How This App Can Quickly Free up RAM on Your Laptop

If your laptop is slow, you need to use software that can clean up your junk files and optimize your computer and your privacy. The Advanced SystemCare software has a one-click approach that can quickly free up RAM by cleaning up junk files, leftovers, and invalid shortcuts. It can also remove spyware, increase your Internet speed, update your outdated programs and drivers, enable firewall protections, and more.

You can use this software from IObit to make sure that your laptop is secure and protected from viruses and malware, and it can help to make sure that invalid files and junk are removed permanently. Continue reading to learn how this app can quickly free up RAM on your laptop.

What Is Advanced SystemCare?

ACS main

Advanced SystemCare is software that can scan, repair, and optimize the different aspects of your laptop. Not only does it clean up junk files and invalid files, but it will find and get rid of malware and optimize your laptop so that it functions at a higher level.

Using AI, the software can scan your system and locate different kinds of junk files and caches that are left over from third-party browsers. It learns about your system as it works, and it is more efficient than other programs.

There are a lot of different factors that slow down your laptop, and Advanced SystemCare is programmed to look for many different typical issues and resolve them. It also protects your privacy by clearing privacy traces, and it updates your programs to the latest version to make sure that they are less vulnerable. This is software that will optimize the performance of your laptop and unlock its potential.

How Advanced SystemCare Optimizes Your Laptop

ACS scanning

The software is easy to install and use. It lets you clean up, optimize, speed up, and protect your privacy, and you can do it all with one click. It covers a lot of different potential issues, including cleaning up junk files, leftover files, and invalid shortcuts.

It has sweet privacy traces and removes spyware. It can also increase your Internet speed, update outdated programs and drivers, and fix system weaknesses and security holes. Finally, it will fix disk errors and enable antivirus and firewall protections.

It comes with an all new user interface, which makes it easy to use. It is intuitive, and it has a lot of new features to ensure that your laptop is optimized and secure.

The all new AI mode learns how your laptop works and cleans and optimizes it for you. Another new feature, the Startup Optimizer, uses a larger database to manage all of your startup items so that your laptop boots up quickly.

ACS summary

In addition, the new System Protection, browser protection, and Private Data Protection will provide your laptop with comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, phishing scams, cryptocurrency mining attacks, suspicious emails, homepage and engine modifications, annoying ads, unauthorized access to your sensitive data, your digital fingerprint, and other online risks.

These are just some of the ways that this software optimizes and protects your laptop.

In addition to the new features in this version, Advanced SystemCare improves other features. It has an enhanced Junk File Clean and Privacy Sweep that cleans up your junk files and privacy traces more deeply and thoroughly.

It also has an improved Performance Monitor that allows you to monitor your laptop’s RAM/CPU/Disk Usage. It also helps you monitor the temperature of your CPU, GPU, and mainboard. It monitors your fan speed in real time, and it lets you end processes that are using too much RAM, CPU, and Disk space so that your PC speeds up.

Another feature that is improved is Turbo Boost, which is optimized to use intelligence to stop unnecessary startup items, apps, and services to increase the boot speed.

It has an enhanced Software Updater, which updates your programs to the latest version for further security.

It rebuilds and improves more than 10 tools, including Win Fix, Smart RAM, Internet Booster, large File Finder, Disk Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, File Shredder, Undelete, FaceID, and DNS Protector.

This works to clean up and optimize your laptop so that it performs better. This software will help you optimize and unlock the potential of your laptop so that it is faster and has greater security when you use it.

What’s New in the Latest Version?

ACS tools

The latest version has a lot of features that allow this software to clean up and optimize your laptop, including the following:

  • New AI mode learns your laptop and provides solutions to clean it up and speed it up.
  • New User Interface provides a more intuitive experience.
  • Software Health uses one click to update 33% more of outdated programs.
  • New Startup Optimizer enlarges your database by 42% and adds detection for shortcuts and links. It adds better overall management of startup items and faster boot up.
  • Supports detecting antivirus and firewall status and enables them directly.
  • New Disk Check detects and repairs disk errors in one click.
  • Enhanced Junk File Clean and Privacy Sweep gives you higher privacy security and 002Aregains more disk space.
  • Strengthened Registry Clean cleans up 10% more invalid entries to give you faster system response.
  • Optimized Surfing Protection extension and expanded database by 8% for more secure and smoother browsing.
  • Four percent larger database of Anti-Spyware for a more secure system.
  • Added support for Microsoft Edge (Chromium) in Browser Protection, Spyware Removal, Privacy Sweep, Internet Boost, and Security Reinforce.
  • Launching and scanning algorithms are optimized for faster launch and response.
  • Enhanced disk cleaner to release more disk space.
  • Cloned File Scanner adds a feature for File Preview.
  • Supports 37 languages.

The latest version is packed with features that will improve your laptop performance. It has features that will clean your computer, get rid of junk files, update out of date programs, and more. These features are part of the latest version that was released on October 22, 2020.

How to Use This App for Better Performance

ACS Speed up

When you use Advanced SystemCare to clean up and optimize your laptop, you can open the app and select the features that you want to use. You can also select all of them and let it go through each one.

On the main page, you will see a number of options, and you can select those that you want to do and click on Scan. It will quickly go through them and optimize your laptop. The artificial intelligence allows the software to learn your habits so that it can do the job quickly.

Final Words

Advanced SystemCare is an all-in-one program that is designed to improve your laptop’s performance by speeding it up. It uses AI to learn how to check your computer for viruses, and it ensures that your computer is safe and up to date. When you use this software, you can have confidence that your laptop will operate at its best.

This version is improved across the board, and it eliminates all of the files and processes that slow down your computer. The end result is that your computer is faster and operates more efficiently. It is easy to use with one click applications, and it improves your security.

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