Is It Worth Splashing Out On An Expensive Gaming Laptop?

Anyone who loves tech wants the most out of their electronic devices. We won’t settle for a phone or laptop because of its brand name. We won’t go for the low-end device just to save money. This lets us stay in the forefront of all that is exciting in the tech world.

However, sometimes splashing out on a device is wasteful. There are other items to buy with the money you can save. In this context, where does a gaming laptop fall?

Gaming laptops are great even for people who primarily game on other mediums. Your gaming laptop will give you all the power you need to both play games and do whatever else you need to get done.

The thing is, a good gaming laptop is very expensive. In addition to the cost of the device itself, you have to consider extra laptop theft coverage in your insurance policy, due to it being one of the most expensive items you own. Should you go for it anyway or keep the gaming for your PC and consoles?

Entry-level laptops

Let’s start with entry-level gaming laptops. These are laptops that support gaming with their impressive specs, but do not go all the way and are therefore much more affordable. They will still cost more than a regular laptop, but they won’t break the bank.

There are enough fans of these gaming laptops for them to remain on the market. However, you might want to think twice before going for an entry-level gaming laptop. The reason is that your gameplay experience will never be optimal. If you don’t have any other gaming platform, this kind of laptop will not scratch your itch. If you do have a gaming PC or console, you’ll start to hate gaming on your laptop.

So, if the only gaming laptop you can afford is an entry-level device, I’d recommend skipping it. Get a reasonably priced laptop for work and leisure, and leave the gaming to your other devices.

Building your own

What about the expensive gaming laptops? The best option is always for you to build your own. This way, you get the specs you need rather than what a manufacturer thinks you want. You maximize performance while minimizing cost. Nonetheless, it is still a hefty investment.

The question of whether the experience of gaming on a laptop can ever rival a PC or console is up for debate. There are people who won’t hear of the possibility that gaming laptops can actually be pretty good. There are others who will insist their lives got better when they switched to laptops.

You may fall on either side of the debate, and you should therefore try the best gaming laptop before you commit to buying one. If you do like the experience, you can begin to consider whether it is a good investment.

The evolution of gaming

A major problem you might face in making your decision is that your experience of a gaming laptop now might not reflect your experience a year from now. Gaming evolves, with new technology leading to better games. Your laptop may not be able to support the most exciting new games in the near future.

However, one benefit of a gaming laptop you built yourself is that it is modular. You can replace parts with upgrades when necessary, without having to replace the whole device.

Furthermore, it looks increasingly likely that VR will begin to dominate, and that will necessarily improve your experience on a laptop. You will also appreciate your laptop’s portability, considering you can choose when and where you want to play VR games.

Ultimately, a gaming laptop can be worth the money, but only if you know you will enjoy the experience as it is right now. You do have to consider what gaming will look like in the future to determine whether you want this to be your sole gaming platform.

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