Run Manager, The Ultimate Program Launcher

Some great news today, Technize team has been working on a software and now at last it’s ready to be distributed to the public. The software that we have built is Run Manager.

Run Manager is a program quick launcher which uses built-in Windows tools for creating keyboard shortcuts of required programs. It does not require any system resources for the programs to be launched. It doesn’t need to be running all the time. The GUI of Run Manager is used for configuration purpose. Rest of the work is done by built in Windows tools.

What does Run Manager do?

Run Manager does a very simple job. It creates shortcuts of the programs so that anyone doesn’t have to go to the start menu or deep in folders and find and run the programs from there. Run Manager provides a way to run the programs directly from the Run dialog box in Start Menu. For example, I use Firefox very frequently. I don’t want to go to the start menu every time to open Firefox. So I use Run Manager to create a shortcut for Firefox.

How To Use Run Manager?

Let’s do it now. Download and install Run Manager from the location below.

  1. Run Run Manager from the start menu.
  2. Click on New.

    Command Name: Write the shortcut whichever you want in the Command Name (ff in my case for Firefox)
    File To Use: Browse to the file you want to open with the above shortcut.
    Parameters: Any additional parameters can be given here.
  3. Click Save. Command will be successfully saved.
  4. Now go to Start –> Run –> ff (Windows Key + R)
    and Firefox will open.

For bugs and suggestions, kindly go to Technize forums. Your words will keep us moving towards the right direction.

Run Manager File Information:

Languages: English


Platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Requirements: .NET Framework 3.5

Version: 0.6

License: Freeware

Date: May 8, 2010

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