Is GTX 1080 Still Good in 2022? (Here are the Alternatives)

If you ask someone to name only one well-known GPU made by Nvidia, they’ll probably say GTX 1080. It was ahead of its time when it was released, and it outperformed previous generations.

However, GPUs have come a long way, with Nvidia’s own RTX lineup crushing the competition in the GPU market. But now that RTX cards are the norm, many people wonder, “Will the GTX 1080 be old by 2022?”

The short answer is no. Even after so many years, it’s not old because it can play even the most demanding games at around 80 FPS on high settings. It’s getting a little bit old, though.

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about the GTX 1080 and why it isn’t outdated. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Brief Overview of GTX 1080

The GeForce GTX 1080 was Nvidia’s first Pascal generation GPU, and it was a huge success. This was primarily due to the incredible performance boost it provided, as it was capable of running most 1440p games at over 60 FPS.

Even now, it’s still one of the best graphics cards for playing games at high resolutions like 1440p and 4k. However, 1080p is recommended for gaming with the GTX 1080.

nvidia geforce gtx 1080
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080

Because of its high performance, it is more expensive than many other cards. Similar to GTX 1070 Ti, RTX 2070 is GTX 1080’s closest competitor.

This is mostly because the Turing graphics card has RTX, DLSS, and other features that all work slightly better and are still affordable.

Here are some technical details about the GTX 1080 to help you understand its capabilities:

GPU code namePascal GP104
Release Date27 May 2016
Launch Price (MSRP)$599
CUDA cores2560
Core clock speed1733Mhz
Transistors7.2 billion
TDP180 Watt
Texture fill rate277.3
Bus supportPCle 3.0
Length26.7  cm
Height11.1 cm
PSU500 Watt
Memory typeGDDR5
Maximum RAM5 GB
Memory bus width256 bit
Memory clock speed10 GB/s
Memory bandwidth320 GB/s
DirectX12 (12_1)
Shader Model6.4

As you can see, even though it was released so long ago, the GTX 1080 is still quite high-end. That just proves it isn’t obsolete, at least not yet.

Is GTX 1080 Outdated?

Well, as I already said, no.

GTX 1080 is a bit old, but it’s still a good card. The GTX 1080 is still capable of running newer games at 1080p or 1440p resolutions.

It can do all of this at over 60 frames per second most of the time, so it’s clear that the GTX 1080 isn’t obsolete. But it’s a bit old and doesn’t have RTX.

But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s really good, and considering how old it is, the GTX 1080 is impressive.

GTX 1080 Performance

When it comes to gaming, GTX 1080 is amazing. Even though it’s a little bit old, it has 8GB of VRAM, which is plenty even by today’s standards.

It will give you more than 80 FPS when gaming in 1080p, and it will stay above 60 even when playing very demanding games with high graphics settings.

GTX 1080 isn’t recommended for 4k gaming because most games can only run at 30 FPS. But you can change some settings or turn down your graphics to get more than 30 FPS.

On the other hand, less demanding games like shooters offer over 100 FPS at both 1080p and 1440p resolutions. 4k works fine, too, with an average frame rate of 60 FPS. So, it’s not hard to see that the GTX 1080 works well.

GTX 1080 FPS Benchmark

To put their performance in context, here’s an FPS comparison of the GTX 1080 in a few popular games—

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Medium 1080p92
High 1080p83
Ultra 1080p63
4K / 1440p33

Battlefield 5

Medium 1080p166
High 1080p142
Ultra 1080p123
Ultra 1440p98
Ultra 4k53

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Medium 1080p134
High 1080p113
High 1440p74
High 4k42

Far Cry 5

Medium 1080p113
High 1080p104
Ultra 1440p77
Ultra 4k42

Far Cry New Dawn

Medium 1080p111
High 1080p108
Ultra 1080p98
Ultra 1440p82
Ultra 4k47

Forza Horizon 4

Medium 1080p140
High 1080p137
Ultra 1080p112
Ultra 1440p93
Ultra 4k65

Red Dead Redemption 2

Medium 1080p96
High 1080p53
High 1440p35
4K / 1440p21

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

High 1080p108
Ultra 1080p98
High 1440p64
4K / 1440p32

Metro Exodus

High 1080p74
High 1440p45
High 4k28

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

High 1080p74
Ultra 1080p81
High 1440p56

As you can see, the GTX 1080 is great at 1080p and 1440p, but it struggles a bit at 4k. However, with a few tweaks, you should be able to run 4k just fine. Still, you shouldn’t use a GTX 1080 for 4k because it wasn’t made for it.

On average, the GTX 1660 can get 129 FPS at 1080p, 80 FPS at 1440p, and 59 FPS at 4k. It’s great for gaming at 1080p and 1440p.

Can You Stream With a GTX 1080?

Yes, but that depends on the resolution. It can be used for smooth streaming if you are streaming in 1080p resolution. The GPU delivers high framerates, and streaming isn’t affected significantly.

But if you stream at 1440p and play high-end games, the performance might not be great. But even in 1440p, you can play less demanding games like shooters without any problems.

If you play higher-end games, such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey at 4K, you will notice a significant performance decrease. This is due to the GTX 1080’s inability to handle 4k even without streaming.

So, because 1080p is best for GTX 1080, it’s only recommended to stream at that resolution, and 1440p can still be smooth if you’re streaming shooters or low-demanding games.

Is the GTX 10-Series Outdated?

Just like GTX 1080 isn’t old, neither are any of the other cards in the GTX 10 series. It can still work great for you and provide good performance.

It isn’t outdated yet, but the performance and price of the older generation 10-series GPUs are being pushed out by newer generations of GPUs.

For example, the Nvidia RTX graphics cards have great performance for how much they cost. So, the 10-series could be out of date in about 4–5 years, when games will likely need more powerful video cards.

A good example of this is the RTX 2080, which isn’t so new anymore but still gives huge performance boosts compared to some GTX 10-series cards. So the GTX 10-series isn’t yet outdated, even if it will be in the future.

Why is GTX 1080 Still Expensive?

The GTX 1080 is so expensive because it has been out of production since 2019.

Nvidia stopped making 10-series cards so that their RTX 20-series cards, which are better in almost every way, could take over the market. Some retailer sites still have GTX 1080, but most of them have been sold or replaced.

As a result, getting a brand new GTX 1080 is nearly impossible now, as it is out of stock and production. Even if you manage to get one, it’s probably renewed.

Renewed products are almost always used, and it is impossible to tell how heavily they were used. You either get a new card that is almost perfect or an old card that has been used for years.

Is GTX 1080 Discontinued?

Sadly, that’s true. After the release of the next generation RTX GPUs, specifically the RTX 2070 and 2080, the GTX 1080 was discontinued.

Nvidia decided to discontinue the GTX 1080 lineup because these RTX GPUs cost roughly the same as the GTX 1080 and perform significantly better. It’s unfortunate, but a good business moves forward by selling only the best product to its customers.

You can still find a GTX 1080 at garage sales and sites like eBay that sell used items. If you really want one, keep an eye out for it—you might just find it at a reasonable price!

Is GTX 1080 Worth It?

No, that is not the case.

The GTX 1080 is no longer worth it because you can get a better GPU for the same price, and because it’s been out of production since 2019, it’s now extremely expensive.

However, there is still a high demand for GTX 1080 cards, causing prices to exceed $800 in some cases. By then, you could have bought an RTX 2080, which is better value for money and performs better.

Even though it’s rare, you can still sometimes find a GTX 1080 for around $500. Even so, it’s not worth it because an RTX 2060 Super would be better and value for the money.

Overall, it’s no longer worth it, and there are cheaper alternatives available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can GTX 1080 Run VR?

Yes! GTX 1080 is a great choice for virtual reality because it can run VR games and regular games. So, GTX 1080 is a great choice if you want to play VR games at 1080p or 1440p.

Is the GTX 1080 good for 1440p 144Hz gaming?

Yes, depending on the game. Even if you lower the settings, super demanding graphics-focused games will not perform well with the GTX 1080 while maintaining 144 fps. If you want 144 FPS on 1440p, you should play lower-end games or lower your settings.

Should I get a GTX 1080 Ti instead?

It might be exciting to think about getting a better version of the card, but it’s not a good idea. You should not upgrade to a GTX 1080 Ti because it has the same issue as the non-Ti version in terms of production being halted. It would be hard and expensive to find a GTX 1080 Ti, and by the time you did, you could have gotten a better graphics card.

Can GTX 1080 Run 4K?

Yes, but only just. When it comes to 4k gaming, the GTX 1080 isn’t so great, especially since newer games require more powerful graphics cards. Although running 4k with the GTX 1080 is not recommended, it can run most games at around 30 fps.

What Does “Super” Mean on a GTX Graphics Card?

To simply put, “super” means that it is a model in between the “normal” version and the “Ti” version. This means it will have more CUDA cores than the regular version, which will make it better for gaming.


If someone asks you if the GTX 1080 is outdated, you should be able to respond quickly. GTX 1080 isn’t old yet, and it can still be used for up to 5 years or until more demanding games come out that need more powerful GPUs.

Even now, the GTX 1080 is great for gaming at 1080p and 1440p, but since it hasn’t been made for so long, the prices make it not worth it.

Because it’s only available on retailer websites, where they could sell it for up to $800. And on top of that, you can’t even tell if they are selling renewed or used cards. Therefore, it is not completely outdated, but neither is it particularly valuable.

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