Where Can I Sell My Laptop

If you own a laptop, have you ever asked yourself the question, “where can I sell my laptop?” If you want to sell your laptop for the highest price, you need to know what it is worth. So, in this detailed guide, we will discuss the best places to advertise your laptop for sale and how to find how much to sell your laptop for.

One very important thing that you need to consider when you are selling your laptop is that you will not be able to sell it for the price you paid for it – even if you have only owned it for a short period of time. 

This is because electronic equipment loses value the minute it is used. In addition to this, new laptop models are hitting the shelves all of the time. These machines usually have higher specifications and are just better than your current laptop.

You may be disappointed to learn that your laptop will not be worth anywhere near the amount you paid for it brand-new. Of course, we understand this, but it is just the way that things are these days. New cars depreciate fast, as do other electronic gadgets such as smartphones, TVs, game consoles, music equipment, and more.

What’s The Best Place To Sell My Laptop?

Let’s assume that you have purchased a new laptop and you have transferred your important files from the old one to the new one. What are you going to do with your old laptop now? You could keep it as a spare or give it to another person who could use it.

Another option is to sell it. This will help to recover some of the money that you have spent on your new machine. Some companies will give you “instant cash” for your laptop, and you can find plenty of these online. However, we do not recommend that you do this because it is very unlikely that you will get the best price for your laptop.

These companies purchase second-hand laptops for rock bottom prices and then sell them for a profit. In a way, it is like trading in a used car for a new one. The dealer needs to make a profit from your used car, so the price they offer you will be on the low side.

We recommend that you sell your laptop privately. There are always plenty of people that are looking for a bargain. You are much more likely to get a better price for your laptop if you sell it to another individual. Companies that resell laptops are never going to give you a good price. Laptop owners use these companies if they are desperate for cash.

Before you sell your laptop, you need to get it ready for sale. First, you need to clean your laptop as a dirty machine will not command a high price. Second, if you purchased the laptop new, you hopefully kept all of the manuals and other accessories that came with it.

Do not sell your laptop with some of your personal files on it. We recommend that you either delete these or back them up somewhere, such as on your new machine or in the cloud. It is a good idea to keep the operating system on the machine as few potential buyers will want to install this from scratch. The same goes for applications.

Here are the best three places to sell your used laptop:


Craigslist.org has been around for many years and it can be a great place to sell your laptop. If you live in the United States, you will find that you can advertise your laptop locally on Craigslist. When you are selling your machine on Craigslist, you need to think about safety.

As a laptop is a portable device, we recommend that you arrange to meet prospective purchasers in a public place. Make sure that you describe the condition of your laptop properly. If you say that it is in perfect condition and it isn’t, you are unlikely to make a sale. Ask the buyer to pay with cash.


eBay.com is another classic website that has been around for a very long time. There are laptops and computers sold on eBay all of the time. If someone wants to purchase a used laptop, eBay is often the first place that they will look.

You can run an auction for your laptop. First, decide what your reserve price will be (the lowest price you will accept). As an eBay member, you are provided with all of the tools you need to promote your laptop auction. If you are just selling your used laptop, then there will not be a fee for listing. 

With eBay, you can sell your laptop to someone in another part of the country or even another country. There is some great advice on eBay about shipping. When someone purchases your machine from another part of the country, they will want to know the shipping fees and how long they will have to wait to receive the laptop.

Facebook Marketplace

You may not be aware of this, but Facebook offers a local marketplace feature where you can advertise your laptop for sale. Usually, you will find the marketplace link on the left-hand side of your main page. 

You need to add photographs of your laptop and describe its specification and condition. If someone is interested, then they will contact you using Facebook Messenger. As with Craigslist, we suggest that you meet in a public place and never hand over your laptop without payment.

How much should I Sell My Laptop?

You must determine the value of your used laptop before you advertise it for sale. The first thing to do here is to look at the specifications of your machine. Here are the most important things that you need to consider:

  • The brand of the laptop: A laptop that is from a well-known manufacturer such as HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, Sony, Lenovo etc., is going to be more valuable than an unbranded machine.
  • What is the exact model number: There may be a sticker that tells you this, or you can usually find it on the bottom of your laptop.
  • What kind of processor does it have: Multi-core processors will be worth more than a single core. Intel processors are usually more valuable than AMD processors.
  • What is the storage capacity and the type of your internal storage: A laptop with an SSD will be more valuable than one with an HDD. The more storage you have, the higher price you can ask.
  • How much RAM does your laptop have: Again, the more the better. It is also useful to know the type of RAM that your machine has e.g. DDR4.
  • Type and size of your laptop display:  Laptops with larger displays usually sell for higher prices
  • What video card is on your laptop: If you have a video card on your laptop rather than an integrated card, this will be worth more.

A lot of people will upgrade the internal storage and the RAM with their laptop. As laptops get older, they need increased RAM for better performance. Hard drives go wrong or run out of space, so if you have upgraded your hard drive, this is a good thing. A laptop with an SSD is usually worth more than one that has an HDD.

The best way to determine your laptop’s worth is to go by the type of processor it has. A reasonably good laptop with a Core i3-type processor will likely fetch anything from $30 to $120. For an i5 type laptop, the price can be from $120 to $500. Laptops with i7 processors are the most valuable starting from $300 and going up to $1,500.

Final Words

It is not difficult to sell your laptop if you want to do this. Sell it privately to get the best price and use either Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to promote it locally or eBay to sell it nationwide. Take good photographs of your machine and calculate the price considering the specification and condition of your machine.

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