.

Choosing the best VPN for Netflix streaming error

But since the resolution of geo-blocks relies on advanced software, the VPN service’s model, and company matter. Shifting destinations by disguising your IP address demands worldwide server locations in enormous numbers, as we described before. This promise is linked to its technological features to select the right VPN provider for Netflix streaming problems. So, your VPN provider should always work on this problem to guarantee that the error code: m7111-5059 is fixed to lift the Netflix blocking problem.

You can continue reading or check out the lists of the best Netflix VPNs that have been tested to determine VPNs that work directly with Netflix to solve the Netflix streaming error for more detail. VPNs are by far the most secure way to disable Netflix VPN error because your IP address will be continuously masked and various server locations provided by a high-quality and secure VPN.

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Not every VPN provider offers services for the same reason, of course. Others concentrate on offering an incredibly secure way to access the internet but do not have many servers or IP addresses, others install streaming-optimized ultra-fast servers and created thousands of IPs to remain one step ahead of Netflix at all moments. The more server locations, the more likely various Netflix libraries are to be accessed.

Even though many free VPN providers say that they are able to resolve Netflix streaming errors, this is not typically the case for each VPN client, in fact. You should research and learn about VPN firms and concentrate on the premium ones. There are plenty of free VPNs, but you should pick one carefully, since not all security protocols and qualifications are acquired.

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