4 Tricks To Unblock Geo-Restricted Content From Anywhere

Geo-restricted content is a well-known concept for anyone who is using streaming services or any other online content platforms. It refers to limiting or blocking users from accessing the content based on their geographic locations. In simpler words, you would have seen sites that are not accessible or blocked in your region, which is due to geo-restrictions.

The simplest example of the same is channels like Disney Plus, Hulu, and such others that are only accessible from specific regions. However, you can access it with a VPN. Like a VPN that works with Disney Plus can be one of the best ways to bypass geo-restrictions. But this is not the only way of bypassing geo-restricted content. Let’s keep this talk for a bit later. Let’s first see what the reasons for these geo-restrictions are.

Reasons for Geo-Restricted Content

There are many different reasons for the geo-restrictions of content, and here are some of them.

1. The Nature of Content Against the Policies of Government

Well, surely you have to see if the content you are trying to access is allowed by your government or not. Such as the Chinese government has banned Facebook for different reasons, and thus from within China, you cannot access Facebook. These legal restrictions become a hindrance for accessing the content, and thus, multiple sites are blocked in a specific region.

2. Copyrights Agreements

Usually, what you see on Netflix is from different content creators, and this is one of the other reasons for geo-restricted content. Usually, we see different libraries of Netflix from different regions, and that happens because content creators allow Netflix to only distribute their created content in specific regions. It makes users to be restricted from viewing or accessing the content.

3. Licensing Rights

One of the challenges that content distributors have to face is licensing rights. They need to acquire licensing rights before they can make the content available in certain regions. This becomes another reason for geo-restricted content.

4 Tricks to Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Unblock Geo-Restricted Content

The field of technology has cured almost every challenge that could possibly be posted in the way of users, and so is the case with geo-restricted content. According to our analysis, we have explored these 4 tricks to be effective for bypassing geo-restrictions.

1. Virtual Private Network (VPNs)

VPNs, as discussed above, are the best way to bypass geo-restrictions. VPNs mask your IP address and connect you to a server from your desired location. Such as if you want to access Disney Plus with a VPN, you can connect to a US server for it. However, one thing that you should keep in mind here is that you should buy premium VPNs instead of using free VPNs as premium VPNs offer more servers and ensure no IP and DNS leaks. Here you can read the detailed comparison of VPN that works with Disney Plus.

2. Proxy Servers

A proxy server is considered to be the middleman between the site you are accessing and your device. Proxy servers have their designated IP address, and they use the same to redirect you to the geo-restricted content. However, at times they are caught by major content streaming platforms because of their limited server or IP addresses.

3. Tor Browser

A tor browser is just like any other browser that you use, but it is specifically for getting to any site that is geo-restricted in your region. It has the ability to unblock onion sites, but it is not usually safe. If you are using this browser, your data can be exposed to third parties.

4. Smart DNS

Domain Name System or commonly known as DNS creates domain names, like Facebook readable. Imagine if every time you wanted to go to Facebook, you’d have to type in a long sequence of numbers instead of a short, 8-letter name. You have to thank DNS for making it easier.

This Smart DNS changes your DNS server from your local server to the server based in another country and this way you can access the site that you wish. However, many site can block the DNS in that case you should try Smart DNS or DNS changes.


These four ways could be useful to access the geo-restricted content from anywhere; however, the best way that we can recommend you is to use a VPN. Though it might cost you a little price, it is the fastest, safest, and the best way to get to any content that is geo-restricted in your region.

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