How to Turn Your Laptop into A Gaming One?

Are you a Laptop gaming freak just like me? Then you might have face issues while playing the game on your non-gaming laptop. Whether it is blurred graphics or slow processing speed, you can’t achieve the clarity of graphics and faster processing speed because of the limited resources available in a non-gaming laptop. But is there no solution to this dilemma? Indeed, there is. 

But what are such ways in which one can turn their old laptops into gaming laptop?

A creative mind may change its parts (like the motherboard) to increase the laptop’s performance. But is that possible? Laptops are compact, and most of their parts are hard to change or remove.

So, you can’t do away by changing its parts (like motherboard) to boost its performance. Most of the laptops are not developed to withstand the state that triple-A video games offer. They get heat up and also do not provide a speed of that level.

Many people do not have the funds to upgrade from their old and then laptop to a new gaming laptop, giving them value for money. So, I have a solution for them. You can do so by boosting your laptop’s performance speed. But How?

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Laptop into a Gaming Laptop

Mentioned below are ways to easily upgrade your laptop into a gaming laptop instead of purchasing a new one.

1. By Installing SSD

installing new SSD in laptop

You can’t upgrade anything other than SSD and RAM in a laptop if you own a laptop, with features like 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor which works on 2.5 GHz speed along with 8GB DDR3 RAM, Nvidia GTX 860m DDRS graphics card, which comes with a 4GB B RAM. Talking about the hard disk, it is an old 5400rpm hard disk.

You can upgrade it via using an external SSD and RAM. For example, one may take a SATA SSD of 1TB – WD and 8GB of RAM, which can be of any company like SK Hynix, and I suggest this because it is comparable with a laptop with such features. So, you should also choose the compatible one.

My laptop already has an 8GB RAM of SK Hynix in it, and my laptop does not have any NVME port, so I can’t use the RAM of an NVME SSD M.4 form factor. If you, too, are confused about which cold will be in your laptop and SSD or RAM you have to use on your laptop, then read the article till the last, and it will clear all your doubts.

So now, to upgrade your laptop into a gaming laptop, follow the steps:

  • First of all, open the back panel of your laptop.
  • If there is no internal optical drive in your laptop, you have to install the new SSD in the old SSD, which is already on your laptop. But if your laptop supports an internal optical drive and you want to use your old SSD as well, then you can install the old SSD on a caddy and install the new SSD at the place of the old one. It is an attractive solution, which increases your laptops in the go storage to a comparable extent.
  • So, first of all, remove the old SSD. For doing this, do unplug the Sarta connector of your SSD. Now put your old SSD aside.

Before installing or uninstalling any internal part of your laptop, there is a piece of essential advice to unplug the laptop’s battery. Otherwise, it might directly impact the battery of the laptop.

  • Take out the standard hard disk (the old hard disk) from the casing. Install the new SSD in the casing. When installing a new SSD in the casing, connect the Sarta connector with the SSD and screw it in the Old SSD space. 
  • In this way, you can install SSD on your laptop.

2. By Installing RAM

Expansion of RAM in laptop
  • Buy a RAM from the market with the almost same frequency as your commonly installed RAM (old RAM of your laptop).
  • Install the new RAM in the slot, and if you are installing the RAM in the upper slot, you have to give an extra push towards inside, or else there are chances that it will not get detected.
  • Screw up your laptop.

After performing the above steps, you have already upgraded your laptop’s performance up to 50%.

What to do with the old hard disk?

You can buy a hard disk enclosure from the market, for example, Orico hard disk enclosure, which supports USB 3.0. Now install the old hard disk into the inclusion and format it. You can now use it as an external hard disk.

3. By Using GPU

Upgrading graphics card on laptop

Another way to increase the performance of your laptop to support games is by using an external GPU. Let us first understand what a GPU is.

What is a GPU?

A GPU or a GPU dock is also known as Graphics Processing Unit. It is a type of external graphic card that you can connect to your laptop or PC. With the help of an external GPU, you can lower a lot of load from the laptop’s internal GPU, and by doing so, your computer will not get heat up quickly, and it will also help you increase the graphics of your laptop.

  • To run a GPU properly, you will need an external cable (usual thunderbolt) to withstand the required level of speed for gaming with an external graphic card.
  • Before using an external GPU, you must make sure that your laptop is compatible with that GPU. After concluding that which GPU is compatible with your laptop, you can buy it and use it to use your laptop for gaming.

Though GPUs are costly and not always suitable with your laptop, one can choose them for their purpose. You may choose either of the mentioned methods for your purpose.

Final Thoughts

Thus, here in this article, we have mentioned three ways to upgrade your current non-gaming laptop into a gaming one. Just make sure the hardware you are using is compatible with your laptop, and you are good to go.

Additionally, you can do all this without spending many bucks. On average, you will need to spend up to $50, while for GPU, you might need to spend somewhat around $300, which is still significantly less when compared with the cost of a new laptop. After following all these steps, I hope you are now able to get a flawless gaming experience on your current laptop as well.

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