Can You Play PC Games on a Laptop?

Assembled PCs for gaming can be quite a pinch in the pocket, so many gaming enthusiasts wonder if they can utilize a laptop for a quick, entertaining gaming session.

While it is undoubtedly possible to run PC games on laptops, and it doesn’t always take a high-end processor, the only difference is experience. 

But, like most things in life, there are hacks to fit in an average or non-gaming laptop to run a high-end game effortlessly. This article compiles everything you need to know to have a thrilling gaming experience, even on a regular processing laptop.

We will discuss quick hacks, a guide to game specs, integrated graphics, and how to make the most of a laptop for a fun and engaging gaming session. Read on to know more.

How to Check If Your Laptop Can Run A PC Game?

can you play pc games on a laptop

If you have already planned to switch to a laptop for PC gaming, it is an essential step to check your laptop’s specifications to know whether the game will run on your PC or not. But how will you check this pre-requisite? 

Every game requires some of the specifications your laptop must have. To check the specifications your game needs on your laptop, you may visit the developer’s website. With the help of those requirements, you can decide whether you will be able to play that game or not.

Another exciting way of finding the list of the game you can play on your laptop or not is with the help of System Requirement Lab. After clicking this link, it will download a small program on your device, which will tell you about the games you can play on your laptop.

To get to know your laptop’s specs, you can also visit Settings-> System -> About. There you will find the specifications your laptop has like its RAM, processor, clock speed, etc. With the help of all this information, you can determine whether to use your laptop for gaming or not.

Can You Play Games with A Non-Gaming laptop?

You might have a notion that most laptops can perform any task as simple as a PC, but this fact is true to a great extent. But still, when it comes to gaming, there are differences between the processing of PCs and laptops, especially the non-gaming ones. 

The reason behind categorizing laptops into gaming and non-gaming ones is that non-gaming laptops are majorly for official work, making presentations, programming, and generating reports. But they may not be ideal for gaming purposes.

It is advisable to play high-definition and high graphics games on a gaming laptop for a better user experience. 

Then again, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to play your favorite game on your non-gaming laptop. There is still a probability that you can use your non-gaming laptop for playing PC games on it. 

But there are also a few risks associated with loading heavy games on your non-gaming laptop. For example, it can overheat or crash other software. Additionally, you can face hardware or memory issues with non-gaming laptops. Thus, choose the game you are going to play on your laptop wisely.

First, let’s discuss the requirements that a non-gaming laptop must have or measures you can take to use your non-gaming laptop. 

Making the Most of Your laptop

If you have become hopeless in gaming with your non-gaming laptop, let me tell you a secret. There are still some hacks that you can try to play your favorite PC game on your laptop. But what are those hacks precisely?

Well, to get a smooth gaming experience, you can use a gamepad or peripheral mouse instead of a touchpad. With a mouse or gamepad, you will be able to cover the whole screen with your cursor in one go, which is slightly tricky in the case of a touchpad.

Closing all the running apps on your taskbar can also help release RAM, ultimately providing a smooth gaming experience. As you will have all the RAM for this game running alone, your system will ideally run it smoothly.

Also, always use antivirus on your laptop when you are downloading or installing any game on your PC, as a virus can substantially affect your laptop, reducing its overall processing speed. Also, never drink, eat, or sleep on your laptop, as it can significantly harm it.

Lastly, make sure that your system doesn’t overheat, which will be possible if you keep its fan and dust collector clean always. This will ensure your laptop never gets overheated and help you provide better battery life and gaming experience. Keeping its fan dust-free will also enhance the overall life of your laptop.

Is Onboard Graphics Good for Gaming?

Different computer processors

Most laptops come with an integrated graphics card. But for gaming, most often, the integrated graphics is not sufficient to run a high-end game.  

Non-gaming laptops contain an integrated graphics card in GPU, which supports simple graphics, and thus, you can only play games with simple graphics. For example, you can play a 4k video with the help of integrated cards, but it cannot support games with such high-end graphics. 

So, to support that, gaming laptops come with dedicated graphics cards specifically designed to play games with off-limit graphics.

If you want to play such a game on integrated graphics, go to your game and slash extra features off from the settings.


As you may have understood, it’s not rocket science to play PC games on a laptop if you know how to work around the settings well. So, all in all, follow the simple tactics to make the most of your laptop, whether gaming or not, for an immersing gaming experience.

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