Finding Bluetooth Headphones on the Mac

There is nothing worse when you’re working from home but suddenly, Zoom meeting interrupts due to a bad connection. The situation when someone walks in and interrupts your video call is also annoying. But with Bluetooth headphones, you can make calls more effectively and work in Google Meet, Teams, or Zoom. Modern technologies have invented wireless devices that are lightweight and easy to use.

All you need to do is just connect headphones to the device and… well, the connection can be not so simple in many cases, especially if you have to connect headphones to your Mac at the last minute before the conference has begun. So, it’s better to make sure your device works fine in advance. In our article, we will give you simple instructions on connecting your Bluetooth headphones to the Mac.

Finding Bluetooth Headphones on the Mac

Get Prepared For the Connection

Before you start connecting your Bluetooth headphones to the computer, make sure you have checked some important things below:

  1. Bluetooth on the mobile phone should be turned off. Sometimes users experience a problem when they connect your headphones but nothing happens and your computer does not see this device to make a pair. In many cases, the reason is that your phone’s Bluetooth picks up the connection.
  2. Bluetooth on your Mac should be turned on. Find the icon of Bluetooth in the top-right corner of the device. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on. From there you can also search for devices to pair with the computer. You should also check if Bluetooth on a pair of headphones is also turned on. Contact the manual to clarify this information.
  3. Turn on the computer’s sound. Before you start, you should check that your Mac isn’t on mute. Keep the level of sound low because it may be too loud.
  4. Wake up your Mac. If you haven’t done anything on your computer for a while, and you assume it may connect headphones automatically, it’s a mistake. So, check if the device is awakened before you do something.

Pairing Headphones With the Mac

It’s quite easy to connect wireless headphones to the computer. Feel free to make the next steps:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on both headphones and the Mac.
  2. Search for any Bluetooth devices on your Mac.
  3. Select headphones in this list (usually they are named with the model)
  4. Wait for connection and then do not forget to test the sound.

Wireless Headphones Do Not Work with the Mac

If something goes wrong, don’t worry because you still can check some important things:

  1. Check out if your headphones are turned on and make sure they are in range (sit near the Mac).
  2. Check out if your wireless headphones are connected to your device because sometimes they can pair with any other device in the office.
  3. Check if your headphones are charged. Sometimes low battery leads to disconnection.
  4. Check out your headphones set as an audio output for your computer.
  5. Disconnecting Wireless Headphones

Some people may think they don’t need any instructions on disconnecting but remember – you have to turn off headphones to disconnect them automatically. Here are the main ways to do it easily:

  1. Find the Bluetooth icon on the computer, then select headphones in the list there, and choose Disconnect.
  2. Go to System Preferences and disconnect there.
  3. Just turn off headphones with a button.
  4. Some models of wireless headphones disconnect automatically when they are plugged into the charger.
  5. Delete headphones from your list of Bluetooth devices on your Mac.
Girl Wearing Bluetooth Headphone

Thanks to technologies, people can use wireless devices to simplify their lives. Millions of computer users all over the world use wireless headphones for various needs. As you see, sometimes it requires additional time to connect your wireless headphones to the computer because it can be a little bit tricky. Follow our useful tips above and follow them every time you want to listen to your favorite music, watch a movie, or make a video call. If you still experience any problems with pairing headphones with the computer, look at these tips to solve the issue easily and fast.

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