10 Best Laptop Stands for 2023

A laptop stand may not seem like a necessary accessory, but trust us when we say they provide multiple benefits that you’ll be glad to have. We’re not only talking about supporting your laptop but also about how these products can improve the quality of your health.

The best laptop stand places your laptop at the perfect height to meet your eyes. Long are the days when you had to sit in a funny position to be able to look at the screen.

After checking many alternatives, we’ve come up with ten picks worth considering. Let’s take a look.

10 Best Laptop Stands

Ten laptop stands met our expectations. Now, we’re going to tell you everything about them and what they can do for you.

1. Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand

Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand, Silver (Patented)

We’re starting our list with a mechanism that goes straight to the point. There are no fancy features or additional purposes: it is a stand to elevate your laptop at the proper height. Nothing more, nothing less. Does it perform well? Let’s see!

Suffice to say it meets most of our expectations greatly. The overall height to which the stand elevates your laptop is 5.9-inches. That flexibility is not too much, but not too little either. It is the perfect balance to have the device at eye level while still comfortable for tasks like typing.

If you don’t like the silver design, you can choose between two other versions: gold and gray. This stand is one of the few that offers color variety, which is something we appreciate as it allows us to customize our equipment to match.

Color variety may not be essential, but it is pleasant to the eye.

You can choose between the three versions to match your laptops. As long as the computers are less than 10-inches of depth, the stand will fit well with different Apple Macbook devices.

At the backside of the stand, you’ll find a hole that you can use to manage the cables accordingly. No longer will you have to worry about tangling wires getting in the way of your activities.

This stand is not a set of pieces put together, but rather a single aluminum piece ergonomically designed. While it may seem too simple, this laptop stand is more than capable of putting up with your devices.

When typing, you may notice a slight wobble, so the stand doesn’t provide complete stability. This issue is not overwhelming, though. You’ll still be able to use your laptop as needed.


  • Simple but efficient laptop stand
  • Available in three colors
  • Hole for cable management


  • Slight wobble while typing

2. Pyle Adjustable Laptop Stand

Pyle Portable Adjustable Laptop Stand - 6.3 to 10.9 Inch Anti-Slip Standing Table Monitor or Computer Desk Workstation Riser with Level Height Alignment for DJ, PC, Gaming, Home or Office - PLPTS25

Once you decide to go for this option, you won’t end up with a beautiful stand, but it sure will satisfy your needs. It is a compact laptop stand with a simple ergonomic design perfect for universal use. Whether you use a laptop, DJ equipment, or computers, this stand fits most of them.

When you look at it, you’ll quickly notice this stand is a rudimentary mechanism. There are four line-it-up bars and two more that work as the base. These last two bars are also responsible for the height adjustment and overall customization of the stand, which you can change for your laptop.

After setting the stand and the laptop over it, the anti-slip legs will prevent any slide that may occur unexpectedly. There are no risks of falling either, which improves your performance as it is one concern less in your mind.

As another one of its significant advantages, the laptop stand can be disassembled rather quickly if needed. That makes it great for traveling, but also to use the stand for other purposes. For instance, you could easily take the stand with you for a day at the park to hold your supplies.

You could use it for many activities without any concern. The stand is capable of supporting up to 44 lbs, earning its place among the most resistant and versatile out there. So, whether you put a laptop or a basket of supplies over it, you can rest assured it will withstand the pressure.

While this stand will hold your laptop at a maximum height of 10.9-inches, the lowest setting is 6.3-inches.


  • Ideal stand for universal use
  • Adjustable alignment to set the perfect height
  • Anti-Slip, ergonomic design
  • Easy to disassemble and assemble back
  • Capable of holding up to 44 lbs


  • The lowest height is 6.3-inches

3. Lamicall Laptop Notebook Stand

Laptop Notebook Stand, Lamicall Laptop Riser: 360-Rotating Desktop Holder Compatible with Apple MacBook, Air, Pro, Dell XPS, HP, Samsung, Lenovo More 10-17 Inch Laptop Notebooks - Silver

Now we’re getting to the good stuff! That’s not to say the previous picks were terrible, but this one is far better in terms of aesthetics. We agree the appearance is not an essential element, and yet, people often make their decisions solely based on that.

Will buying this stand based on its look be a wrong decision? No, not at all. We’ll tell you why.

This stand brings many new things to the table. It serves the primary purpose of elevating the laptop to eye level, but it does more than that. With a base that rotates in 360-degrees, you’ll be able to set your device at any angle you desire.

After finding the perfect angle, the sturdy base will hold your laptop in place as long as you need it. The rubber pads located at the top and front lip enable a firm grip over your device and the desk, preventing accidents from taking place.

The rubber pads, besides being an incredible support for your devices, also provide another benefit: proper ventilation. They lift your laptop just a little bit, but enough to allow the heat to ventilate freely through the structure. By doing that, it keeps the computer from overheating.

Now, one of the disadvantages of this laptop stand is that it requires assembly. It is not a big deal, as you only need to put a couple of screws in their place, but people without experience using this type of equipment may find a problem.

Make sure to get proper assistance if it becomes necessary.


  • It elevates your laptop and offers the option to swivel it in 360-degrees
  • Sturdy base for a secure performance
  • Rubber pads to keep the stand in place
  • Prevents the computer from overheating


  • The laptop stand requires assembly once it arrives, as there are multiple screws to install

4. Desk York Adjustable Laptop Stand

Desk York Adjustable Laptop Stand - Use in Bed Recliner/Sofa -Best Gift for Friend-Men-Women-Student- Couch Lap Tray- Aluminum Table for Computer- 2 Built in Fans-Mouse Pad&USB Cord -Up to 17

It is no exaggeration to say this stand is the ultimate comfort mechanism for you while using your laptop. The laptop stand is an adjustable platform easy for anyone to use. Since it is very compact, it will fit well in any laptop carrying bag. You can use it at home, office or school.

When the stand first arrives, it may require a couple of minutes to adjust before first use. However, if you use it at home, chances are you’ll never have to repeat the adjusting process.

This laptop stand has so much more to offer. It includes a mouse pad, stoppers, and a couple of cooling fans to keep your computer running correctly. Every single one of these elements works perfectly.

We mentioned before that one of the disadvantages of most laptop stands is their lack of compatibility with larger devices. This one seems to be the exception to that rule, as it easily fits 17-inches laptops.

Using larger laptops often leads to high temperatures produced by the processor. Well, this laptop stand also helps you fight off those issues. Whether your laptop is small or large, once you put it over this platform, it will perform at a good level throughout.

Despite having a small area for the mouse, we found that it is not as stable as we’d want. Nonetheless, it makes sense because it is a section that is hanging out in the open.

If you don’t like this stand for your laptop, you can use it for other purposes. It will work just fine as a tray for breakfast, books, or as a tablet holder.


  • A versatile stand that you can use for many purposes
  • It includes two functional cooling fans
  • Easy to install
  • Fits 17-inches laptops well


  • The mouse section is not stable

5. Boyata Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand, Boyata Laptop Holder, Multi-Angle Stand with Heat-Vent to Elevate Laptop, Adjustable Notebook Stand for Laptop up to 17 inches, Compatible for MacBook Pro/Air, Surface Laptop and so on

This stand follows the principle of using aluminum materials for its construction, pretty much like most of the other products here. However, the beautiful gray finish surely does make this laptop stand one of the most classy currently available.

Naturally, the aluminum helps to prevent laptop’s regular issues such as overheating. The material does an incredible job dissipating the heat, allowing air to flow as a method to keep the computer cool. For this very same purpose, the hole on the surface does a good job as well.

Perhaps the essential factor of this stand is the Z-type design. It allows you to set the laptop at eye level through an easy to use up and down mechanism. Whether you’re an experienced or an amateur laptop user, setting up this equipment should not be any challenge for you.

You can incline the Z-type stand at the right height to satisfy your needs. If you put it high up, you can use the space below to keep files or other items that you may need.

Before first use, you may want to apply some elbow grease to the joints. They are quire stiffy, which could make it difficult to adjust the height as much as you’d wish to.

The rigid joints are perhaps the only disadvantages of this stand. Considering you can take care of that issue quickly, you should be ready to use the laptop stand within half an hour after it arrives.

Alongside the aluminum, this stand has the anti-slid design featuring silicone pads. You can find it at the bottom of the stand, securing the base on the desk to keep it from moving.


  • Aluminum construction
  • Proper heat dissipation to cool your laptop
  • Z-Type structure to incline the stand at the perfect height
  • Anti-Slid silicone pads


  • The joints feel stiffy, requiring some elbow grease to work properly

6. Soundance Laptop Stand

Soundance Patented Laptop Stand for Desk Compatible with Mac MacBook Pro Air Apple Notebook, Portable Holder Ergonomic Elevator Metal Riser for 10 to 15.6 inch PC Desktop Computer, LS1 Aluminum Silve

It may sit in the sixth position, but this laptop stand doesn’t fail short in performance. With high compatibility to fit laptops between 10 to 15.6-inches, this equipment is one that we cannot dismiss. Apple, Lenovo, Dell, and any other notebook users should consider this one.

While it is not that different from the others in terms of construction, as it features the classic aluminum alloy materials, there are plenty of unique elements that make this item special.

For instance, the rubber properly secures a tight grip on your laptop, keeping it tight and locked in one position. Once you’ve placed your laptop over it, the other rubber placed at the feet of the stand will prevent any unexpected movement.

You won’t need any tools or extra pieces to set up the stand. It is easy to use, and more importantly, detaching it afterward is a breeze. When you’re packing it, the lightweight of the stand will allow you to carry it around without any discomfort.

The stand is capable of elevating the laptop by 6-inches, up to a perfect position to meet your eye level.

People have mentioned the stand sets their laptops at a position that complicates the typing, but we found that it was not an issue. Besides, if it turns out to be a problem, you can attach another keyboard to the USB port.

The only real issue with this laptop is that it will not fit well with 17-inches devices. It is such a shame considering that many people own laptops that large.


  • Ideal for a wide range of notebooks models
  • High-Quality aluminum alloy construction
  • The rubbers secure a tight grip onto your laptop, and over the surface
  • Comfortable height level settings to eye level


  • Not suitable for 17-inches laptops

7. Bestand Cooling Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand - Bestand Aluminum Cooling Computer Stand: Update Version Stand, Holder for Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, All Notebooks, Grey (Patented)

People having a hard time finding a stand for their MAC laptops have found in this equipment the perfect solution for their troubles. It is a laptop stand that fits the MacBook Air, Pro, and many more notebooks of similar shape and size.

This stand features aluminum materials that create a single piece with a silver finish. To say it looks stylish would be an understatement, as it is one of the most good-looking pieces of equipment you’re going to see on our list.

Even then, customers have mentioned that the silver finish doesn’t match well with the laptop’s colors. It is a minor consideration to keep in mind if you like your equipment to match aesthetically.

But it is not only about good looks. The stand offers an ergonomic mechanism to properly place the laptop at eye level, releasing a lot of stress from your neck, arms, and wrists. You’ll get the amount of comfort you need to finish the rest of the day at the office.

Another benefit of having this stand for your laptop is how it improves the device’s performance. Through an open platform, airflow passes at a constant rate, keeping your computer cool. There’s no need to move your laptop after setting it up, and the rubber grip surface will keep it in place.

The stand does an excellent job of protecting its structure. By featuring an Anti-Skid pad with silicone, it secures stability, adding that extra protection needed to keep scratches away.

However, the rubber pads don’t seem durable. The manufacturer seems to have placed them very poorly upon the structure.


  • An ideal pick for MacBook Air and Pro models, as well as many other notebooks
  • Aluminum base keeps air flowing to cool off the laptop
  • The anti-skid design prevents scratches


  • The rubber pads positioning could be better
  • While the silver finish looks good, it doesn’t match a lot of laptop’s designs

8. Nulaxy Adjustable Laptop Stand

The success of this stand lays entirely on its structure. Featuring aluminum alloy, it is a sturdy piece of equipment capable of supporting around 44 lbs. After setting up your laptop, you’ll find that it will have enough protection from the rubber pads located on top and bottom to prevent scratches.

Many benefits come from the aluminum alloy construction, one of which is that it improves the performance of your laptop. This material works well in dissipating the heat produced by the laptops, increasing the efficiency of the internal cooling.

Since the rubber provides that extra height for your laptop, you can count the system will keep its coolness.

Setting up the stand should not take much time or effort. Since there’s no need to assembly anything, it is pretty easy to install over the desk, and it’ll be ready to use quickly.

With a weight of 25 oz, the laptop stand is a little heavy, but still portable equipment that you can move between places.

However, during travels, it is better to keep the stand in a different compartment, separated from other items. If you put it in a backpack, it would take a slight movement for the edges of the stand to scratch or damage the rest of your belongings.

For height setting, the stand offers a range between 3.15 to the 5.12-inches max. It is not that much compared to what the other products on this list have to offer, but it is still enough to adjust your devices to a comfortable eye level.


  • Durable aluminum alloy construction
  • Capable of supporting 44 lbs, or 20kg
  • Rubber pads at the top and bottom keep your laptop protected
  • Ergonomic design, with the capacity of height adjustment between 3 to 5-inches


  • The stand is heavy
  • This stand has edges that could damage other items

9. Nexstand MacBook Laptop Stand

Nexstand Laptop Stand – Portable Laptop Stand – PC and MacBook Laptop Stand

This laptop stand may not seem as professional as the others, and yet, it is one of the most efficient due to its high compatibility.

It offers a universal fit that will most likely suit devices from 11.6-inches or more. The thickness must be 1-inch, and it fits a keyboard’s width of 11-inches. If your laptop meets that criteria, then you may have found the one stand you need. What else does it have to offer?

The stand’s manufacturing process consists of using reinforced nylon combined with metal fittings. These materials create a durable mechanism to hold around 20 pounds, which is far more than necessary as most laptops don’t even weigh that much.

For more comfort, the stand provides seven different settings for height adjustment. You can alternate the lifting between 5.5 and 12.6-inches, which is convenient to set your laptop at the perfect level. It sure helps a lot when you have to spend a lot of time in front of the screen.

Weight is an exciting element of this equipment, as it weighs 8 ounces. When compared, it is more weight than most. It is a disadvantage, but also an advantage because it helps the stand to sit firmly upon the desk or any flat surface.

The stand folds quickly, and once you finish with it, you can use the nylon sleeve to store the laptop stand for easy transportation.

It is a stand that offers plenty of advantages considering its low price, and we can’t ignore it. Sure, it does have its issues, like a little extra weight, but that’s setback we’re willing to take as it has no direct impact on the stand’s performance.


  • Universal stand that fits most laptops
  • Easy to fold and compact when folded
  • Offers many height settings
  • It includes a carrying case
  • Sturdy design


  • A little heavier than most laptop stands

10. MOFT Laptop Stand

MOFT Laptop Stand, Invisible Lightweight Laptop Computer Stand, Compatible with MacBook, Air, Pro, Tablets and Laptops up to 15.6”, Patented, Starry Grey

Our final laptop stand is the ideal choice for people that don’t want to carry with too much weight. It is very lightweight, and it has 1/10-inch of thickness. This equipment offers a compact mechanism to set up your laptop in any place, be it at home, school, or the office.

It features a combination of PU and fiberglass construction materials, providing a stable stand capable of holding up to 19 lbs laptops. The resistance of this stand is surprising considering its ultra-slim design.

When you want to use it, the stand quickly unfolds due to the built-in magnets. Not only that, but the magnets also secure a steady attachment upon the preferred flat surface, like a desk.

Once unfolded and attached to the surface, the stand offers an ergonomic design to guarantee your comfort above anything else. There are two different adjustments you can make, which allows you to set the laptop stand at the perfect height.

Those two elevation adjustments are the high and low settings. The first one is suitable for a sitting posture, while the second is the one to set if you’re in a standing posture. Either way, it is an amount of flexibility that is very helpful to prevent pain in either your back or your neck.

The stand cares for you and your laptop too. With the removable adhesive included to secure your laptop, you’ll be able to detach your device after use without leaving permanent damage or scratches.

While the built-in magnets secure your laptop properly, they are not that strong. If there are sudden moves, they may come loose.


  • Lightweight laptop stand, ideal for travel
  • Two leveling settings for standing and sitting postures
  • Durable materials used to produce the stand
  • Removable adhesives to secure the laptop


  • The built-in magnets are not strong
Laptop stand for desk

What to Look in a Laptop Stand

Laptop stands must feature the following elements to guarantee their reliability.

High-Quality Materials

Laptops are not the heaviest devices, but they’re still a considerable weight that we shouldn’t underestimate. The best portable laptop stands should have quality materials capable of putting up with the pressure.

A solid material that never fails to meet expectations is the aluminum alloy. You’ll see it on most laptop stands for its tremendous support with bulky devices. While it is not the same for every stand, some like the Nulaxy Laptop Stand will hold around 44lbs or 20kg.

Another element you want to have in your laptop stand is the rubber pads. They will protect your devices, and they will also secure a firm stand over any flat surface.

Ergonomic Design

Besides supporting your laptop, the purpose of these stands is to improve your experience while using your devices. We may not notice it at first, but spending our days in an awkward sitting position to properly watch the screen does a lot of damage to our bodies.

An ergonomically designed laptop stand helps to avoid those issues. You can adjust its height to the perfect position, right to meet your eye while you’re sitting comfortably, releasing stress on your neck, shoulders, and wrists.

The height adjustment mechanism may vary between the stands, but they offer the same benefits. So, whether you buy the Nulaxy Laptop Stand with seven height settings or the Boyata laptop stand featuring the Z-Type platform, they both are equally great.


If you’ve ever used a laptop on a desk before, you know how quickly it may overheat, burning the surface and underperforming internally when it reaches an extreme level. The laptop stand seeks to keep this problem from occurring. There are two methods to do it.

First, you have some stands with a hole underneath the platform. Airs flow through constantly, maintaining the computer cool.

On the other hand, the Desk York Stand offers a mechanism more sophisticated, including two actual fans for ventilation.

Easy to Set Up

While most laptop stands come pre-assembled already, you may find some that need you to take your time to install screws and other pieces. Anyone should be able to do it, but if you don’t want to deal with any of that, make sure your laptop stand is ready to use from the moment it arrives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the laptop stand fit my laptop?

Laptop stands can fit a variety of laptops, but not all of them. You’ll find models capable of fitting up to 17-inches laptops approximately. However, there aren’t many with that capacity. Make sure to check with the manufacturer for specifications if needed.

Are laptop stands portable?

Yes, they are. Focus on getting a lightweight laptop stand as it will make carrying it around so much easier.

How can a laptop stand to improve my health?

It places your laptop at eye-level, ensuring your neck doesn’t have to suffer pressure for being at an awkward positioning. Also, your hands, wrist, and backside get benefits too.

Does the laptop stand cause overheating issues?

No. Thanks to their thoughtful design, laptop stands have proper ventilation mechanism to prevent overheating.

Which are the best laptops that stand for bed?

Desk York’s adjustable laptop stand is among the best if you want to use the laptop in the bed.

Final Words & Recommendation

After learning more about these products, now we’re more aware of their importance for laptop users. It is not about how fancy our devices look on top of it, but rather about keeping ourselves comfortable while using them.

As usual, you’ll have to check out every laptop stand’s specifications to find the right one for you.

You may have a hard time if your laptop is too large, but both the Nulaxy and the Desk York laptop stands have proven to be excellent for laptops of 17-inches. So, you may want to check out those two first.

For smaller laptops, pretty much every other stand is more than enough. Take a look at all of them, and choose your best laptop stand wisely.

Josef is a freelance tech writer who specializes in writing gadgets reviews. His love for technology started at an early age and he has been writing tutorials about various aspects of technology ever since. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with other people and helping them understand the latest innovations in this field.

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