10 Best Employee Tracking Apps in 2022

Running a business is not an easy task to manage, from hiring new candidates, assigning tasks to them, monitoring their attendance and rolling out their monthly payrolls everything has to be done. We know HR managers are there! but it is not always possible for a single person to cater to the individual needs of a large team or monitor their work schedules and timings. That is where an employee tracking app comes to the rescue. They not only automate and regularize the entire process, leaving zero space for human error but also eliminates all possible chances of proxy submission and time theft as well.

If we consider the present scenario where most of the companies are maintaining social distancing, contact less work modules within their premise or are operating with remote staff.  An employee tracking app is the absolute need of the hour. it will make sure that everyone is catering to the business needs and completing their tasks as per the deadlines assigned to them. Moreover, enterprises can also mark out the deviant ones and take necessary actions against them in real-time.

10 Top employee tracking app in 2022

Looking for an employee tracking app? Here we have curated a list of the top 10 apps available in the market do have a look and invest in the right one. You can also read about applicant tracking software here.

1. DeskTime

Desktime is a futuristic employee time tracking solution using which companies can easily monitor large teams and keep track of multiple projects within a single platform. The software starts recording the working time of an individual employee from the very moment they turn on their system, eliminating manual data entry. Managers can monitor the programs, websites and applications being accessed by employees working under them and classify those pages into productive or unproductive tasks. Moreover, it also comes with a private time feature of its own, using which employees can take some time off from their work schedule. DeskTime is compatible with Mac, Linus and Windows based OS, it also has a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS users.

2. Timecamp

Timecamp is a web-based employee time monitoring solution, using which companies can monitor the working schedule of individual employees, calculate the billable hours and keep track of the current status of an individual project. Moreover, they can also calculate the monthly payrolls for individual employees in an accurate manner. The software can be easily integrated with other apps, helping users to manage multiple tasks from a single platform. It has a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

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3. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is an advanced time tracking solution using which small businesses and large companies can monitor the working hours of their individual employees. The intuitive dashboard of Hubstaff offers a wide variety of tools facilitating easy team management in an accurate manner. The online timesheet offered by the software helps the companies in streamlining the estimates, payments and invoices as per their convenience. The best part is organisations can create job sites of their own using the geo-fencing feature. The software will automatically clock in or clock out the employee based on their arrival and leaving time. Hubstaff is compatible with devices running on Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OS. It has a mobile app for Android and iOS.

4. Gleeo

Gleeo can be used to manage multiple tasks and projects from a single platform. The web based time tracking solution records the working hours of individual employees in a precise manner and allows the managers to export the time based reports via Bluetooth or Email and use them for calculating monthly payrolls, within external billing software. Gleo has a dedicated Android app.

5. Hours

Hours is a cloud-based solution using which companies can maintain a list of timers and easily switch between them as per their business needs. Managers can colour code individual projects for easy management. Moreover, the all new team features offered by the system enables managers to track and analyze the working hours of individual employees with ease. It has a dedicated app for iOS users and is also compatible with apple watch as well.

6. TSheets

TSheets is an advanced time tracking solution for companies, using which employees can clock in, take a break and clock out from their daily work in a single click. Managers can generate detailed employee schedules, edit them, publish them and share the particulars with their teams in a convenient way. Moreover, the reports offered by the software provide detailed insights about estimated cost for a particular project, required time and accurate payroll of the individual employee. TSheets has a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android platforms.

7. Time Doctor

Time Doctor can be used to monitor the total working hours and time invested within a particular project by individual employees. The software records individual web pages and apps being used by a particular employee.  The best part is, Time Doctor keeps on with its monitoring business even when not connected to the internet and transfers the entire data once connection gets restored. Managers can take screenshots of their employees computers from time to time,  monitoring their whereabouts. Time Doctor has a dedicated mobile app for Android users.

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8. Tick

Tick cloud-based time tracking solution is apt for small businesses and startups, enabling them to monitor their employees and the scheduled projects in an accurate manner. Companies can schedule their projects and tasks within the software and get timely updates on budget and working schedules of members related to the particular project. It has a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Compatible with Apple watch as well.

9. FollowMee

Companies can use FollowMee to monitor their remote team or field workers who are working from different locations from all around the globe. HR managers can group devices into different teams as per the staff they belong to and get access to their accurate location using the GPS tracking feature offered by the software. Moreover, companies can also geofence their projects sites and record the entry and exit of their employees in an accurate manner. The solution is compatible with Windows platform and also has a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

10. Harvest

Organisations can easily monitor the total time spent on individual projects and calculate the billable hours as well, using Harvest. The solution offers intuitive visual reports, enabling managers to analyze the working patterns of individual members within the team and take necessary actions in real time. Companies can also manage invoices and payments with their clients using the same. It has a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS users.

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