Complete Guide To Choosing The Laptop For SEO and Digital Marketers

Professionals for business, affiliate programs, social networks, and SEO tools should use the best equipment. How many cores should be in a laptop for comfortable work? It is just as crucial as link-buying. When choosing laptops for digital marketing, the buyer often faces technical parameters that complicate the selection of the suitable device, such as the size of the “RAM” and the number of cores. What is worth paying attention to when buying a portable device? 

The Category of Price

Professionals divide working laptops into three variants. The first will be a basic laptop worth up to $500, which is not notable for increased mobility and technology. However, these machines are often suitable for stationary unloaded work with standard office programs.

Next can be allocated semi-professional devices of average value from 500 to 1000 dollars. These models are often made in a lightweight aluminum housing; they have modern data interfaces and proprietary energy-saving and productivity-enhancing technologies.

People who work with social media content and presentations outside a stationary workplace choose them often. 

The $1,000+ laptop segment is a huge set of work machines for professional use.

These laptops are capable of handling large amounts of data and graphics-intensive content. In addition, they have increased battery capacity and more connectors, including USB Type-C, for charging and passing information via Thunderbolt.

Which Notebook form Factor to Choose?

Laptops can be classic, ultrabooks, and transformers. Classic assumes a regular touch screen, touchpad, and keyboard. Usually, these models have good “stuffing.” Ultrabooks have less weight and can take the form of an open book. Transformers are essentially a tablet with a keyboard. In addition, they possess a touch screen with a mechanism to turn the display at the desired angle.

Prices for all models depend on hardware and range from $400 to $2,000.

If you are going to carry a laptop with you, then look at ultrabooks. They are thinner and lighter than standard models. And the battery lasts for 5-8 hours of use, versus 3-5 for a normal laptop.


The diagonal size of the screen determines the measurements of the computer for digital marketing. Usually, laptops are 15″ or 17.3″. Devices from 10.1″ to 14.1″ are categorized as compact devices. They are lightweight and can fit into a small bag.

It is necessary to determine whether you require mobility from the working laptop. If you need to move around the city much with the technique, it is worth considering compact options such as 14-inch ultrabooks. Such a device will not take up much space in your backpack or bag, and it is convenient to work with him on the road. 

If the laptop will stand on the table as a desktop PC, it is better to consider the technique with a standard screen diagonal of 15.6 or even 16 inches. This display size holds more information; it is crucial when working with tables and text.

The price of the screen diagonal has almost no effect.

The display resolution should be no less than FullHD; it is better to prefer IPS-matrix; it has natural color rendering and high viewing angles. Tn is the most budget option, and an OLED screen has a maximum color gamut and is needed by designers, photographers, and video editors. It is better to choose the best screen to work with plugins. Find more info about the plugins at the active link. 


RAM is responsible for multitasking and for the speed at which programs open. The minimum amount of RAM to comfortably work with multiple programs and open a browser is 4 GB. A more considerable amount will be preferable and will not limit yourself in the number of open browser tabs and other applications.

The more RAM, the better the device works, and the more expensive it is. As for RAM, regardless of the tasks, it is worth taking at least 8 GB or more. Even working with the browser can take up all the RAM, especially if you open several windows with dozens of tabs. Laptops with 4 GB of RAM cost about $400, with 6-8 GB — from $600.

Number of Cores

The number of cores also affects the performance of the marketing laptop. The more there is, the higher its speed. Laptops with two cores are suitable for domestic use, but it will be problematic to work at them. Such devices cost about $400.

A four-core model is the best option for running work programs. However, it is worth looking at the six- or eight-core systems if they are too demanding. The cost of such laptops ranges from 500 to 1500 dollars — depending on other characteristics.

Battery Capacity

The battery does not much affect the weight and allows you to work unconnected for 8 or more hours.

80Wh or more lets you get more done when you’re not plugged in. it is the best option if you want to work on a plane or car or need to make a presentation of the company on the road.

Video Card

The graphics card in a laptop and desktop is responsible for processing graphics and displaying pictures on the screen. There are discrete and integrated models. The second assumes that the video card is part of the processor installed in the laptop. Discrete is installed on the laptop’s motherboard. To replace it or upgrade it is not possible.

Usually, you can abandon the discrete graphics card; you will not need it when working with documents and browsing. And if you look for a model based on AMD Ryzen 5 or Intel Core i5 and higher processors, that is enough for simple photo processing.

Processors with low clock speed and integrated graphics are suitable for work tasks. AMD has A-series chips, and Intel has Pentium and Celeron. Such devices cost about 500 dollars.

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