Can I Use 4GB and 8GB RAM Together?

The more RAM a PC has, the smoother it runs. There’s no downside to attaching more RAM to your PC. However, different computers have different limitations on how much RAM they can handle.

The answer to the question mentioned in the title is quite complicated because all processors can’t handle a 12 GB RAM PC. Nonetheless, most present generation CPUs can handle 4GB and 8GB RAM.

If you ask generally, the answer is yes; a PC can handle 4GB and 8GB RAM together as long as it has two slots available. It’s also worth mentioning that a PC has no problem maintaining two different RAM sizes and they don’t conflict with each other’s tasks either. They form a 12GB RAM collectively and work smoother.

Conditions to Install A 4GB & 8GB RAM Together

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are a few conditions for using both 4GB and 8GB RAM together. As long as your PC fulfills the criteria mentioned below, you can install both 4GB and 8GB RAM without further problems.

Processor Handling

All processors (CPUs) have limited space for utilizing the RAM. For example, an old-generation Intel Core i3 processor can’t fully utilize 12GB of DDR3 RAM because of limited utilization. On the other hand, Intel Core i5, i7, or i9 can utilize the full strength of both 4GB and 8GB RAM like DDR4 or DDR5 as their limits are higher.

Slot Check

This condition is usually based on laptops with fewer or no extra slots at all. So, it’s essential to check your laptop or desktop for 2 open slots to install the 4GB and 8GB RAM. In addition to that, some laptops have one open and one closed slot. Depending on the closed slot’s RAM, you can use the empty slot to put your desired RAM size.

Motherboard Demand

Motherboards are designed to process a certain form of memory type, which varies from PC to PC. It should be able to support your RAM type because different motherboards require different types of RAM. For example, a DDR4 support motherboard can’t run DDR3 RAM and vice versa.

RAM Types

In addition to the same type of RAM that the motherboard supports, the 4GB and 8GB RAM you want to use must be of the same type. A DDR3 RAM will conflict with a DDR5 RAM and one of them won’t support the motherboard. So, remember to buy the same type of RAM for both 4GB and 8GB.

How Do 4GB and 8GB RAM Work Together?

As long as your processor supports the RAM types, there will be no problem for the PC to fully utilize the dual-RAM power.

It’s quite simple; the 4GB and 8GB RAM will collectively form a 12 GB RAM to complete tasks faster. You can also check the RAM output using different applications.

However, please keep in mind that adding 12GB of RAM in total doesn’t mean your PC will run your desired tasks using the total output of the RAM. For example, Windows 10 takes up half of the memory involved in a 12GB RAM to run PC processes in the background. In truth, you’ll be using about 6GB of RAM from the collective 12GB RAM for your desired tasks.

Nonetheless, your PC will run faster and smoother than before. Many people change or increase their RAM supply when the PC gets slow or lags frequently. As a result, 4GB and 8GB RAM can improve your CPU speed, eliminate application crashes, and complete more tasks at a time.

Is 12GB RAM Worth It?

In the present PC generation, 12 GB RAM is the sufficient amount of RAM necessary to complete all forms of tasks smoothly. Since the release of Windows 10, 4GB RAM isn’t enough to get total output from the processors. 8GB RAM is good, but 12GB RAM is better.

Some may argue that 16GB RAM is sufficient. That’s because running high-end AAA games requires a lot of memory. Due to the high requirements of these games, some games may occasionally lag on 12GB RAM PCs. Not to worry, you can fix the lag in high-end games by reducing the resolution to low or medium.

Final Words

Using 4GB and 8GB RAM together is an excellent choice for the present generation of PCs, but it will become necessary to upgrade to higher RAM sizes in the next 6-7 years.

That won’t be a problem for laptops since they last 6-7 years max. It’s worth mentioning that RAM wears out, too, depending on its type.

So, the answer to the question if you can use 4GB and 8GB RAM together is affirmative as long as you meet the criteria mentioned above.

And yes, it’s an excellent choice to add additional RAM to your laptop or desktop so that you can run your applications smoothly.

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