10 Best Laptop Cooling Pads in 2023 [Buying Guide]

If you’re here, it is because you’ve heard about the laptop cooling pads. Good. That’s already a start.

Unfortunately, most people spend their days using the laptops over a surface without any proper safety measure, which may cause problems like overheating and even burning the top of the surface where the computer rests.

Those are serious risks that we shouldn’t take under any circumstances. It is better to be safe than sorry.

That’s why today, we’re going to help you find the best laptop cooling pad. But first, let us clear a doubt that is probably going through your mind as you read these lines: are the cooling pads even necessary?

Is a Laptop Cooling Pad Necessary?

The short answer would be yes. It is a necessary accessory to have if you have a laptop. There are a couple of benefits provided by the cooling pad, which we’ll discuss briefly here.

A Faster Computer

As we know, computers have their own fans in their internal structure. Even though they work great, they’re not always good enough. And if you’re using your laptop in a hot environment, there’s not much those fans can do by themselves.

Having a cooling pad provides those extra fans to properly dissipate the heat caused by the internal processor, which improves the performance of the laptop.

Healthy for Humans

Other than cooling your laptop, the cooling pad works as a stand to place your computer at the right angle, at perfect eye-level. By adjusting the height, you can release plenty of stress on your neck, shoulder, wrist, and hands.

A Portable Platform for Your Laptop

And finally, you want to have a cooling pad because it is a portable tool that you can use as a flat surface for your laptop when there are no desks nearby.

The next products are some of the best laptop coolers currently available in the market. So, what are best laptop cooling pads and what do they have to offer? Let’s find out!

10 Best Laptop Cooling Pad Reviews

1. Cooler Master NotePal X3 Laptop Cooling Pad

Cooler Master NotePal X3 - Laptop Cooling Pad with 200mm Blue LED Fan

While looking for a word to describe this cooling pad, we’ve come up with one that sums it up perfectly: sturdiness. No joke; using this structure not only keeps your laptop at a cold temperature, but it also guarantees that it will not move an inch across the desk, let alone fall from it.

The heavy-duty profile ensures a sturdy base for your devices. It is a strong platform that supports the high performance of its cooling fan. Whether you use your laptop for routinary tasks or to play video games, the cooling pad quickly takes care of the high temperatures from the processor.

It is not only suitable for the laptop either, as this cooling pad does a lot for you as well. Thanks to the front vent included, your hands will receive a refreshing breeze to keep them dry and cool. We realize that it may not sound like a big deal, but it sure is helpful.

When using the cooling pad, users will have complete control over the performance of the fans. They can choose when to activate or deactivate the fan, as well as setting up the right wind speed for their devices.

Users also get to decide at what height they want to use their laptops. Through the two settings, the cooling pad securely places your device at a comfortable level to reduce the stress over your neck and shoulders.

Overall, this cooling pad manages to meet our expectations successfully. The fan does produce some noise that could be annoying, but you get used to it in due time. Other than that, there aren’t setbacks that should keep you from considering this pick.


  • Sturdy base to keep your laptop in one place
  • Powerful fan to keep temperatures low
  • Front vent for ventilation on your hands
  • Fan controls


  • The fan produces some noise

2. Havit HV-F2056 Laptop Cooling Pad

Havit HV-F2056 15.6-17 Inch Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad - Slim Portable USB Powered (3 Fans) (Black+Blue)

Our second pick is an ultra-portable laptop cooling pad, with a slim design and barely any weight that would bother you. Regardless of where you use it, moving this device between places is easy and secure.

The essential feature that got our attention while looking at this option was the metal mesh. It is not the first cooling pad to use it, and it won’t be the last, but the multi-directional structure gives you a durable surface like no other, capable of resisting against wear and high temperatures.

Since the ergonomic design is also present here, you’ll be able to set the structure at two height settings. The position of your laptop is essential. It means the difference between having fun using the computer or suffering the consequences of stress on your neck and arms.

There are three fans included in this structure. They may not be the strongest out there, but they provide the necessary power for most regular tasks on the computer.

If your laptop tends to overheat even after just a couple of hours, this platform ensures the heat is not a problem that should worry you.

Also, the fans perform at a reasonable level, even during high temperatures. There are no loud noises produced, which is always a plus. However, if you use it over your lap, you may notice a slight vibration.

Another issue with this cooling pad is the light. The blue LEDs may look cool, but they are way too strong sometimes.


  • Slim design and lightweight make it a cooling pad easy to carry
  • Multi-directional mesh for heat dissipation
  • Two adjustable height settings
  • Three fans included, suitable for basic laptop activities
  • No loud noises produced by the fans


  • The cooling pad emits vibrations
  • Blue LEDs are often too strong

3. Tree New Bee Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

Tree New Bee High Performance Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad for 15.6 - 17-Inch Laptops with (4 Fans) Four 120mm Fans at 1200 RPM, Black

Are you looking for the best laptop cooling pad for gaming? Then you have come to the right place! Our next option is the ideal pick for a gamer’s setup, as it is a cooling pad that looks, feels, and works as gaming hardware of the highest quality.

The cooling pad features four fans. To say they perform outstandingly to dissipate the heat produced by the computer would be an understatement. Due to the high wind speed at which the fans can operate, high temperatures in your laptop shouldn’t worry you anymore.

We also appreciate the mats added as an anti-skid feature to keep your laptops from falling off the surface. They do such an incredible job, maintaining the computer in a single position from the moment you start using it until you finish.

The anti-skid design is one of the reasons why this cooling pad is one of the best for gamers. We all know how quickly time passes when enjoying online adventures, and the last thing we want to have during that time is a laptop that keeps falling off from its platform.

There are two issues we want to point out. First, the cooling pad is too bulky; you’re going to have a hard time moving it between places. The other problem is the blue lights, which are always on when the fans are active.


  • Sturdy structure to keep the laptop in place even after hours
  • Four fans for temperature control
  • Anti-skid mats


  • Bulky structure, not easy to carry around
  • Blue lights are always on with the fans

4. TeckNet Laptop Cooling Pad

TeckNet Laptop Cooling Pad, Portable Ultra-Slim Quiet Laptop Notebook Cooler Cooling Pad Stand with 2 USB Powered Fans, Fits 12-16 Inches

If we were to mention the most important reason you could have to buy this cooling pad, then that reason would be the portability it offers. The structure is surprisingly lightweight, which makes sense, considering that it only has two fans.

It doesn’t go far off from the standard structure offered by other cooling pads, as it features the typical metal mesh platform. Over it, you can place a variety of laptops, such as notebooks, ultrabooks, and Apple MacBooks. As they rest over the platform, the surface properly dissipates their heat.

The USB-powered fans, despite not being the most powerful, are enough for typical day-to-day routine tasks on the computer. You should be fine as long as you use them for activities that don’t cause extremely high temperatures on the processor.

Thanks to its slim and lightweight design, the cooling pad offers undeniable comfort. Here, the ergonomic structure also comes into play, offering the option to set the platform at the perfect position for you.

Even though it has fewer fans and it offers less power, this cooling pad is available at the same price as others with four or five fans. If you’re looking for a great laptop cooling pad, other alternatives have far more capacity for the same price, sometimes even less.

Also, the problems start to show when you want to turn off the LED lights because there is no switch to shut them down. You may not notice the blue lights regularly, but you will see them when you will want to turn off the lights to watch a movie.


  • Slim and lightweight design make it a portable cooling pad
  • USB-powered fans
  • Ergonomic design
  • Quiet performance


  • There’s no way to shut off the blue LED lights
  • High price
  • Lacks power for high demanding laptops

5. Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad

It may not seem like it, but this cooling pad ensures a noise-free performance while using the five fans included at a great speed. There are no interferences either, which secures you’ll have a pleasant experience whenever your laptop is resting upon this structure.

As mentioned above, there are five cooling fans. You can control them through an on/off switch, which allows you to activate one or multiple fans at once. There’s another control switch that operates the blue LEDs, so you get to shut them down during breaks.

However, there are no proper controls to change the wind speed. It is a shame because it would’ve been a perfect cooling pad otherwise.

The structure of this cooling pad has six adjustable heights. Switching them is not difficult, and you’ll be able to do it even when the laptop is over the platform. Undoubtedly, the ergonomic design of this product will come in handy for many people under different circumstances.

Furthermore, the adjustable heights are convenient for a lot of purposes. So, whether you’re watching a movie or playing video games, you can rest assured the screen will be in the right position to give you a complete sight of the interface.

Once you place the laptop over the platform, you can use the two stoppers included to set a firm grip over the device. By doing that, you secure your precious computer in a stable position that will not move or fall, even if there are sudden movements.


  • The cooling pad performs quietly without interference
  • Five powerful cooling fans
  • Switches to activate the fans and the blue LEDs
  • The structure has six different height settings for your comfort
  • By including two stoppers, the platform secures a firm stand on the desk


  • No proper wind controls

6. HAVIT Laptop Cooling Pad

HAVIT 5 Fans Laptop Cooling Pad for 14-17 Inch Laptop, Cooler Pad with LED Light, Dual USB 2.0 Ports, Adjustable Mount Stand (Black)

The manufacturer uses a metal mesh of the highest quality to design this cooling pad. It proves to be an incredible choice, as it does a good job of drawing the heat produced by the laptop away from the structure.

In this cooling pad, users can take full advantage of the five fans included. They perform great, delivering the amount of power needed to maintain your computer at a normal temperature. Even better, the cooling fans perform at a quiet level, ensuring your comfort above anything else.

Like almost every other high-quality cooling pad, this one also features the ergonomic design. It is an adjustable platform, and the height settings displayed by this device is comfortable for both the computer and the user. Once settled, the cooling pad remains in its place thanks to the anti-slip.

However, the anti-slip pad has a plastic edge that could be dangerous to your laptop, as it may cause some scratches over its surface. You may want to cover it with something to keep it from damaging your devices. Using a small piece of felt should do the trick.

Additionally, the cooling pad has a couple of extra USB ports to plug your devices in case you need it.

With a quick arrival after ordering it, this cooling pad earns its spot on our list as one of the best. It works well with 15.6-inch laptops, and it is compatible with computers slightly above those dimensions.


  • Five powerful fans that work quietly
  • Ergonomic design with multiple height settings and anti-slid structure
  • High-quality metal mesh to dissipate the heat produced by the computer
  • This cooling pad has a couple of extra USB ports


  • The anti-slip pad has edges that may cause scratches over the surface of your laptop

7. TopMate C5 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

TopMate C5 12-15.6 inch Gaming Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad | 5 Quiet Fans and LCD Screen | 2500RPM Strong Wind Designed for Gamers and Office

For the ultimate cooling effect, you’ll need the ultimate cooling pad. This one is an incredible pick that could easily provide everything you may expect to cool off your computer.

There are five cooling fans included in this device. It is not the first option to offer such capacity, but it is one of the best at using them.

In the center, you have the larger fan, which provides incredible cooling power. The other fans are near the corners, providing the support your laptop needs to cool off the entirety of its structure.

Adding this cooling pad to your collection is a wise choice that will quickly improve the performance of your laptop, and your comfort while using it. Since the cooling pad has five different height adjustments, users will be able to set it up at the position in which they feel most comfortable.

The addition of an LCD screen is handy to follow the cooling laptop’s performance. It shows different wind speeds that you can adjust through the control panel located right next to the screen.

That panel control offers a variety of options such as six speeds for the wind, and three modalities for the fan. The amount of customization provided by this cooling pad helps you set the right temperature for your laptops.

One of the most noticeable inconveniences of this cooling pad is the weight. It feels too heavy, reducing the opportunity to carry it between places comfortably. You can always store it inside a backpack, but it won’t be as portable as the other coolers.


  • Five fans that work quietly to cool off your laptop
  • It includes five height settings for your comfort
  • The cooling pad has an LCD screen to display the data
  • Panel control for wind speed and to change fan modalities


  • This cooling pad is heavy

8. TECKNET Laptop Cooling Pad

TECKNET Laptop Cooling Pad, Portable Slim Quiet USB Powered Laptop Notebook Cooler Cooling Pad Stand Chill Mat with 3 Blue LED Fans, Fits 12-17 Inches

There are three fans in this cooling pad, with a working capacity of 1,200 RPM. As you can tell by now, it is slightly less powerful when compared to other devices that offer 1,400 RPM. Even then, it is enough to cool off a variety of notebooks, netbooks, among many different computer models.

The fans included in this cooling pad power up through the USB port. They may not be the most powerful, but that also means they are quieter while working.

When you’re using this cooling pad, you’ll have the option to set it up at two height levels. You can lift and tilt the laptop in the most comfortable position to view the screen directly. The rubber grips are yet another high-quality element of the ergonomic design.

You have them located at the bottom, providing a secure grip over your laptop to keep it from falling or sliding off.

A welcomed benefit of this cooling pad is the addition of two extra USB ports. They may not seem that useful at first, but sooner than later, you may need them. The possibility to attach another device through the ports certainly is an advantage that we appreciate.

If you like using the cooling pad over your lap while lying on the bed, you may have a problem with this one. The base of the structure could be hurtful if it rests upon a part of your body.

Also, keep in mind that this cooling pad is not the best when it comes to laptops used for highly demanding tasks such as video games. The fans are not powerful enough to battle off the overheating.


  • Three fans working at 1,400 RPM
  • Two height settings
  • Extra USB ports for drives


  • The fans lack the power to support high demanding tasks like video games

9. KEROLFFU Office Laptop Cooling Pad


This laptop cooling pad doesn’t include many fans, just the two. And yet, their large size provides the amount of power most standard laptops need.

These two fans work at 1,400 RPM, cooling off your computer at a quick rate in less than a minute. Laptops compatible with the cooling pad are those between 12 and 16 inches.

Once you start using it, the cooling pad performs pleasantly. The fans work at a quiet level, and they don’t turn out to be annoying under any circumstances. While they do make some noise, it comes off as a comfortable buzzy sound that should not bother anyone.

For more convenience, this cooling pad has five customizable heights. You’ll be able to set your laptop in the proper position to meet your eye-level, which is very helpful to keep yourself focused on the screen. The height settings also keep the notebooks from falling or sliding.

Moreover, the metal surface does an outstanding job ventilating your laptop. Through the metal mesh, the heat dissipates efficiently, keeping overheating risks at a minimum. Also, the structure has additional USB ports that you can use for a variety of devices if you need them.

We liked the blue lighting, which provides two bright and colorful shapes over the surface. Nonetheless, since there’s no proper way to turn it off, it could be frustrating at times. It doesn’t help that the cooling pad doesn’t turn off automatically when you shut down the computer.


  • Beautiful blue color with a stylish shape
  • Compatible with computers from 12 to 16 inches
  • The fans perform quietly
  • Metal mesh to dissipate the heat
  • USB ports


  • The blue lights are complicated to turn off
  • This cooling pad doesn’t automatically turn off after shutting down the laptop
  • Two fans are not ideal for powerful laptops

10. KLIM Wind Cooling Pad

KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad - Support 11 to 19 Inches Laptops, PS4 -  4 Fans - Light, Quiet Rapid Cooling Action - Ergonomic Ventilated Support - Gamer USB Slim Portable Gaming Stand - Blue

When you look at this cooling pad, you’ll notice it is not as good-looking as the others. The fans are visible, which is not bad, but it doesn’t look as aesthetically appealing as the previous pick.

However, the see-through structure could be an advantage, as it lets you keep track of the fans and their performance.

This cooling pad features four fans, which spin at 1,400 RPM. While active, the mechanism manages to cool off your computer at a fast speed, guaranteeing an excellent performance from the processor. Every area of the laptop receives proper ventilation with this device.

Size compatibility is not disappointing either. This cooling pad covers sizes from 11 to 16 inches, and it is compatible with 17 to 19-inch devices.

Although the laptops may extend a little bit over the edges, it will remain in perfect position with the pad providing enough stability to prevent it from falling off.

Despite not being as good-looking as some of the previous picks, power is something you will not miss when using this cooling pad. It is ideal for laptops of different sizes, and they will support high demanding computers that often create a ridiculous amount of high temperature.

If you decide to go with this product, you may want to keep it away from your lap. Using it to support the laptop over your body while you lay at the couch or the bed is a bad idea, as it will not stand properly. There are high risks of both the pad and your computer falling or hurting you.


  • Comfortable height settings
  • The fans work very quietly
  • It helps to improve the performance of the laptop’s internal fans, enhancing the computer’s efficiency
  • Additional USB ports


  • Not ideal to use over your lap
Laptop Cooling Pads Buying Guide

Features You Have to Consider Before Buying a laptop Cooling Pad

In the next section, we’ll talk about the essential features every cooling pad must offer.

A Mesh Platform

The laptop needs a proper surface to receive airflow and dissipate the high temperatures accordingly. That’s the reason why most cooling pads feature the metal mesh, which has a breathable design to keep air flowing, and thus, get rid of the heat produced by the internal structure of the computer.

Ventilation Fans

Although the amount of fans doesn’t necessarily dictate the quality of a cooling pad, they may be an essential feature when working with highly demanding laptops.

Naturally, having five fans is not the same as having two. The power capacity is not the same, and it may not work well with your computer. Always keep in mind the fans when looking for a cooling pad.

Height Settings

Consider buying a cooling pad that offers at least two adjustable height settings. Of course, some models provide way more than that, as many as seven in some cases, but two is the minimum amount to customize your computer and have it in a comfortable position.


Not every cooling pad has functional controls to activate or deactivate its lights or fans, so you have to keep that in mind if you like customizing your setup to work as you want it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding laptop cooling pads:

How to use a laptop cooling pad?

You need to place the laptop over the platform and secure it using the grips or rubber pads. Then, proceed to change the height setting until it reaches your eye-level for more comfort. Through the control switches, you can control the fans.

How effective are laptop cooling pads?

They improve the laptop’s performance while also enhancing the quality of your experience when you’re using it. For those reasons, we can safely say that they are very useful indeed.

Can I use the cooling pad over my lap?

Yes, but not all of them. Keep in mind that some cooling pads have legs that would feel uncomfortable upon your lap, to the point where they may hurt you.

Are the laptop cooling pad fans silent?

Even if the cooling pads make noise, most of them are not uncomfortable nor unbearable. They may make some noise, so make sure to check out every alternative to find the right one for you.

Can I turn off the laptop cooling pad lights?

Some of the cooling pads reviewed on our list offer the option to turn off their lights. However, not all of them have a control switch for this purpose, which could be very annoying in some scenarios.

Final Words & Recommendation

As you can see, there are multiple cooling pad options that you can choose to customize your setup just the way you want it. First, you need to know what you want to do with it to make the right call.

For video games, you may want to go with the Tree New Bee Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad, as it performs well under high temperatures produced by video games.

However, if you’re a casual laptop user that uses your computer for regular activities such as browsing the web, pretty much every other cooling pad here will be enough.

Choosing the best laptop cooling pad depends on what you want to do with it. Clear your doubts, and proceed to select the one that fits your purposes the better.

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