8 Best Cube PC Cases Reviews for 2023

Cube PCs are the perfect compact computers that take up minimum space and look great at the same time. But they, of course, must be protected to prevent damage from accidental falls, impact, and also from dust, dirt, and water in general.

This is why it is important to buy the best cube PC case for your needs so that your computer can last as long as possible.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at some of the top cube PC cases available in the market so that you can pick the right one for you!

Best Cube PC Case Reviews

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We have hand-picked some of the best cube style PC cases out there, so make sure to read on to find out the best one for your needs.

1. Thermaltake Core V21

Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC Micro ATX Cube Computer Chassis CA-1D5-00S1WN-00


This case is great to look at, so it won’t disappoint on the visual front! Made for Micro-ATX, it has a design that enables both vertical and horizontal placement of the motherboard inside, making it very convenient. The bottom panel contains a dust filter which is removable, so it is easy to clean.

Noise will not be a problem with this product as the PSU brackets have rubber gaskets that are shockproof, so they help reduce the noise greatly. The interior is divided into two chambers – the lower chamber is made for PSU and drives bays, whereas the upper one is for cooling and enhanced performance.

In order to maintain the temperature, the case has a stackable design, which is endless, and it has systems for both air and liquid cooling. Easy access for devices is provided due to the presence of Dual USB and HD audio connectors together t the front. The power and reset buttons are also placed there conveniently.

As for the interior of the case, there is plenty of space there, which helps in the cooling process. This is a great feature for gamers, especially along with the good ventilation system it has. Overall, this is a great case for a medium price.

2. Thermaltake Core V1

Thermaltake Core V1 SPCC Mini ITX Cube Gaming Computer Case Chassis, Interchangeable Side Panels, Black Edition, CA-1B8-00S1WN-00


This case is well-known for its ease of installation process. Unlike the Core V21, which is designed to support Micro-ATX, this one is made to support Mini-ITX. It is a very quiet product as well, so it will not cause any noise pollution. The presence of a removable dust filter also makes it easily cleanable.

Just like the Thermaltake Core V21, the interior is divided into two chambers, the difference being that the lower chamber is for PSU and cable management. The drive bay design that this product contains enables a lot of free space inside. This also allows for an advanced cooling system.

As for ventilation, the Core V1 supports all types of cooling systems, so over-heating will not be an issue for gamers. Interchangeable side panels allow the addition of unique flair to the usage of this unit and can make the experience quite enjoyable.

Being compact yet expandable, with the installation of 2 external devices possible, this case is a great hit amongst gamers and those who require extra space for work. A bit pricier than the Core V21, the Core V1 has impressive features for gamers with great design and a unique style to it.

However, if you are set for a good product that will not disappoint, then this a great one!

3. Corsair CC-9011030

Corsair CC-9011030-WW Carbide Series Air 540 High Airflow ATX Cube Case - Black


The Corsair CC-9011030 is a very reliable case with an elegant and well-designed build. It has a unique design and contains two interior chambers in order to separate the cooling system and the power supply and drives.

As for the cooling system, this product has a design called ‘Direct Airflow Path’, which provides excellent cooling for the components of the PC. The intake and exhaust fans provide efficient performance with very low noise. Maintenance of the interior is easy due to the presence of dust filters.

Both air and water cooling are supported by this unit, with the tubes and pumps being hidden away inside. This product is particularly built for builders due to its efficient design and ease of upgrade, assembly, maintenance, and installation.

It has a tinted window, which is large in size and enables a nice view of the inside. Coming at a higher price tag than the former two products, this one is particularly great for its amazing build and cooling capabilities.

If the price is not an issue, and the structure and cooling system are important to you, then this product is a great choice.

4. Cooler Master RC-130

Cooler Master RC-130-KKN1 Elite 130 - Mini-ITX Computer Case with Mesh Front Panel and Water Cooling Support


As the name suggests, the Cooler Master is known for its cooling system! The manufacturers are renowned for pioneering good thermal regulation via the pipe heat sink, and they have put their technology to good use in this case.

It has been designed with a front panel that is meshed. This helps in the intake of cool air from the environment, helping to prevent over-heating. The product is very compactly built, yet it has a great room on the inside. It contains a Mini-ITX case called ‘The Elite 130’, which can accommodate large hardware.

This setup can be used both for desktops and in theatres, and can handle just about anything! RGB lighting makes the case colorful in the dark and provides a look attractive to gamers. The case can be a bit tricky to install, but it is very stylish and can be quite fun to work with after getting used to.

A switch controls the fans, and it is quite convenient to use as one press is enough to regulate them. Durable and hefty, this case comes at a medium price range, yet is on the heavier side. If the weight is not an issue, then this is a great product, especially for its cooling system and great style.

5. CORSAIR Carbide AIR 240

CORSAIR Carbide AIR 240 Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX Case, High-Airflow - Black


This is a very compact case made for Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX computers. It has a full window on one side and is quite high profile. The cooling system uses intake fans to deliver cool air to the interior constantly, preventing over-heating.

An option for installing GPUs is also available for this unit due to the presence of Air 240. As the product has tool-free drives and a side panel, it is very is easy to install and upgrade. Radiators can be installed on the front, top, and bottom of the case, enabling great liquid cooling.

Rubber feet are also included, which can be added on any of the three surfaces. This gives the option to turn the unit into a desktop, a standard tower, or an inverted tower, giving great personalization.

As the interior of the case is very spacious, despite the compactness of the size, it can fit a lot of components at once, making it a win-win situation. USB ports are placed on the front, so it is easy to plug in devices. As an expensive product, it is quite worth it for its great compactness, ease of use, and cooling system.

So, if money is not a problem, make sure to give this product a good hard thought.

6. Fractal Design Node 804

Fractal Design Node 804 No Power Supply MicroATX Cube Case FD-CA-NODE-804-BL, Black


Fractal Design is a case for MicroATX and Mini-ITX. It is made up of aluminum and steel and has tempered glass on the front and side panels. The USB slots are in the front and quite easy to reach. It also comes with 5 expansion slots, so space is bot an issue.

This makes it very sleek looking and enables the internals to be visualized. RGB fans and a strip on the front, add to the overall visual appeal of this product, especially for gamers. Additionally, there is an LED strip at the front, but it glows in only one color.

And this case does not come with a fan, which is good if you would like to get your personalized fans. As the side panel on the rear has no glass, the cables can’t be seen, leading to a neater look. The structure contains magnetic dust filters on the top and the bottom, so it is easy to clean.

Coming at a reasonable price, this is a good product that will be satisfactory for most people. If you want a sleek looking cube case that is stylish, durable and comes at an affordable price, then this is a product to consider.

7. Nanoxia Micro ATX

Nanoxia Micro ATX Case for Gaming/Desktop/Cube/Tower - Rexgear 2 Limited Edition, Championship White


Right off the bat, the Nanoxia is quite the eye-catching product! It is painted in two colors, which are quite attractive to look at. This unit is specially designed for gamers and contains a lot of room for all the cables and components inside.

There is a rack inside dedicated to the water cooling system which is removable, allowing easy access. The installation, assembling and disassembling processes are all easy as the tray for the motherboard is removable. This process may be a bit more tricky for first-timers, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy.

Two water cooling radiators can be supported at once in this unit, which allows for a decent cooling system. As for cleaning, since it contains a dust filter, this is easily achieved. The case contains two fans, which are both quiet, and there is also space for another one.

This product also contains anti-vibration pads, which are quite useful for gamers. As a bonus, the price is very affordable! So if you are a gamer who is looking for a decent product that is both visually appealing and provides great features, then you should definitely take a look at this one!

8. Rosewill Gaming ATX

Rosewill Gaming ATX Mid Tower Cube Case, Tempered Glass Full Window Desktop PC Computer Small Form Case, Blue LED Lighting Fans, USB 3.0, 240mm Water Cooler Support, 3 Fans Pre-Installed


This is certainly the product for those quite enthusiastic about their cube cases! It comes in three colors – ruby red, emerald green, and blue sapphire. The three colors show quite unique personalities and are great for those looking for something to showcase their individual style.

In order to separate the hotter components from the cooler ones, the interior is divided into two chambers. This enables easier cooling of the materials and free airflow inside. Providing support for Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, and ATX motherboards, this case is quite versatile, yet very compact.

The side panels have tempered glass, giving them a sleek and shiny look, and the front bezel is made of aluminum. This allows the LED lights on the inside to shine through.

As the interior is very roomy, it allows up to 7 fans as well a radiator on the front or back, a CPU cooler and a video card. All this together makes it a great product for the affordable price tag it comes with.

So, if you want to wrap your cube PC with your personal flair, and get a great bang for your bucks, then this is definitely recommended for you!


At the end of the day, picking the best cube PC case for yourself is up to you, so choose wisely.

If you are a gamer, then consider the Nanixia Micro-ATX as it comes at a great price for its good cooling and anti-vibration properties. As for a unique and personal look, you can consider the Rosewell Gaming ATX, as it comes in three different colors and at a reasonable price.

And if the price is not an issue, then the Corsair CC-9011030 is a great choice due to its great build and cooling system.

So, consider your particular needs well before making your purchase, and you will be quite satisfied!

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