AMD Ryzen 3 3250U Mobile Processors with Radeon Graphics

AMD Ryzen 3 3250U is an x86-64 bit dual-core processor that was launched in January 2020. The Ryzen 3 3250 is based on the Zen architecture that is built using the 14nm manufacturing technology. Because the processor supports AMD Simultaneous multithreading, its core count is doubled to four threads only. This Ryzen 3 3250U operates at a base clock speed of 2.6GHz which can turbo up to 3.5GHz when needed and has a total of 4MB L3 cache memory as a backup for the L1 and L2 cache. This System on Chip (SoC) processor also supports a configurable TDP-down of 12W and a TDP-up of 25W whenever necessary with a maximum operating temperature of 95oC.  Some CPU specifications are identical between this processor and the Ryzen 3 3200U chip.

One of the more interesting features of the AMD Ryzen 3 3250U is that it is very efficient. It has a low 15W thermal design power, which allows it to run at lower temperatures, and it also supports a 32GiB DDR4 memory dual-channel controller that can allow you to install up to 16GB of system memory in your laptop. Ryzen 3 3250U uses a PCI-Express 3.0 connection interface for communication with other components in the system. As far as the physical dimension of this processor goes, you can expect that it will be about 25 mm x 35 mm x 1.38 mm in size.

This processor is perfect for routine productivity applications, light gaming, or streaming videos. It also offers impressive performance with APU Graphics when you are multitasking with your favorite mobile games, video editing software, or photo editing software on the same screen. The AMD Ryzen 3 3250U will even permit fast surfing of the Internet in web browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome because it has an embedded AMD Radeon Vega 3 Graphics engine that is built into its CPU core design package and has a maximum turbo boost of 1200MHz.

Similarly, the Ryzen 3 3250U also supports the Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) and the newer AVX 2.0 standard the same way as the Ryzen 3 2200U and Ryzen 3 2300U chips – through which hardware-assisted virtualization is made available and heavy calculations are simplified. It also features XFR, FMA3, SSE 4.2, SSE 4.1, MMX, and F16X.

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