Do You Need a Graphics Card for Video Editing?

Though you’ve already seen the question on the headline, let us ask you again – Do you need a graphics card for video editing? We don’t know why we have this feeling, but we think you already know the answer, partially at least. 

But that might not be enough to make you put your hands in the pocket to buy one. Well, don’t worry; we’re here to show you the big picture this time. 

Before you hit our final words, we bet you’ll reach a clear conclusion whether you should invest in a GPU or hold yourself back. 

Importance of GPU for Video Editing

We, humans, do run on a very interesting psychological pattern. At times, we think of owning things that we don’t need, and we sometimes get confused about things we should grab. 

If you plan to buy a GPU to edit videos and think on that same track, we can understand your dilemma. 

So, let’s fix that up. We’ll give you some reasons that’ll help you understand how important is GPU for video editing. 

Keeps the Editing Process Smooth

Mostly the GPUs are considered as a piece of tech required to improve gaming performance. But do graphics cards help with video editing? 

Well, the truth is, the right graphics card can improve your video editing performance to the point where the whole process will step into a smoother phase with it. 

Now the question comes up, is video editing GPU intensive? Well, no. But when you’ve got an awesome GPU in your arsenal, it’s going to be harder than ever to pull you back. 

After all, it takes the performance to a whole other level, whether it’s encoding or editing video. 

Brings Advantage on Transitions

Well, when it comes to video editing, you also can’t keep transitions out of the book for obvious reasons. 

The best thing about having a GPU is it enables transition not only per sequence but between as well. So, if you’re still asking yourself does video editing use GPU, here’s your answer. 

And in case you’ve been dealing with interlacing video-flow loss out, the GPU can handle that part too like a piece of cake and cut the problem off. 

But we think what you’re going to love the most about owning a GPU is how it maintains stutter-free frame rates whenever you’ll be editing any sequence.

Helping in Rendering Video

Do you know when you’re going to get the perfect outcome in rendering 3D detailing and VFX? When both CPU and GPU are working together. Clearly, without a GPU, that part might fall apart and prevent you from getting any closer to perfection.

The Big Question – Do You Need a Graphics Card for Video Editing?

Well, you’ve probably guessed the answer by now. Having a graphics card installed on your video editing laptop or desktop is imperative if you want to edit your videos like a pro. 

Now, it’s true that there are some unprofessional video edits, which can be done without getting a dedicated graphics card. However, if you earn your living by editing videos, you can’t avoid getting a high-end graphics card for video editing in any way.

do you need a graphics card for video editing

Is There Any Drawback of Using GPU for Video Editing?

Can you show us any piece of tech that doesn’t come with any drawback? Well, that’s nothing but impossible as even the finest tech out there is not free of cons. 

As you got your answer on does GPU matter for video editing, we think you deserve some answers on this part as well.


Feel free to call it the harshest part of getting a GPU, but they are not cheap. This one reason is enough for tons of users to keep their hands off this essential tech. 


We never thought that we’d have to say this, but GPUs do have an effect on the PC’s performance and not always in a positive way. 

Once you install a GPU on a PC, it starts dealing with a lot more information than before, which might make it show you icons and texts in a smaller size. 


Every graphics card we’ve seen so far is literally a power sucker. As a result, the amount of heat a GPU generates is nothing but enormous. But if the GPU comes with fans, the heating issue can be controlled easily. 

Final Words

So, what will you say this time if we ask you that Do you need a graphics card for video editing or not? Well, we bet you can give that answer just the way you did. 

So, as now you know what GPUs can put on your editing table, will you own one? If you ask us, we’d say go for it. 

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