What is Flagship Laptop?

Flagship is a vessel used to carry a navy commander in a group of navy ships. It used to be the heavily armed strongest ship, leading the way during the movement or war. 

Later, the term “flagship” was heavily used by marketers to showcase their products. Companies promote their different activities with flagship terms like flagship product, the flagship brand, or flagship store. 

Flagship laptop is one such term coined by laptop manufacturers to promote their best product in the market. If a company is promoting a laptop with the flagship title, it has the best design, speed, and graphics features among all its available products.

Flagship laptops are the costliest ones with plenty of advanced features. Customers or laptop experts label the flagship tag on the latest laptops based on their performance in some cases. 

For example, users rated Dell’s XPS series as the flagship laptop due to its power-packed performance and eye-catching design. Likewise, apple’s MacBook Pro comes under the category of flagship laptops.

We discussed a few parameters of a flagship laptop like best features, high cost, and design. That is not it. There are plenty of other criteria that help us choosing a flagship laptop. 

What Features a Flagship Laptop should have?

There are no specific rules to decide whether a laptop is a flagship or not. You will not get any authenticated reference guide for that. It would be best if you took extra care in deciding on the flagship laptop.

Since we invest more money in buying such laptops, we should do thorough research. You can’t do that. We understand your pain point. We have gone through the best flagship laptops available in the market. Based on our research, we prepared a list of features that is common in all flagship laptops.

Before buying a flagship laptop, make sure it includes the given below functionalities:


The processor works as the brain of the laptop. We call it with different names like Central Processing Unit (CPU), main processor, or just processor. Your laptop’s performance will directly depend on the kind of processor you are using.

Whenever you buy a flagship laptop, the processor should be the primary factor of the laptop’s specification list. If you have a powerful processor, your system will run faster, and you can run an extensive program like photo editing software. 

Currently, two major companies are manufacturing processors- Intel and AMD. Users prefer Intel due to its long legacy. However, AMD also provides tough competition to Intel with its latest processors like AMD Ryzen 9 5900X. 

Intel has manufactured a range of processors like Core i3, i5, i7, etc. Core i7 processor will give an incredible speed to your laptop. In a flagship laptop, Core i7 should be included for a fantastic experience. Recently, Intel has launched the latest 11th Generation processor for thin and light laptops. However, you will rarely find this processor in the laptop because it was launched recently.


When running software or performing some activities on your laptop, RAM, also known as Main Memory or Primary Memory, plays a crucial role in productivity. If it is more, you can run more applications simultaneously. A daily use laptop has a minimum of 4 GB RAM. 

For complex software, a flagship laptop should have 8-16 GB RAM. Kingston, Samsung, Corsair, G-skill, and Crucial are a few popular RAM manufacturing companies. 

Storage Drive

People think that a hard drive or storage drive does not play a role in Laptop speed. It is just to store data on the laptop. It is not true at all. We move data from the hard drive to RAM for performing different tasks.

If the transfer is slow, our laptop will become slow. So, it is another main factor you should think about when you choose a flagship laptop. In addition, you will find two types of hard drives in the market: HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid State Drive).

You will get HDD in most general-purpose laptops. It comes in a large capacity. SSD provides low data storage capacity. 

SSD is better than HDD in terms of performance. It provides high data speed to make the laptop faster. It also helps in saving the battery life due to less consumption of power. A 500 GB SSD is ideal for a flagship laptop.

Screen Resolution

Who does not want a high-definition (HD) screen experience while working on a laptop? It makes you comfortable and will help you to do more tasks. A screen resolution of 1920×1080 is common among regular laptops. However, for flagship laptops, you should select ultra-HD screens that have a resolution of 3840×2160.

Laptop Graphics and Laptop Portability

You will find two types of graphic cards on the laptops: integrated and dedicated. Integrated cards don’t have separate processors and RAM. Instead, they use Laptop’s Processor and RAM to complete any task. It makes the system slow when you perform complex activities like playing games, building designs. However, you can still efficiently perform everyday tasks like internet browsing, video watching, document editing, etc. 

Dedicated cards come with an inbuilt CPU and RAM that makes the system faster. THE inbuilt CPU of dedicated cards is known as Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). While choosing a flagship laptop, you should go for dedicated cards without any second thought. 

In the past, Big screen size laptops used to attract more users. Now, there is a different trend. We like portable laptops to handle and carry easily. For a better viewing experience, you can choose 15+ inches screen flagship laptop. Screen size does not play any role in the performance of a laptop. 

USB Ports

Laptops provide different functionalities through different ports. Recent laptops have come up with plenty of USB ports to perform maximum activities like connecting devices like printers, projectors, mobiles, etc. 

USB port of Type C provides some extra features like laptop battery charge, mobile transfer. Type C port has the latest technology that is available on limited laptops. While searching for a flagship laptop, you should make sure it has a Type C port. 

Touch Screen

The latest flagship laptops provide touch screen functionality to perform the task. It will give you a royal feeling where you can perform all tasks with a fingertip. In addition, Windows 8 and above versions of Operating Systems provide a seamless touch screen experience.

Battery Backup

All new laptops give a decent battery backup. So you should choose a flagship laptop with at least 8 hours of battery life. 

Infrared Camera and Fingerprint Unlock

The latest laptops provide you an in-built infrared camera to unlock your laptop through the eyes. Windows 10 OS supports this hardware feature. Windows hello is the name given to this feature. You will also find new laptops with fingerprint reading capability. You should consider these two latest features while selecting the flagship laptop.

2 In 1 Laptops

The young generation likes multipurpose gadgets. So latest laptops are also bringing extra features to make them 2 in 1. For example, you can rotate the laptop screen and remove the screen entirely as per your requirement. All well-known brands like Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus are providing these features in their latest flagship laptops. So don’t miss it while buying a new beast.

If you keep these points in your mind, you can buy an actual flagship laptop to provide you the best features available in the market. 

Do you need Flagship Laptop?

We can’t deny that the flagship laptops will provide us the best performance and the latest features available in the market. It is also true that these laptops’ prices will be higher than the regular use laptops. What is the use of wasting money if our job does not demand the costly flagship laptops? We can avoid unnecessary expenditure.

How will I come to know which laptop is good for me? Well, it depends on your professional life. We have categorized the use of the laptop to conclude whether we should go for the flagship laptop or not. Let’s go through the given below details to know whether we should buy a flagship laptop or not:

Laptop for Students

Your laptop should provide basic functionalities like enough hard disk space, decent battery backup, and being lightweight as a student. It should also be capable of running general application programs with quick speed.

Suggestion: In a student life, we don’t need a laptop having the best features. We can also perform all our tasks through a decent, affordable laptop. Unfortunately, a flagship laptop is pricey, which is also one reason not to buy it. So, the flagship laptop is not a good choice for students.

Laptop for General Purpose Use

Some people buy laptops for general use like movie watching, chatting, reading, and internet browsing. These laptops don’t require special features. A laptop having decent RAM, limited space hard drive, and a limited time battery backup can solve their purpose. 

Suggestion: If you want the laptop for everyday use, buying a flagship laptop is like throwing money in the air. Go and buy a low-price range laptop; it will solve the purpose. 

Laptops for Travelers

As a traveler, you need a laptop with features like the best battery backup, ample hard drive space, quick speed, and portability. The laptop should also be lightweight so that you will not feel any difficulty in carrying it. Features like screen rotation and screen detachment will make travelers’ life easy.

Suggestion: You will not find about discussed features in a standard laptop. So, yes, you should go for a flagship laptop if you are a frequent traveler with a busy schedule.   

Laptops for Graphic Designing Purpose

You need a unique laptop if you are in the graphic designing field. A big screen, ample hard disk space, 16 GB and above RAM, and the latest processor are the primary criteria to choose a laptop. 

Suggestion: Without a second thought, you should search for the latest flagship laptop to buy. Graphics designers should also make sure that separate graphic processors are included in the laptop. 

Business Laptops

Business activities need a laptop with powerful and quick speed. Long battery life will make sure that you complete the business presentation without any disturbance. In addition, a large RAM size will give you the privilege to do multitasking jobs through your laptop.

Suggestion: Go for flagship laptop for seamless speed in business life. 

Laptops for Gaming

Gaming laptops and professional graphic designer laptops have the same features. A big screen, at least 1TB hard drive, more than 16 GB RAM, latest processor are the main points to consider while buying a gaming laptop.

Suggestion: You should not only buy a flagship laptop, but it should also be the best among all rivals. 

Top 5 Flagship Laptops of 2021

All flagship laptops are not worthy of buying. There is plenty of flagship laptops available in the market. It confuses the buyers. Don’t worry; we have selected the five best flagship laptops for our readers.

1. 2020 Apple MacBook Air M1

2020 Apple MacBook Air with Apple M1 Chip (13-inch, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD Storage) - Space Gray
Apple M17-core/8-core GPU8 GB-16 GB13.3 inch256 GB-2 TB SSD

Pros: long battery life, No extra sound

Cons: Old design, No fan

2. Dell XPS 15(2020)

Dell XPS 15 - 15 Inch FHD+, Intel Core i7 10th Gen, 16GB Memory, 512GB Solid State Drive, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti 4GB GDDR6, Windows 10 Home (Latest Model) - Silver
10th Gen i5, i7Intel Iris Plus8 GB-16 GB15.6 inch256 GB-1 TB SSD

Pros: Fast speed, New design

Cons: Little weak graphics, large screen

3. HP Spectre X360 (2021)

New HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 13.3" 4K OLED Ultra HD Touch-Screen 11th Gen Intel Core i7-1165G7 16GB DDR4 1TB SSD + 32 GB Optane HP Active Pen Win 10 - Night Fall Black
11th Gen i5, i7Intel Iris Xe8 GB-16 GB13.3 inch256 GB-2 TB SSD

Pros: long battery life, Amazing design

Cons: Costly, Noisy

4. Dell XPS 13 9300

Dell XPS 9300 Intel Core i7-1065G7 X4 1.3GHz 16GB 512GB SSD 13.4", Silver (Renewed)
11th Gen i7Intel Iris Plus Xe8 GB-32 GB13.4 inch256 GB-1 TB SSD

Pros: Stunning Display, Amazing battery life

Cons: Pricey, Not good sound

5. LG Gram 17

LG Gram 17Z90P - 17" WQXGA (2560x1600) Ultra-Lightweight Laptop, Intel evo with 11th gen CORE i7 1165G7 CPU , 16GB RAM, 2TB SSD, Alexa Built-in, 19.5 Hours Battery, Thunderbolt 4, Black - 2021
11th Gen i7Intel Iris Plus16 GB17 inches512 GB-1 TB SSD

Pros: The lightweight, beautiful screen

Cons: U series processor, Large screen size

The performance of a laptop makes the job easy for users. You don’t buy laptops every year. Having a flagship title is not enough to buy a laptop. We invest a considerable amount of our hard-earned money, so we should be extra careful choosing a laptop. In the 21st century, where technology is rapidly changing, your laptop has 5-6 years of life. 

Why are you buying a laptop? How much budget do you have? Which brand of laptop do you want? These are a few of the essential questions you should answer before buying a laptop. It helps you to make the right decision. 

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