8 Best EaseUS Alternatives For Data Recovery

If you know anything about data recovery then you will have heard of EaseUS. A lot of IT professionals use this program and it is easy enough to use for non-technical users as well. You can use the EaseUS data recovery program on both Windows and Mac powered computers to try and recover your deleted files.

Hard disk problems are pretty common and if you have a drive that is corrupted or will not mount then EaseUS can help you to access the data on the disk. You can even use the application to recover files and data from servers that have complex RAID configurations. There are free and paid versions of EaseUS.

Although EaseUS is popular with professional and normal computer users there are some viable EaseUS alternatives available. I have been testing some of these alternatives and I am delighted to bring you the 8 best EaseUS data recovery alternatives in this article.

Best EaseUS Alternatives

1. Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is another good EaseUS alternative for data recovery. It is really well suited to those people that are not very tech-savvy but it is a bit more expensive than some of the other alternatives. If you are a professional user of data recovery software then you may find the scanning options a bit limited.

With the free version of Stellar Data Recovery, you can recover up to 1TB of files and data which is better than a lot of the other free versions. No single file can be larger than 250 MB though. The user interface is good and it is very easy to navigate around. You can choose the type of file that you want to recover such as a video or an email.

You can recover files from FAT and NTFS format hard drives as well as from CD’s and DVD’s. I found the scanning time to be pretty quick even with a large 1 TB hard drive using the quick scan option. If you still can’t find your files after this you can use the Deep Scan option which takes longer but is not too bad.

2. Apower Recover

This is a good EaseUS alternative that has a free trial and then you need to pay $39.99 for the full version. With Apower recover, you can recover any file that has been stored on a hard disk inside your computer, an external hard drive, a memory card, a flash drive and more.

I found Apower Recover to be a very powerful piece of software that will recover deleted files and data successfully and in a safe way. It is easy to use and there is a simple scan process that you can pause and stop whenever you want. This is helpful when you have found the file that you need and you don’t want to waste time scanning the entire disk.

The interface with Apower Recover is easy to use and intuitive. You can use the application on both Windows and Mac powered computers and it will do a good job in finding your lost files pretty quickly. With the free trial version, it is only possible to recover up to 100 MB which is quite a bit less than other free recovery applications offer.

3. Recovery Toolbox – Free

Not all data and files are lost on a hard drive. Quite often you will want to recover lost files from a CD a DVD a Blu-Ray disc and HD DVD and more. If this is the case for you then the free CD Recovery Toolbox is a good EaseUS alternative.

It is pretty easy for CD’s and DVD’s to get scratched or chipped and when this happens your disc player in your computer may not be able to access all of the files stored. CD Recovery Toolbox can scan for folders and files on CD’s and DVD’s and I found that it was pretty good at recovering files where a disc was scratched.

If your CD or DVD has suffered a lot of damage then it is unlikely that the CD Recovery Toolbox will be able to help you. This is true of most other disc recovery tools as well. There are a lot of recovery functions with this free app but on the downside I found the scanning process to be a bit slow.

4. Disk Drill (formerly Pandora Recovery)

Panda Recovery changed its name to Disk Drill recently and it is another good EaseUS alternative. There is a version of Disk Drill for Windows and Mac users. I used it extensively and found that it could recover all types of deleted files from hard drives. I even had some success recovering files from a reformatted drive!

When you run a scan with Disk Drill it will present you with a list of files that you can preview and then you can make the decision to recover them or not. Disk Drill has an advanced filtering system that makes it easy for you to find those deleted files easily. You can perform a surface scan or simply browse or search for the files.

I have to say that the interface with Disk Drill is a bit confusing at times. It has quite a cluttered feel to it which needs improvement. The free version allows you to recover up to 500 MB which is reasonable.

5. Remo Recover

There is a lot to like about the Remo Recover application and it is a very good EaseUS alternative. You can choose to scan for specific types of files and I found it to be one of the fastest data recovery programs that I’ve ever used. The application has a large number of features and there is a free trial for both Windows and Mac computers.

I really liked the ability to scan for specific file types such as .mp4 and .png as this saved a great deal of scanning time. The other good thing about Remo Recover is that there is very limited impact on system resources when you run a scan. It is light on CPU resources as well as memory and it only used around 200 MB of hard disk space.

There are three versions of the application available which start with the Home/Basic edition and then there is the Media edition and the Pro edition. The Home edition should be OK for most users but serious users will need all of the features in the Pro edition.

6. Data Rescue 5

Data Rescue 5 is a very thorough application for data recovery but it cost more than a lot of the other programs. There are some excellent scanning options with this application and you have a lot of search parameter options. You can choose the type of file that you are looking for and even the file size.

With the comprehensive scanning options, you can drastically reduce the amount of time to perform scans. I was really impressed with this feature as it gets pretty dull waiting for data recovery software to scan for hours. There is minimal impact on system resources when you scan and even a full scan of a hard drive is reasonably fast.

The free trial version of Data Recovery 5 lets you recover up to 500 MB of deleted files. It has a user-friendly interface and you can configure a lot of different settings. Data Recovery 5 is certainly a worthy EaseUS alternative but at $99 for the standard version and the pro version only available on subscription it may be too expensive for some.

7. Wondershare Recoverit

The Wondershare Data Recovery application is very popular and a good EaseUS alternative. It is really easy to use and you do not have to be an IT professional to get the best out of it. You have the option to perform a Quick Scan or a Deep Scan and you can scan by file type as well.

When you first use Wondershare Data Recovery you will see a wizard that helps you to choose which type of files you want to search for including images, audio, video, documents etc. By making a choice here you will greatly reduce the scan time. You then choose where to look and this includes hard drive partitions and even external USB devices.

The interface is easy to use and understand. While a scan is in progress there is a preview pane where you can see the files it has found so far. To recover any file you just click on the “recover” button and then choose where to save the file.

8. iBoysoft Data Recovery

iBoysoft Data Recovery software is a light-weight but powerful file recovery program. It is a starter but gradually catches up to be one of the best EaseUS alternatives. It has a very simple and clean interface to help beginners better handle the recovery process.

It offers a one-stop file recovery solution. It can restore documents, videos, images, audio, email files, etc. from any storage devices such as hard drives, SD cards, and USB flash drives. It is fully compatible with all file systems like NTFS, FAT, HFS+ or APFS and all most used Windows and Mac OS. You can scan the disk with Quick scan mode for deleted files within seconds or use Deep scan mode for lost data. The biggest advantage of this software is its encrypted data recovery. It can restore data from BitLocker encrypted drives, T2-encrypted Mac devices, and encrypted APFS volumes.

The operations are intuitive and you can finish data recovery within three steps. First, download, install and open the program on your computer. Then, connect the disk to the computer if you need to recover data from it. At last, scan the disk and recover the deleted or lost files. First 1GB data is free to recover.

Which EaseUS Alternative is best for your Data Recovery?

I’ll tell you upfront that all of these alternatives are good. If you are a layman and only have a couple of deleted files that you want to recover then the free trial of Stellar Data Recovery is a good choice and even Data Rescue 5.

If you are looking for more regular use then the best advice I can give you is to go for a full version and pay for it. Although Recovery Toolbox for CD is completely free it will only let you access files on beat-up CD’s and DVD’s. For finding lost or deleted files on hard drives you need to choose one of the others.

Remo Recover offers a lot for the money and you can search for files by type which makes scanning faster. The people behind this application have been in the data recovery business for a long time and the product reflects that.

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