Is 4GB RAM Enough for You?

RAM (Random Access Memory) is an essential component of a PC. Unlike other metaphors, more RAM is always better for the PC to function smoothly; there’s no downside to adding more RAM.

In the present decade of computing, 4GB RAM is the least amount of RAM found on a desktop or laptop.

The amount is not too good or bad to be precise, because it all depends on the demands of the user. Nevertheless, a 4GB RAM PC is ideally suited to writing documents and playing low-tier video games.

A Brief 4GB RAM Experience

Suppose you’re the owner of a glorified PC with 4GB RAM. You’ll be able to do daily tasks like writing documents, drawing, painting, streaming videos, etc.

Unfortunately, you’ll experience lags now and then. If you’re patient enough, you’ll be able to complete your tasks or play low-tier single-player games.

Next, you’ll have problems with the Windows software because, in the present generation of Windows 10 and 11, any PC with only 4GB RAM will crash and slow down quickly. Windows takes up half of the total memory leaving only 2 GB or less for the users assigned task.

It’s also important to mention that you’ll have difficulty using a core i5 processor with such low memory. On the other hand, core i3 will run just fine. In short, in a world with 32GB RAM PCs, a 4GB RAM PC is the last mark for running a PC without crashes.

4GB RAM Performance in Various Fields

4GB RAM is a specific type of memory that can perform less on its own, but when you attach more of them to a PC, they become superior. It’s simple math, but to answer the question of only a single 4GB RAM stick being enough for a PC, it depends on your demands. As a result, you can choose if it’s enough for you by learning about its performance in various fields.

4GB RAM for Streaming

Streaming videos on YouTube or Netflix won’t be any problem with a 4GB RAM PC. You can get up to 1080p video quality from your PC. There’s a moderate chance for your PC to lag from time to time because of streaming in HD. In such cases, it’s best to lower the streaming quality to 720p or lower.

4GB RAM for Gaming

4GB RAM is the optimal memory size for casual gamers only. You can play single-player and offline games smoothly using your PC. Most games you can play in the present decade will be before 2010, and most of them will be low-end video games. Adding a GPU can help you get a better gaming experience.

4GB RAM for Multitasking

A PC with a memory of only 4GB is not the best choice for multitasking. You will experience crashes and irritable lags from time to time. The situation worsens if you have a 4GB laptop because of the excess heat that reduces CPU output. Nonetheless, you can multitask using a 4GB RAM PC.

4GB RAM for Meetings

4GB RAM laptops or desktops are great for meetings if you don’t open too many programs while video chatting. It can connect to other devices and provide high-definition video quality. You can also experience lag if there are too many members in the meeting.

4GB RAM for Writing Documents

A 4GB RAM laptop is fully capable of writing documents, attaching photos, and providing suggestions while writing. Writing papers or calculating figures take up very few memory spaces resulting in fast and smooth task completion. It’s also great for social media since you can see all images and videos in HD.

4GB RAM for Live Streaming

Currently, live streaming has gone viral and most streamers are usually gamers. A 4GB RAM PC will frequently lag if you try to live stream while playing games. The best video quality you can provide is 240p to 480p. However, you can live stream smoothly if you’re not playing games or doing anything else on your PC.

4GB RAM Limitations

The current minimum memory necessary to perform all sorts of tasks is 8GB. For this reason, a 4GB RAM PC cannot perform some tasks because of limited memory space. This is also a huge reason why most people upgrade to 8GB or 16GB.

Photoshop & Video Editing

The minimum requirement for photo and video editing is a PC with Intel Core i5. To sum up, a Core i5 processor cannot utilize its full potential in only 4GB of memory space. This leads to crashing while trying to edit different videos and images. Other problems like CPU overheating can occur if you try to push your PC.

Graphics Designing

Graphics designing is a highly intricate job that requires a smooth PC. A 4GB RAM PC is simply not enough to run complicated software used for graphics designing. Again, some designing software is online and requires a stable internet connection to run. 4GB RAM can’t handle these complicated tasks at all.

Playing AAA Games

Even if you insert a high-end GPU into your 4GB RAM PC, it simply cannot run present generation games. The minimum requirement for such games is 8GB RAM which exceeds your CPU memory by leaps and bounds. So, you have to stick to playing the old low-end games with a 4GB RAM PC.

Final words

Everyone’s opinion matters. You can get different experience descriptions from other people. What truly matters is your opinion and the kind of experience you would like to gain from your PC.

Even though a 4GB RAM PC cannot do various tasks and slows down frequently, it accomplishes everyday work at a low price.

Honestly, 4GB RAM is not enough for a PC to accomplish the tasks of the present decade. The decision of if 4GB RAM is enough varies from person to person as their demands change.

Nonetheless, a 4GB RAM PC will be a slow but cost-effective PC that can complete everyday tasks with a few lags and crashes.

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