Is 8GB RAM Enough for You?

Computer tasks have gotten a lot more complicated in the last decade alone.

To keep up with the current technological advancements, 8GB RAM is the perfect benchmark memory size.

Be it laptop or desktop, the necessity of 8GB memory in the computer is a standard requirement that cannot be compromised.

The bigger the memory size of a PC, the smoother it can accomplish tasks. Presently, 8GB RAM is considered enough for achieving all kinds of tasks.

8GB RAM Desktop Vs. Laptop

Although 8GB RAM is great for all PCs, they work differently for desktops and laptops because of size ratio and other components.

In short, 8GB RAM works better on desktops than on a laptop because of the overheating. Not to mention the limited space to keep parts inside the laptop.

8GB RAM Desktop

A desktop that has 8GB RAM can run all the tasks smoothly. The sheer size of the CPU provides enough air ventilation, which cools the CPU constantly.

In addition to that, the ability to add a better cooling system to the CPU gives it a better edge compared to a laptop.

8GB RAM Laptop

When it comes to PC, size does matter. The CPU in a portable lightweight laptop has unchangeable mobile parts and is squeezed together. There’s almost no space to keep a fan or cooling system. Again, as the CPU is attached to the bottom of the laptop, it heats up which reduces the efficiency of the RAM and GPU.

8GB RAM Advantages

8GB of RAM in a PC means that you can do all the tasks smoother and faster than a PC with 4GB RAM or lower. Current PCs have Windows 10 and 11 installed into them, which cannot work properly unless you have 8GB RAM.

Many such advantages that you can get from an 8GB RAM are provided below:

Faster Browsing

Due to the high RAM capacity, you can browse faster and get faster results in seconds. Additionally, you can open many tabs on your desired browser and multitask without any fear of a crash or overheating. 8GB RAM is the optimal memory space to browse the fastest on the internet.

Lag Relief

You won’t have to deal with the continuous lag on your PC from using 4GB RAM or lower. You can multitask more than ever because of the larger memory size and comparatively faster task processing to make things even better.

Better Gaming

Most games require better graphics and memory to run. 8GB RAM is the optimum or minimal memory requirement for most games released in the present decade. You can also play your current games more smoothly. In short, having more RAM is always better for gaming.

Latest Photoshop Version

Photoshop requires more memory to run smoothly and function all of its components. You can run all the applications with 8GB RAM without any lag or crashes. However, the older versions with fewer editing tools can run on less than 8GB RAM PCs.

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Is 8GB RAM Enough

RAM suitability varies from user to user depending on their needs and expectations from their PC.

The more expectations you keep, the more RAM you need. It would be best to have a better CPU, GPU, and monitor, but that discussion is for another time. Now, you’re about to know the capabilities of an 8GB RAM PC in various fields.

8GB RAM in Editing

These photo and video editing have become more than just a hobby. It’s a form of employment nowadays, and expert editors have taken this skill to a whole new level. Anyone wishing to get acquainted with this skill needs to have at least 8GB of RAM to run the programs smoothly.

8GB RAM in Streaming

Streaming videos is no problem for an 8GB RAM. However, live streaming yourself while using complicated programs on the PC will require more than 8GB RAM. The PC can’t live record your activities smoothly, and you have to stream with low resolution.

8GB RAM in Gaming

The present optimal gaming memory is 8GB RAM, but some games may cause problems while running in it. The fps (frame per second) depend on your GPU as well as your RAM. Having 8GB RAM will cause lags and crashes in certain high-end video games. Nonetheless, lowering resolution will fix the lag problem.

8GB RAM in Office Works

All kinds of Office work including writing, PowerPoint presentation, printing, etc., will work well in an 8GB RAM PC. It can run tons of such documents and multitask while printing or projecting without any technical issues. Such programs can be run on 4GB RAM smoothly too, so 8GB is a bit of an overkill here.

Final Words

Finally, after including all kinds of activities you can do with a PC that has 8GB of RAM, it’s clear that 8GB RAM is the current benchmark for running tasks and multitasking smoothly on a PC. Even Windows 10 can’t run smoothly if you don’t have at least 8GB of RAM.

The current situation of the tech market is such that laptops with 4GB RAM and Windows 10 are being sold at large. Such laptops will force you to add another 4GB RAM costing you more than your budget. Be more careful while buying laptops, and buy the suitable RAM types for your desktop CPU.

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