Software solutions for your Windows computer protection for 2022 and beyond

Software solutions for your Windows computer protection Windows PC usually needs to be protected against different types of malware, trojan, or ransomware attacks. Nowadays, there are hundreds of antiviruses, all of which claim to offer the best protection for your computer. Professional antivirus software involves up-to-date protection against viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, and ransomware.

Antivirus software should include a full-suite internet security package with minimum cybersecurity features such as virtual private network, password management, and parental control. You need to remember that the more secure your computer is, the less likely you have problems with the data.

How to Choose the Best Protection?

First of all, antivirus programs need to find and eliminate viruses and malware on your computer. It is significant to use an antivirus program with real-time protection. Even if you have Windows 10 and some installed protective features, it is not usually enough.

Before you decide which type of antivirus software protection you need to install, check if it involves a strong malware protection function or consults with the best antivirus programs in 2022. Choose the software with proven real-time protection functions especially against advanced malware threats, viruses, and rootkits. Real-time protection helps you to make sure that an active threat is stopped before anything serious can happen. The best antivirus has to be lightweight and run smoothly. Some antiviruses have a virtual private network, some of them have browsing extensions and also a password manager involved.

Top 5 Best Antivirus Solutions

We listed below the top-5 best antivirus solutions for your Windows computer protection to better choose between the selected options, which we mentioned above.

Norton 360

Norton performs unbeaten viruses and malware protection functions. It is fast and well-maintained so that your information will be protected. Norton’s antivirus involves a unique scanning engine with a 100% protection rating. You can find more information about the antivirus protection rating. Nevertheless, it has advanced features and settings for more technical users, it is easy to use. With the cheapest plan, users get real-time malware protection, a password manager, 10GB of secure cloud storage as well as unlimited VPN access. It is possible to upgrade the program and to get more storage space and access to parental control. In other words, an antivirus is affordable, easy to use, and powerful.

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection performs different types of protection such as malware protection, encrypted storage, a password manager, a VPN, and a browser extension. Using McAfee’s security software, you can install “My Home Network”. Thus, you can use an easy-to-read map of all devices on your home Wi-Fi network, receiving total control over online security. We recommend installing McAfee for users looking to cover no more than one device. If you are looking to cover more than one device, you need to consider the Multi-Device plan. McAfee includes Ransom Guard, PC Boost, and other bonus features. However, it missed some modified ransomware samples. McAfee is compatible with laptops, desktops, tablets as well as mobile devices. With McAfee, you stay protected from the latest viruses, malware, spyware, and other types of unwanted programs.

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Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus is fast, free to use, being solid protection for Windows operating systems, which can cover 10 maximum devices. The antivirus is powerful protection packed into a light solution. It involves the technology of real-time threat detection in order to monitor closely your active applications. Moreover, it integrates a minimalistic approach to defend your Windows computer against all cyber threats. A virus scanning runs in the background, having antivirus protection for personal and gaming computers. Bitdefender Antivirus uses the highest technologies in the industry, as proven by the last 10 years of independent test scores. However, Bitdefender Antivirus does not include the VPN service that comes with other Bitdefender products.


TotalAV is an award-winning antivirus, which is trusted by more than 10 million people across the globe. The antivirus protects the digital world against infections, which are usually called by many types of malware. It can help you to scan and block threats in real-time before they infect your system as well as block different types of spyware software that gather information about a user to share with other users.


Panda is easy to install, involving maximum virus detection rate. You will never have to worry about updating it or making complicated changes to its settings. Also, you can enjoy real-time protection at all times. What is more that you do not have to store files or daily updates, because all the work is done from the cloud. Parental control solution is available so that parents can block, set time limits, and restrict to use of certain apps. Moreover, VPN is available to telecommute from anywhere securely privately. Antivirus involves WI-FI protection against hackers, scanning of external devices for infection prevention, complete personal data protection, unique, strong password generator, and parental control for Windows.

Tips to Choose the Best Software Solution

Picking the best antivirus software for Windows means you have your PC secured. Antivirus scans for viruses and malware; watches for shady websites, and suspicious links to keep users out of trouble.

It is significant to find antivirus software that will not make the work of a computer slow. Thus, if after you install the software, your websites are opened slowly or apps are downloaded sluggish, you definitely need to try another program.

Pay attention to cost and discounts. Do not pay the sticker price for antivirus protection. The main advantage of the paid version solution is that all the components of the program can be updated fast and automatically. But the disadvantage is the cost, usually in the form of an annual subscription.

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Privacy is significant. It is effective antivirus software that has to be monitored on your computer. The companies have to protect data as much as possible.

Antivirus has been the go-to solution to fight malicious software and cybercriminal tactics.

Having a secure and thorough antivirus security system is vital because of an increasing number of cyberattacks targeting businesses and individuals.

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