5 Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Mac to Pack

Tired of having to use incompatible or peripherals with your Mac? Or are you just looking for a new keyboard & mouse kit for your computer? Well, don’t worry.

The solution for any of these problems is the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo for Mac on this list.

We’re going over 5 different wireless models that will make your Mac much more practical and easy to use.

If you’ve been struggling to find the right peripherals, then this article will come like a gem. Here, you’ll learn everything there’s to know about wireless keyboards, mice, and much more.

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Mac

Let’s get directly into the action with our reviews. You will find 5 high-quality models that we think are totally worth considering. Want to know why? Then read up!

1. Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse Combo - Includes Keyboard and Mouse, Long Battery Life, Ergonomic Wave Design - Black

We’ll start with a brand that always makes it into peripherals list: Logitech. And with the MK550, you will get a top-notch keyboard and mouse combo for Mac that won’t disappoint.

It all starts with a Constant Curve layout. This shape helps to achieve a much more comfortable operation. You won’t have to feel your wrists or hands tired after some time working on the computer. And it all happens thanks to the integrated palm rests that won’t let your wrists touch the desk.

The entire keyboard is perfectly responsive and makes typing a piece of cake even for the eldest of users.

Yet, it is the super-precise laser mouse that stands out the most. You will get the MK510 battery with the mouse, ideal for getting up to 3 years of battery capacity. Along with the K350 keyboard battery, you can achieve several years of reliable work with these peripherals.

All of these pairs up well with one of the most straightforward installations in the market. You can make this combo work with any macOS computer. The devices will work at the first connection with their perfect plug-n-play system.

It will have much better compatibility with Windows-based systems, but it won’t let you down with Mac.

If you’re willing to give this combo a try, you won’t be disappointed. Decently priced and exceptional results make this wireless kit a perfect option to go for.


  • Long-lasting and reliable batteries
  • Super responsive keyboard
  • Comfortable wrist-rests
  • Extra-precise laser mouse


  • Some keys won’t work in macOS
  • Key marks start to rub off after weeks of use

2. Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

If you want the most convenient & comfortable combo to use with your Mac, then the Dell KM117 won’t be a bad choice.

This high-quality model takes simplicity to a whole new level so you can enjoy a decluttered Mac operation.

With the small design with a simple layout, you will have the chance to type smoothly and with tons of comfort. The entire keyboard is responsive, which makes it even easier to achieve high productivity with no hassle.

Let’s not forget that the mouse is also super practical. It is small but comes with a standard design that fits in anyone’s hands as smoothly as a strawberry.

Operating your computer with these two peripherals will be a piece of cake. But it will also be more practical thanks to the 10-meter wireless capacity. You won’t have any issue with handling your computer from far away.

And to make this combo even better, you will get an exceptional plug & play system. Yes, you won’t have to do anything to make these peripherals work. Just hook them up to your Mac, and they should start working right away.

You will need AA batteries for the keyboard and AAA batteries for the mouse. This will not be the most convenient thing, but good enough to make it easy to power up.

If you appreciate small and simple devices, then you will find this combo an almost perfect choice.


  • Small & simple design for tidiness
  • Easy operation with smooth keys & design
  • Excellent wireless capability with 10-meter range
  • Practical plug-n-play function


  • Mouse won’t track well in glass
  • Flat keyboard keys can be hard to type with

3.    Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo

Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo - Full-sized Keyboard with Palm Rest and Comfortable Right-Handed Mouse

Coming back with Logitech, we now meet the MK345 Wireless Combo – the best Apple keyboard you can pick.

What makes this kit so fantastic is the size and the super comfortable design of both the keyboard & mouse.

Let’s start with the mouse this time and tell you how amazing it is. As you know, small mice are often overlooked. But this time you won’t dismiss it – this mouse offers the chance to glide smoothly on any surface, use it from up to 10 meters away, and still enjoy 1000 DPI of exceptional responsiveness.

As for the keyboard, you won’t be disappointed either. It all starts with a full-sized layout with all the keys you need. Then, you’ll find a super comfortable wrist rest, so you won’t have to tire your hands off.

The keys are not flat like other models, which makes the whole keyboard a piece of cake to use. On top of that, it is large but small enough to fit in any backpack or bag.

As for the battery, you can get 3 years of life on your keyboard and up to 2 years with the mouse. But they both work with a 2.4Ghz band that makes them precise and exceptionally responsive.

For those who appreciate a comfy keyboard and an unbeatably precise mouse – then this kit will come like the perfect choice.


  • Easy-to-use keyboard layout & keys
  • Comfortable wrist rest keyboard design
  • Small & practical mouse design
  • Incredibly precise & responsive mouse
  • Long-lasting battery lives


  • Keyboard & mouse use different batteries
  • The keyboard can be louder than expected

4. Jelly Comb Ultra Thin Wireless Keyboard Mouse

Wireless Keyboard Mouse, Jelly Comb 2.4GHz Ultra Thin Compact Portable Small Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set for PC, Desktop, Computer, Notebook, Laptop, Windows XP/Vista / 7/8 / 10 (Silver)

One of the most overlooked brands in the market, but undoubtedly one of the best as well. Jelly Comb presents an excellent keyboard & mouse combo with its ultra-thin model.

As you can guess, this combo stands out for the super-thin design that makes it a piece of cake to travel with. But not only that, they also save lots of space wherever you’re using them, which helps to achieve even more convenience.

The keyboard is the one that’s the thinnest, but also pretty short. It doesn’t come with a Num Pad entirely which reduces its practicality a little, but this also means that it is even smaller for extra handiness.

The mouse doesn’t stay behind. It offers 3 different DPI levels from 800 to 1600, so you can achieve all kinds of performances. You won’t have any problem using this mouse for any type of activity you want and still receive top-notch results.

They both work with a 2.4Ghz connection, ideal for exceptional responsiveness. Yet, it is the chance to work at up to 10 meters away that makes them outstandingly useful.

Apart from all that, they are still made with reliable materials, including silicone. This ensures that no spill or moisture can damage your keyboard or mouse, so you can achieve several years of use without problems.

The thin and short design, superb connectivity, and top-notch responsiveness make sure you’re always happy with this combo. This is one of those products that you will never regret buying.


  • Super small & thin design for portability
  • High-quality waterproof build with silicone
  • Highly responsive 1600 DPI mouse
  • Excellent connectivity with 2.4Ghz band
  • Seamless & straightforward installation


  • The keyboard doesn’t come with Num Pad
  • The keyboard is noisier than expected

5. Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 (PT3-00001)

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 (PT3-00001)

Everyone loves a well-made set of peripherals, especially when they are from Microsoft. And of course, the PT3 900 is not an exception.

This set comes with a super sleek and thin keyboard along with an extra comfortable mouse. Together, they make your Mac operation a piece of cake.

The first thing you’ll notice is the ambidextrous design. It allows right and left-handed people to work with the combo effortlessly. Yet, it is the AES Encryption System that highlights how great this combo is. Here, you will prevent anyone from ever knowing what you type or click – which adds tons of safety.

The keyboard and mouse are still extra precise and responsive. You won’t have to make much of an effort to make them do what you want.

Apart from that, their batteries tend to last a lot of time. You can get 2 years of life from each device, using two AAA batteries on the keyboard and two AA on the mouse.

They make Mac way easier to use. But they also add the layer of safety that everyone loves to enjoy in their devices.

In short, it takes everything into consideration so you can achieve the most comfortable, convenient, and secure experience with your Mac. You won’t have any problem enjoying your computer to the max with this combo.


  • Smooth & soft keyboard keys
  • Ultra-comfortable mouse design
  • Exceptional AES safety system for hack prevention
  • The energy-efficient system makes batteries last
  • Top-notch mouse precision & keyboard responsiveness


  • Not fully compatible with Mac
  • Lack of Caps Lock light makes it inconvenient

What to Consider Before Buying a Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

If you want the best combo for your Mac, it is essential to go over the right factors before buying. Here are some of these factors:


The first thing you’ll want is the right size. A wireless combo needs to be easily transportable everywhere you go, so it needs to fit in the smallest bag possible.

A Mac mini mouse and keyboard shouldn’t have any trouble fixing inside your laptop backpack or carrying bag. If they don’t, they’re probably not the most portable peripherals you could have chosen.

The most portable the devices are, the more convenient they will be – so the more you will enjoy them.


You will want a set of keyboard & mouse that fits well with your system. Here, you’ll have to consider whether they go well with Windows, Mac, and so on. You will also have to make sure that they connect using 2.4Ghz connection at least, the most reliable & fast after 5Ghz.

As long as the set matches well with your Mac and doesn’t have any problem connecting again and again, then you won’t have any issue.


There’s nothing more important than getting a nice set of peripherals that respond well to your needs. Here, you will need the smoothest keyboard typing experience, as well as the most precise and traction-oriented mouse.

To do that, make sure the keyboard handles consistent typing well. It should resist hours of typing without missing keys.

As for the mouse, you’ll want something with as many DPI as possible. Here, we recommend at least 800 DPI for a decent experience. If you can get something with at least 1600 DPI, then you’re going for a top-notch product.


Finally, make sure both the keyboard and the mouse fit well on your hands. You’ll want never to be tired of using them, no matter when, where, or how.

For that, we always go for keyboards with wrist rests. They make the whole keyboard operation a lot more comfortable.

And for mouse, they should be as ergonomic as possible. Not the largest or the smallest mouse, and they should fit comfortably on your hand.

Choose your peripherals following this, and you’ll have no problem getting the right combo.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know it can be a little confusing trying to find the best wireless combo for your Mac in so little time. And that could bring some doubts. To relieve those doubts, here are some questions to consider:

1. Will a Windows-based keyboard & mouse combo work on my Mac?

Yes, most peripherals work on all devices without problems. We recommend configuring the macOS settings to recognize universal devices to make it easy to use this type of combo.

2. Is a Num Pad on a wireless keyboard necessary?

Yes, and no, it all depends on your needs. If you are a heavy calculator user or someone who’s accustomed to the Num Pad, then it will be difficult not to have it. But if you aren’t too fond of the Num Pad, then you won’t have any problem if your keyboard doesn’t have one.

3. What can I do if my wireless keyboard & mouse don’t connect to the Mac?

First, check that the devices have proper battery life (or any battery at all). Then, check that you have the dongle or wireless adapter connected to your Mac. Proceed by configuring the Mac to accept wireless devices. And finally, turn on the devices if needed. This should troubleshoot the problem.

4. How many years can the batteries of wireless peripherals last?

They can last between 6 months up to 2 or 3 years, depending on how much you use them. Mice tend to drain batteries faster than keyboards.

5. Will the weight of wireless keyboard & mouse, make a difference?

Not necessarily. If you pick the right size and design, the weight will match your needs by default.

Final Words & Recommendation

Even though all the combos in this article are worth considering, there’s a single product that we think shouldn’t be ignored.

And that is the Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo. This set comes with a super comfortable keyboard, super responsive multi-DPI mouse, and the most long-lasting batteries out there. You won’t have any problem enjoying this set to the max.

But still remember that the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo for Mac is not the one that seems better, but the ones that fit best with your demands. That’s what you should go for.

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