What is Google?

Almost everybody uses technology nowadays, may it be for research, marketing or buying purposes. The big companies have taken advantage of this situation and they have created platforms which are impossible to quit. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google were created. The first three are awesome social media platforms, where people can find old friends & make new acquaintances, see their posts and share updates. Each of them is designed for one-two types of people and all of them show relevant ads to them, more personalized than TV could ever do. However, one question arises: what is Google?

Google – company, definition, search engine

The first thing that comes to mind is the search engine. However, Google is much more than that. It is a company founded back in 1996 by two Phd students with great ambitions, students who didn’t know that their platform would be such a big success. With the right type of marketing, Google has risen and now makes billions of dollars.

Back to the search engine, Google is indeed a place where people search for things that matter to them and get informed. You can basically search anything on this search engine, from how to make friends to science projects. There are three types of intent when an user searches for anything: small, middle and high.

The small intent implies that he/she is in the informative stage, where she gathers information about a product / service / event. This type of intent is just informative, and they don’t plan on buying anything of any sort.

The medium intent is that type of intent where users are already considering whether to buy or not a specific product. Common questions arise, for example: is this product good for me? How can this product / service benefit me?

The high intent is that phase where people are already ready to buy something, it’s just that they don’t know from which company to get it from. That’s when rankings come in handy.

By increasing your visibility on Google, rankings are the most crucial part of your SEO process, the results of your effort. By appearing on Google’s first page, you get to sell the products or services that you have, almost effortlessly.

A practical example of all this would be: when someone types in Auxilio GPU, they have a high intent of buying this product / service, because they already know about the brand and want to get it (high intent). However, if someone types in just Google Services, they might not be ready to buy anything and they only intend to get informed regarding these services (medium intent). The small intent would be when someone searches for shoes, without putting in any other keyword, as they get more general results, about what a shoe is or how much a pair of shoes would cost. Interesting, isn’t it so?

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Google’s purpose

Google’s purpose is to make money, and a lot of it. We’re talking about billions of dollars. Therefore, as it seems to be a free service, they got to make money out of something, isn’t it so? Since the organic traffic is already here, and it’s free, how do they make all this money? The answer is simple: through Ads.

Ads allow a better placement in the search results and, even though they aren’t clicked by so many users as the organic results, they still generate lots of revenue and traffic, both for advertisers and Google itself.

Through Ads, you don’t have to work so much for getting in the first results. They are an amazing way to get fast and efficient results, within just a few days. Compared to SEO, which can take up to months to see any move on your site’s rankings, Ads only require the knowledge of the domain and 30-minutes work for a small business.

Moreover, being such a big platform, another purpose of this business is to keep you there for as much as possible in order to make revenue. How does this work?

Simply put, if you stay on Google for 10 minutes, you’re likely to see at least 10 ads and click on at least 1 of them. Google Ads charges (yet) only for the clicks. If you stay two times longer, you’re likely to click on at least 2-3 ads. That would mean between 0.10$-10$ per click. At a big scale, this means a lot of money from advertisers.

What is Google but a profitable business?

Why does Google have such specific search results

Google is known to have very specific search results, almost every time matching its users’ search intent. In other words, when you search something on this platform, it’s almost impossible not to find what you’ve been searching for, may you click on an Ad or on an organic result. How is this possible?

By using Artificial Intelligence, Google is able to make the business profitable. Through machine learning and deep learning, it improves its data. The more data you feed its machine with, the better it becomes at guessing and that’s where these so accurate results come from.

Moreover, Google uses AI to detect your behaviour and possible searches. It’s like it is able to read your mind when you type a subject. It knows, for instance, how likely you’re to buy a specific product.


To sum up, Google is one of the most influential and profitable businesses of the whole world. It helps us with useful information and offers its users an amazing experience. However, we must not forget that it stores our data in order to categorize us and feed us with more and more ads in order to make us buy more and more, so that the advertisers are happy and spend more money on this platform. If you don’t see any product being sold to you, you are the product. Nevertheless, you can learn more about Artificial Intelligence and how it is used or even use it yourself with Auxilio!

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