What Makes A Laptop Faster RAM or Processor?

Laptops are made of mobile parts, and they are very different from desktop parts.

Due to the limited amount of space in a laptop, manufacturers always have to keep thinking of new ways to fit parts into the laptop so that the laptop feels portable and powerful at the same time.

Two of the essential parts of a laptop are its RAM and Processor. They work as the useable memory and processing unit inside the laptop’s CPU.

It’s always necessary to buy laptops with an upgraded processor and a large RAM. They both contribute in different ways to make a laptop faster.

Contribution of RAM on Laptop

RAM (Random Access Memory) is the amount of memory that your laptop can utilize to do any task. All the applications on a laptop run using RAM, so more RAM is always better for the PC. Without RAM, the laptop has no power to do any kind of work, including starting the PC properly.

Since having more RAM improves the speed and working efficiency of the laptop, you should always work towards adding more RAM. Moreover, RAM and CPU processors are primarily responsible for the PC’s overall performance. In addition to that, RAM is responsible for optimizing the various programs of your PC.

An irritating part of having Windows 10 OS on your PC is that it runs applications unnecessarily so that you can open them quickly. Such mechanisms take up half of your RAM, which causes lags during gaming and using high-end applications. The various advantages of having more are given below:

  • Gaming at better fps (Frames Per Second)
  • Faster task completion speed
  • Better scope of multitasking
  • Can run certain software and applications that require more RAM
  • Opening more tabs on search engines
  • Using two screens with different games consecutively
  • Lag-free online gaming
  • Able to use high-end video-editing software

Why Do You Need To Add More RAM

More RAM means more memory to complete various small tasks or one big task that takes up all of the RAM. Special laptops like gaming laptops or workstation laptops have the game and work modes that help clear out unnecessary programs taking up RAM space.

Usually, some laptops have one or two slots for installing new RAM, while others have no space or motherboard to support that much RAM. As a result, RAM determines how much work you can do or the type of laptop you’re using. Buying a laptop with more RAM support and slot is the best option.

In the present decade of technology, 4GB RAM is too little for doing anything since the Windows 10 OS tries to use it all for random tasks. 8GB RAM is good enough for working laptops and productivity laptops. 12GB RAM is the optimal memory size for a laptop to do everything, including gaming and mid-level video editing. You can also add 16 or 32GB of RAM since it’s no harm.

Contribution of Processor on Laptop

The processor is the brain of the whole CPU. It’s responsible for utilizing all the PC components by receiving orders from the user and processing the result. Processors can utilize a certain amount of RAM according to their generation upgrade.

For instance, a 5th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor can use only 16GB of RAM, whereas a 9th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor can support 64GB RAM or more. Another difference in Processors is the 32-bit processor, which can use only 4GB RAM, whereas a 64-bit processor can utilize hundreds of TB (Terabytes) of RAM without fail.

The contribution of processors on laptops is enormous due to the inability to change a laptop’s processor. The current most popular processors come from Intel and Ryzen, competing for head-on to make the better processor. Both processors are well-known for being high-end and releasing upgraded versions every year. These advantages of owning the latest & more powerful processor are provided below:

  • More RAM using power
  • Powerful 64-bit processing
  • Faster laptop tasks completion time
  • No waiting time or intervals between clicking a program and it starts
  • Access to applications that require the latest version processor to work
  • Faster and more stable clock speed
  • It helps to process multitasking more quicker.

Why Do You Need An Upgraded Processor

Processors need to be upgraded every few years, but that’s possible only on desktop CPUs. Meanwhile, no laptop can change its processor type once the manufacturer builds it. So always remember to buy laptops that can handle large amounts of RAM and upgraded to the latest generation.

To provide examples, we can take Intel Core Processors. Intel Core i3 is not enough to finish many tasks due to its less powered processing unit. On the other hand, Core i5 9th Gen is the current benchmark for optimal processing. It can accomplish all kinds of tasks and run the latest software updates. You can also upgrade to Core i7 or i9 if their price comes under your budget.

Whichever processor brand you choose, always remember a few important points. Firstly, buy a laptop that has a 64-bit processor. Secondly, check if the processor is at least Ryzen 5 or Core i5 9th gen or above. Finally, remember to buy a laptop that has good GHz processor specifications.

Final Words

Now that it’s thoroughly proven that an updated processor and a substantial amount of RAM are necessary to make your RAM faster, remember to check your laptop specifications simply before buying it. You should ensure the specifications mentioned above to get a fast laptop.

Meanwhile, adding more RAM can make your laptop faster if you’ve already bought one. Just remember to check the maximum RAM support of your motherboard. There’s nothing more you can do to upgrade the processor of your pre-bought laptop in the current scenario.

Think of RAM as the processor’s tool to complete tasks and smoothen the work speed. Now, a good tool means large amounts of RAM, and a smart worker means an updated processor. A good tool and a smart worker are necessary to make a laptop run faster. RAM and Processor complete each other by finishing a task together.

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