5 Best Universal Laptop Chargers in 2023

One of the most frustrating moments of your routine is when you’re using the laptop, and the battery runs low.

Right there, you start panicking because you have unsaved work, or perhaps you’re playing with friends online, and you don’t want to leave them hanging.

That’s when the best universal laptop charger comes in to save the day.

There are countless chargers in the market, but we’ve narrowed down the list by choosing the top five. In our reviews, you’ll learn everything you need to know about them.

So, are you ready? Then let’s start reviewing these items to see what they have in store for us!

5 Best Universal Laptop Chargers

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Since we picked five, we’re going to do a quick review of the most important features these chargers have for us.

1. ZOZO 90W AC Universal Laptop Charger

ZOZO 90W AC Universal Laptop Charger for HP Dell Toshiba IBM Lenovo Acer ASUS Samsung Sony Fujitsu Gateway Notebook Ultrabook Chromebook DC Output 15V 16V 18.5V 19V 19.5V 20V Power Adapter Supply Cord

Here’s the ultimate pick to keep your laptop battery full and ready for use under any circumstances. What does this charger offer?

The AC cord measures 6 feet. It isn’t the longest out there, but it is enough as long as you use it indoor. For more convenience, the charger comes with a velcro strap, allowing you to keep the cord under controlled if you don’t need it fully extended.

When plugged in the outlet, the automatic adjustment for the voltage quickly sets the right electric input your computer requires. You can find the voltage value and number info right on the tip.

While the charger is compatible with plenty of laptop models and brands offering between 15 to 20V, you can always contact the manufacturer to find the perfect pick for you. However, if your device comes from the most popular brands like HP, Acer, Samsung, and Lenovo, it should work fine.

Moreover, the tip features the classic 3-pin connection design, providing a stable energy frequency to the laptop from the moment you plug it in. Additionally, these three pins prevent the cable from falling out, guaranteeing the lifespan of the battery by avoiding sudden power loss.

After using the charger for a couple of sessions, it is capable of withstanding against overheating too. The adapter is a power-efficient device that produces a comfortable heat output, which is secure for both the cord and the battery of your laptops.

An interesting design choice of the cord is how disproportionate it is from end to end. The outlet to battery length is far longer than the cord length from the battery to the laptop. It doesn’t affect the charger’s performance, but it is curious.


  • 6 feet cord charger
  • Velcro strap to keep the cord tied
  • Automatic voltage adjustment
  • Guaranteed compatibility with the most popular laptop brands
  • The 3-pin connection secures constant power


  • Outlet-to-battery cord length is larger than battery-to-laptop

2. Belker 90W Universal Laptop Charger

90w Universal Ac Laptop Charger Power Adapter for Hp Compaq Dell Acer Asus Toshiba IBM Lenovo Samsung Sony Fujitsu Gateway Notebook Ultrabook

Indeed, this charger is far from the best, but it is an affordable alternative when you need a laptop charger and lack the budget to pay for an expensive one.

Surprisingly enough, this charger has high compatibility with different laptops as well as ultrabooks. So, at a low price, you get a versatile tool that will serve you well under different circumstances.

The Chargesmart Technology featured in this charger makes it possible to adjust the voltage to different types of laptops, choosing the one most suitable to prevent overheating.

That technology also reduces the risk of damage in the battery in case an outage or power loss occurs while the cable is still connected. While the charging time depends on several elements, including the laptop’s specs, this charger manages to put energy back into the battery rather quickly.

It is not an instant process, but it doesn’t take hours either; it opens many possibilities that you can do as you wait for the battery to be ready once again.

After months of using it, the charger continues delivering excellent results. Even if you drop it, by accident, of course, it withstands the pressure from impacts. Also, leaving it overnight, although not recommended, doesn’t create high temperatures either.

There’s a noticeable change in the connectors that didn’t escape our attention. Now, when plugging the charger, it doesn’t feel as secured as it did before.


  • Affordable charger
  • High compatibility with different laptop brands
  • Chargesmart Technology
  • Quick recharging of the batteries


  • After months using it, the cable slips out of the outlet

3. LVSUN 90W Universal Laptop Charger

LVSUN Universal Laptop Charger 90W 12-24V One for All - Slim AC Adapter Power Supply Cord with Dual USB Ports for Mobile/Tablet - Compatible with Lenovo HP Toshiba Samsung Acer Asus and Most Notebooks

While most of the other chargers look and feel similar, this one manages to provide something different in terms of appearance. It is a slim device, and it doesn’t weigh as much as the rest, making it a portable laptop charger that you use either at home, school, office, or during travels.

This charger is an automatic universal device that quickly adjusts to batteries of laptops, phones, and tablets. Furthermore, customers receive twelve different tips with this purchase, giving you the possibility to recharge every one of your battery-powered belongings.

After connecting it, the charger delivers constant power flow, keeping overcharging and overheating as an inexistent risk. If you have multiple phones at home, you can even use this laptop charger to connect up to two of these devices simultaneously thanks to the 2 USB ports added.

The multi-device charging capacity is, undoubtedly, one of the best features this charger provides. When you’re out on a trip, and you rely on your devices entirely, you won’t need to take with you one charger for each gadget, as this one will work for multiple devices.

If you have no experience using these products, the mini-guide included will be of great help. It has every bit of information you may need to understand how the tips work, which one to use with what gadgets, and how to use them properly.

Despite having several charger tips, some are too small. More often than not, you’ll find yourself having to plug the cable back into the outlet, as it does come out even with the slightest movement.


  • Slim, lightweight, and compact
  • Works for laptops and phones
  • Capacity to charge two gadgets at once
  • 12 tips included for more compatibility


  • The size of the tips may cause it to unplug from the outlet at the slightest movement

4. Belker 65W Universal Laptop Charger

Belker 65w Universal Laptop Charger Ac Power Adapter for Hp Dell Acer Asus Lenovo IBM Toshiba Compaq Samsung Sony Fujitsu Gateway Notebook Ultrabook

When your old charger starts to wear down and not perform as it once did, perhaps changing it would be a good idea. But how do you find one that delivers the perfect balance between price and performance? Well, you don’t need to look any further than our next pick.

It is a universal laptop charger available at a considerable low price, positioning itself as a proper alternative to customers that don’t want to spend too much money.

Paying the price for this product grants you a device to keep your laptop properly charged, which is what people want; there’s no need for fancy features that may be too complicated to understand, or technology that you may not even need.

This charger is compatible with the traditional brands such as Dell, HP, Toshiba, and Lenovo, among others.

Also, if you have any doubt, contacting customer support will solve any of your concerns in record time. Thoughtful attention is yet another advantage of buying products from this brand.

Our list includes another Belker charger we reviewed in a couple of spots before this one. They both have differences like the voltage, but they also share similarities, like the quick-charging time.

As a minor discomfort of using this charger, we have to mention that it doesn’t fit as snug as the other chargers. Either way, that issue doesn’t interfere in the charging of the batteries.


  • Available at a low price
  • Quick-charging capacity
  • High compatibility
  • Thoughtful customer support


  • The charger may not fit as snug as the other alternatives reviewed here

5. Targus 90W AC Semi-Slim Universal Laptop Charger

Targus Certified Pre-Owned 90W AC Semi-Slim Universal Laptop Charger with 5 Interchangeable Tips for Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Gateway, Sony, Fujitsu & More, Open Box (APA790USO)

This charger offers an innovative design slimmer than the standard models, allowing you to carry it around comfortably if you’re moving between places. Also, while traveling, storing this laptop charger inside the bag or briefcase should not be an issue at all.

The cord length is 6 feet, which is a traditional design choice for these products, as we’ve seen before. When plugged, the charger works at 90W, offering high compatibility with different laptop brands. Some of them are Acer, Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, and Toshiba, to name just a couple.

In fact, while it is a secure charger for the most popular laptop brands such as HP, it also works for less common computers like the Dell Inspiron 15 7000. So, if your laptop is rather picky when it comes to chargers, chances are this accessory will work perfectly.

Alongside the charger, you also receive additional pieces to help you with the devices, like the five power tips. Each one of these accessories will help you make the charger work with different laptop models, as well as allowing you to secure a stable connection to receive proper energy.

When compared with the other chargers on the list, this one doesn’t provide many new things. Even then, it pairs up with the competition by being equally as efficient as the rest, but only this time, you’ll have to pay less money.

One thing customers may not like about the charger is the weight. We mentioned it is slim, and that’s great, but it does feel heavy after trying the other alternatives we’ve reviewed.


  • The slim design makes it easy to carry the charger with you
  • 6 feet cord length
  • High compatibility even with less common laptops
  • Affordable charger


  • This charger is heavy

What Determines a Good Universal Laptop Charger

Laptop and charger

Here’s a brief list of every feature that makes these batteries worth your money.

A Multi-Purpose Charger

These chargers are universal for many reasons, one of which is their high compatibility with different laptops regardless of the brand or model. Connect it to an HP, Toshiba, or Dell laptop, and it will work in all of them almost certainly.

However, there’s another reason why people call it universal, and that’s because you can use the chargers for other devices such as phones, tablets, and more.

Naturally, not every one of these chargers is capable of working with those devices, but that’s still a possibility you have to consider.

If you’re not sure what any of this means, we’d like you to check our number three pick. It offers 2 USB ports, which you can use to charge your laptop, phones, and tablets at the same time.

Cord Length

In most cases, the length of the cable cord is pretty much the same: 6 feet. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is more than enough to charge your computers at home or the office, depending on your needs. If you feel the cable is too long, use velcro or something similar to keep it tied together.

Extra Tips

The number of tips included depends on the brand. As you saw in our review, the charger may come with as few as five additional tips, or as many as seventeen, or more.

While you may not need all of them, it is better to have that possibility available in case you buy another gadget that works better with a different tip or connector.

Slim & Lightweight

Chargers are portable accessories that must keep your batteries charged wherever you go. If your laptop charger is too heavy, you’ll be frustrated constantly, especially if you’re a business person that needs the laptop during trips.

Final Words & Recommendation

The best universal laptop charger is a tool that, ultimately, relies entirely on the customer’s preference, and the laptop’s specifications, of course.

As much as we’d like to give you some recommendations, it is a decision that only you can make because nobody knows your computer as much as you do. And, in case you have any doubt, you can always contact the manufacturers to know which charger will work better for your laptop.

Josef is a freelance tech writer who specializes in writing gadgets reviews. His love for technology started at an early age and he has been writing tutorials about various aspects of technology ever since. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with other people and helping them understand the latest innovations in this field.

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