10 Best RGB Case Fans in 2023

Are you thinking of enhancing the performance of your PC while giving it a stylish edge? Then you should definitely go for an RGB fan instead of the traditional ones, for nothing is cooler than playful lights in your PC chassis.

Well, the best RGB fans aren’t the ones that are the brightest or the most colorful. It is the one that can be considered to be the most reliable.

Now, we know how difficult it is to understand which product is truly going to be reliable or even fit your needs perfectly. Thus, we took it upon ourselves to research and tested out the top-rated RGB fans to create a review to aid your search. If you want to learn more about them, then continue reading.

Best RGB Case Fans

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Here we have the top RGB fans that feature the perfect combination between style and performance. Without further ado, let’s learn about them.

1. Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB

Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB 120mm Dual Light Loop RGB LED PWM Fan 3 Fan Pack with Lighting Node Pro

If you have been wanting to vamp up your old PC window with something eye-catchy, then you should check out the LL120 RGB fan by Corsair. The unique splash of colors will certainly give life to your regular window. These RGB fans are packed with numerous RGB LED lights.

The fans themselves are white in color, which allows the color to pop even brighter. You can customize the colors as well as the effects that you want in the RGB fan. If we talk about the fans themselves – they are amazing.

From the moment you take them out of the box, you will realize that they’re all about high quality. They have been constructed with thick and even blades, which does not produce a lot of noise.

Now, when it comes to airflow production, you will be amazed by their incredible service. The LL120 features a PWM fan controller that will give you the freedom to adjust amongst the different speeds.

And the range goes from 600 rpm to 1,500 rpm, and thus, you can choose from focusing on noise minimization or airflow maximization.

For us, the biggest drawback is certainly the price range. We believe that cheaper alternatives are there. But that being said, this is a great set of RGB fans, which are also super convenient to set up. If you are someone who is into RGB fans, then you should absolutely try it out.

Highlighted Features

  • 120mm fan blades ensure low noise production
  • Each fan includes 16 independent LED lights
  • Speed of the fan can be adjusted
  • Colors and patterns can be customized
  • Delivers excellent ventilation

2. Thermaltake Riing Plus 12 TT Premium Edition RGB

 Thermaltake Riing Trio Plus 12 RGB Radiator Fan Tt Premium Edition – 3pack – fn1229 CL – F072 – pl12sw – A

This beautiful, high performing RGB fan from Thermaltake had to be next on our list. Featuring a high static pressure design for the 9 blades each fan is equipped with, the Riing Plus 12 TT is guaranteed to give you a superior cooling system.

Right out of the box, you will be able to tell that these fans were carefully designed and built. The fans have been created by using high-quality materials, while the blades bear the perfect shapes. Each of the fans features 12 separate RGB LED lights, which can be individually controlled.

Thermaltake created this set by using its patented Riing Plus technology. This software will not only allow you to control the fans using your smartphone but also enables voice command controls.

Amazingly, you can add up to 16 controllers in the software and 5 devices into one lighting controller. This is likely to make the controlling process fairly simpler.

Now, what we really love about this device is that it features both reduced noise and vibration. By equipping this gadget with an anti-vibration mounting framework, it aids the fans to produce less vibration. These rubber pads provide really good protection coverage while making the usage quite hassle-free.

On the other hand, the hydraulic bearing design promotes low noise. At the same time, it works towards improving the thermal efficiency of the unit. Overall, while the price is on the expensive side, the Riing Plus 12 TT is truly a device worth the price.

Highlighted Features

  • Features anti-vibration mounting technique
  • Produces significantly less noise
  • Improved thermal efficiency
  • Features patented Riing Plus RGB software
  • Provides superior ventilation
  • Color and designs can be customized

3. Cooler Master MasterFan MF120R ARGB 120mm Fan

Cooler Master MasterFan MF120R ARGB 120mm Fan with Independently-Controlled ARGB LEDs, Absorbing Rubber Pads, PWM Control for Computer Case, CPU Liquid & Air Cooler

Cooler Master is known for creating high-functioning products, and this right here is no exception to that. The MasterFan MF120R has been specifically created for the people who are all about customization.

And the extremely bright LED lights come with an RGB controller, which will let you change the colors, mode, and the speed. More impressively, it comes with a thermal detection mode that changes color in accordance with the changing temperature.

Impressively, this unit has been built with a hybrid design. The combination of helicopter blades and the jet engine allows the unit to produce static air without needing to sacrifice the airflow.

What’s really appreciable is that Cooler Master added a smart fan sensor to avoid jamming. Thus, you can stop worrying about other components getting mucked up or cables getting caught up again.

Furthermore, these fans also feature silent cooling technology. By combining the world of noise binding rubber pads with noise reduction equipment, you are sure to enjoy the peace and quiet even with long hours of use.

The convenience doesn’t end there. You will find installing these bad boys very easy and super quick. In fact, you shouldn’t need more than five minutes once you read the instruction manual.

Well, the highlight of this incredible product is undeniably the price range. You will not find such great features and durability by a dependable brand a lot in the market. This makes it a great purchase for any PC enthusiast.

Highlighted Features

  • Is being offered at a great price point
  • The lights are highly customizable
  • Produces static air without conceding the airflow
  • Smart fan sensor helps to avoid jamming in the system
  • Is going to be super quiet and resilient
  • Easy to install

4. Thermaltake Riing Trio 12 RGB TT Premium Edition 120mm RGB

Thermaltake Riing Trio 12 RGB TT Premium Edition 120mm Software Enabled 30 Addressable LED 9 Blades Case/Radiator Fan - 3 Pack - CL-F072-PL12SW-A

Up next, we have another great RGB fan by Thermaltake. The Riing Trio is a guaranteed addition that will make your build stand out. Its brilliant design not only makes it a looker, but also a high functioning cooling system.

Operating with 9 blade design at 12 rated volts and 5 running volts allows the fans to provide superior airflow and cooling systems. The blade design also helps it to produce significantly lower noise.

But they didn’t stop there. The addition of the low noise hydraulic bearing feature helps to further lower the sound production. On the other hand, the sealed cap stops any lubricant from leaking out. Now, this device was also crafted to reduce vibration as much as possible.

By adding the anti-vibration mounting system in the form of rubber pads, it absorbs all the vibration while also protecting the corners from any sort of damage.

We were amazed to find 16 different light modes being offered along with three different color modes. This unit also offers 4 light speeds for the impressive 30 pieces of RGB lights that are included in each fan.

What’s even better is that these fans come with a hub that will let you connect up to five of these fans, which you can control in sync with ease.

Similar to the previous model, Thermaltake decided to feature the voice command for this model as well. However, with this model, you can also pair it with Alexa and use her to control the device! Incredible, isn’t it?

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with great software for controlling and monitoring the fans
  • Can be controlled by using Alexa
  • Anti-vibration mold
  • Highly customizable
  • Superior cooling and ventilation
  • Will allow you to work in peace without much noise

5. Corsair ML120 PRO 120mm RGB

Corsair ML120 PRO 120mm Premium Magnetic Levitation RGB LED PWM Fan with Lighting Node 3 Pack (CO-9050076-WW)

In case you are looking for a fan that will deliver performance as great as it will look, then the ML120 PRO by Corsair is something you should try out.

While most of the RGB fans give you the option to change the colors, however, they mostly offer very limited colors. With the ML120, you will configure these LEDs however you please. Not just that, you also choose from various different modes of flow.

Now all of these changes, as well as other features such as monitoring and controlling the device, can be done through their app. You can pair up multiple different devices in the app and synchronize them if you wish.

Each of the lights comes with four independent RGB LED lights that are intensely bright. In fact, this was probably the most vivid and bright RGB fan that we have tested out.

When it comes to performance, the ML120 PRO will impress you there as well with their magnificent airflow and reduced friction. The unit features a magnetic levitation bearing that uses magnetic levitation for the fan’s blades. By doing this, the blades produce much less noise while delivering high performance.

You will also have complete control over the speed of the fans. And you can choose between 400 RPM to 1,600 RPM. This means this device will give you a lot of flexibility to choose amongst airflow and noise minimization.

The icing on top is how durable the product is. Each component of the fans has been created with high-grade material. Moreover, it was designed to serve you for a long period of time and even comes with a 5-year warranty!

Highlighted Features

  • Features a long lifespan
  • Offers the most customization scope
  • Fan speed can be controlled
  • Extremely vivid and intensely bright lights
  • Extremely quiet and vibration-free operation

6. Thermaltake Pure 12 ARGB

Thermaltake Pure 12 ARGB 5V Motherboard Sync/Analog Controller TT Premium Edition 16.8 Million Colors 9 Addressable LEDs 120mm Hydraulic Bearing PWM Case/Radiator Fan, 3 Pack CL-F079-PL12SW-A

Thermaltake is a truly amazing brand that produces accessories for PCs, which is why we had to include multiple of their products. Now you may wonder if this version is any different than the previous ones, and the answer is yes it is.

This model is full of amazing features such as the analog ARGB controller that sets it apart from the other versions.

To start off, the Pure 12 features a pretty cool design that will help you to distinguish this from the other similar models. Each of the fans come with their own LED lights that can be customized in accordance with your preference.

Starting from the color of the lights, to speed and modes, you will find a lot of interesting choices in the Pure 12. Interestingly, this model comes with an Analog ARGB controller, which will let users who don’t have RGB cable motherboards use it as well.

Similar to the other models, they have used the 9 blade fan design that provides a balance between static pressure and the airflow. Moreover, it also helps to provide maximum airflow without creating a lot of noise or vibration.

Now, the cooling capabilities of this model are extraordinary. Each of these fans come with coolers attached to them to deliver the best service for your PC.

The use of hydraulic bearing allows the device to self-lubricate, which reduces friction. These work hand in hand to further reduce noise production without sacrificing the performance.

Moreover, the fan rings come with vibration-resistant rubber pads, which helps to ensure silent operations while protecting the gears from damage. Also, did you know that this is also being offered at a reasonable price point? Can’t get any better than this, can it?

Highlighted Features

  • Features a reasonable price point
  • Provides superior cooling system
  • Offers attractive lights and modes
  • Delivers low noise and vibration operations
  • Provides a balance between static and airflow

7. DEEP COOL RF120 3in1 RGB Fans

DEEP COOL RF120 3in1 3X120mm RGB LED PWM Fans with Fan Hub and Extension, Compatible with ASUS Aura Sync

Have you ever come across a gadget that features all the attractive qualities that you are looking and it didn’t break your wallet? Whether you have or haven’t, let us introduce you to the RF120 by Deep Cool.

This is definitely one of the best affordable RGB fans that we have come across so far, for this one will not let you guess how inexpensive it is with its high-class performance.

From the very first time you take them out of the boxes, you will be able to tell that these have a solid build and was designed to be durable. They have achieved this by carefully creating the RGB fan with the right materials and design.

Noise and vibration production are one of the first things we check out when buying a fan for they can make or break the deal. When we first tested out these fans, we were amazed to notice how little noise and vibration it produced even when it operates at full speed.

And when it came to delivering adequate airflow, it surprised us there as well. For a device that has a maximum airflow of 56.5 CFM, it never fails to provide the right amount of airflow even if you have been gaming continuously for a prolonged period of time.

The excellent airflow has enabled the device to deliver a cooling system that would give other more expensive models a run for their money. Most gamers who have used this incredible gadget have been more than satisfied with their performance.

While the LED lights aren’t as good as the other options here in our review, we must say that they do a pretty decent job. Thankfully, the colors, modes, and speed can be adjusted to suit your preference.

Highlighted Features

  • Delivers extraordinary cooling
  • Provides proper airflow consistently
  • Has a long lifespan
  • Quite affordable
  • Features a great design
  • Easy to setup

8. Antec Prizm 120 ARGB

Antec Prizm 120 ARGB 5+C 120mm Case Fan w/Fan Controller (5 in 1 Pack)

If you are a heavy gamer who requires proper airflow and cooling constantly, then the Prizm 120 by Antec might be the perfect purchase for you. While Antec might not be as popular the some of the other mentioned brands here, they have still managed to produce a gadget that is appreciated by most PC enthusiasts.

Featuring an all-black design, this unit is unquestionably the sleekest set of RGB fans we have come across. The black color really helps the LED lights to shine through and set it apart from their competitors. And the set comes with 18 independent LED lights that can be controlled by using just one app.

You can easily synchronize all the fans and lights or customize them separately if needed. And you can choose amongst a wide range of colors and flow modes by using their app. This a great feature to have, for it will allow you to give your PC a different look every day!

Well, when it comes to cooling performance, we have only experienced such amazing results from only a handful of other options. The device has been constructed to optimize the heat dissipation while also providing constant airflow.

The hydraulic bearing further assists the device in delivering proper airflow without causing friction. This also helps to reduce noise production and ensures a peaceful, ultra-quiet operation.

What we love about this set of fans is that it isn’t too flashy. By equipping the lights only in the border, it enabled it to make the PC look attractive without making it tacky.

Moreover, the range of colors, mode of flow, as well as the speed is countless in this device. You really can’t go wrong with this astonishing device.

Highlighted Features

  • All the fans can be synchronized through the motherboard
  • Delivers fantastic cooling
  • Offers a very sleek and clean look
  • Range of customizable option is very wide
  • Delivers ultra-quiet operation
  • Comes with 5 fans

9. NZXT AER RGB 2-HF-28120-B1-120mm

Some brand names automatically bring assurance and high-quality in our minds instantly, and NZXT is one of them. Not only is it a good looker, but it has also been engineered to deliver high-performance.

These uniquely shaped fans feature a lighting system that creates spectacular visuals without needing to bring changes. The uniform light dispersion and a wide range of colors to choose from, this is certainly going to add class and style to your PC.

Unlike other RGB fans that focus on looking good, NZXT’s focus is on their performance. The fans were designed to properly exhaust the PC in case it heats up while also keeping the airflow and pressure in check.

The fan delivers high-class and consistent airflow thanks to its high-speed. As a matter of fact, even if you play for 12 hours at a stretch, you will not find your PC overheating itself. The winglet tips of the blades help to reduce dragging and promote even better performance.

Now, we must highlight that these aren’t the quietest fans out there. If you compare them to the rest of the devices here, these produce the most noise. However, that being said, the noise level is still manageable, especially considering how amazing the airflow and cooling system is.

And the fluid dynamic bearing system has been added to reduce noise production as much as possible. Moreover, the reduced friction also means that these are going to be highly durable. All in all, this is a very commendable gadget, especially for the price point.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a modern and classy design
  • Excellent airflow and cooling system
  • Unique visual effects
  • A large array of light colors
  • Affordable

10. upHere RGB Series Case Fan

For our last RGB fan, we’ve chosen the RGB series by upHere. This is a fan favorite as it delivers both great look and performance at a reasonable price point. These fans were created to deliver large volume cooling. Each set comes with five fans so that it is able to provide you with the most amount of airflow.

Amazingly, you do not have to keep all of them switched on all the time. You can choose between how many fans you want active as well as their speed by using their app or your motherboard.

These fan cases have been outfitted with both hydraulic bearing and rubber pads. And these features not only help to keep the fans well protected but also helps to reduce noise during operation. Additionally, it also improves the efficiency of these fans.

If these features weren’t enough, they have added a water cooling system to really seal the deal on providing the best cooling system. This feature is loved and appreciated by any gamer – especially professional ones.

Now, the color transformation and modes are limitless. With the help of their ease to operate remote controller, you can change any setting at any time. In fact, you don’t necessarily have to be in front of the PC to use the remote.

To sum up, these are great RGB fans, especially for anyone who needs to be on their PC for a prolonged period of time on a daily basis.

Highlighted Features

  • Extremely reliable
  • Will definitely add class and funk to your PC
  • Delivers extraordinary cooling and airflow
  • The color transformation is unlimited
  • Comes with an easy-to-use remote controller

Things to Consider Before Choosing Best RGB Case Fans

Before you set your heart on a specific RGB fan, you need to be aware of which features to look out for if you want to make the perfect buy. Let’s take a look at what those are:

The Colors

RGB fan focus on providing the users with colors that can be created by combing the three primary colors – red, green, and blue. That being said, some brands or models offer more variety than others.

Thus, if you are looking for a device that will give you a wide range of colors and smooth customization, go for a product that comes with the best software. The better the software, the more you can do with it.

The Size

Case fans have a wide range of sizes that range between 25mm to 250mm. Each of the sizes brings its set of benefits and drawbacks. In order to ensure that you are picking the right size, you must ensure that it fits the chassis of your PC.

The next factor in determining the ideal size is how much airflow and cooling you require. Larger fans deliver more airflow and cooling but are likely to produce more noise than smaller ones.

Noise Production

The noise production is definitely one of the key factors to consider. Thankfully, most of the RGB fans that are available now produce relatively low noise while operating. To ensure that you are getting a quiet fan, keep an eye out on the dBa amount. Go through the chart for reference.

Sound Level Noise (dBa)
10 dB Pindrop silence
20 dB Whisper
40 dB Soft conversation between two or more people
40 dB Light conversation
50 dB Regular conversation

The Speed

One of the features that simply cannot be overlooked is the speed of the fans. The speed of a fan is generally measured in Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). Now, keep in mind that fans with higher RPM often produce more noise than fans with low RPM.

Since both of these features are crucial in determining how good your operating experience is going to be, our advice is to go for a device that offers a balance between the two. Another option will be to go for a gadget that will allow you to regulate the speed so you can bring changes in accordance with your needs.

The Airflow

The airflow of the fan is undeniably the most vital feature to look out for. Now, there are two types of fan – the airflow fan and the static pressure fan.

Airflow fans deliver a more natural cooling to your PC and are generally more efficient in working. These sorts of fans generally inject air at a higher CfM rate.

While the static pressure fans deliver the air more evenly and are better at dealing with obstacles such as CPU heat sync. Given that it is difficult to choose between the two, our advice will be to go for a product such as Cooler Master MasterFan MF120R ARGB 120mm Fan as it will give you the best of both worlds.

The Design

One of the most overlooked features of an RGB fan is its design. Most people focus on the lighting and performance but fail to realize the important role the design plays.

The design of the fan case not only helps to determine how stylish your PC chassis will look but also determines how convenient it will be to use. A well-designed fan is easy to mount and maintain. Moreover, these are generally longer lasting as they are equipped with different features such as rubber pads.


There is no point in researching and selecting an RGB fan if it isn’t compatible with your PC. Factors such as the size of your chassis, the fan, and even the mounting cables will determine whether the fans are compatible with your PC.

Therefore, do not forget to ensure that your desired RGB fan fits the criteria of your PC chassis.

Price Range

Now, you will find great RGB fans that may range from $30 to $300 or more. What you need to understand is that cheaper price point doesn’t mean that they’re bad. At the same time, just because the device is expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best one out there or even that it’s the one for you.

We must confess that more often than none, pricier models come with features that aren’t available in cheaper ones. These additional features usually enhance the experience of using such devices.

That being said, products such as DEEP COOL RF120 3in1 RGB Fans do exist. Fans such as the mentioned one will offer you all the basic features needed for a great RGB fan while also being affordable.

Therefore, you should set up a proper budget that will allow you to purchase an RGB fan that will cater to all your needs and wants.

The Functions

Finally, after ensuring that the fans look pretty while delivering high-performance, you should look out for other features that will help it to serve you better.

A lot of brands nowadays are equipping their gadgets such great features such as remote controllers, software apps, hydraulic bearing design, and more. All of this combined helps to produce fans that are more user-friendly and long-lasting.


As you can notice from our reviews, that the RGB fans don’t have a set price range and come in different styles and shapes. Before you make up your mind on which one to buy, be sure to go through our buying guide properly.

If you ask us, our top pick is the Corsair ML120 PRO 120mm RGB, as it’s one of the best RGB fans. Not only is it a great looking device, but it is filled with all the necessary features such as a superior cooling system and customization options that make it a great device.

Another pick would be the DEEP COOL RF120 3in1 RGB Fans as the best affordable RGB fan that features all the essential qualities needed to serve as a great gaming fan. Good luck with your next hunt!

Josef is a freelance tech writer who specializes in writing gadgets reviews. His love for technology started at an early age and he has been writing tutorials about various aspects of technology ever since. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with other people and helping them understand the latest innovations in this field.

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