9 Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives For Android

While Adobe Photoshop may be the undisputed king of photo editing for computers you cannot say the same when it comes to Android devices. It took a long time for Adobe to create an app for Android users and when they did it was pretty disappointing.

The reason for the disappointment is that Adobe chose to break down Photoshop into different apps. Each of these apps performs a different task. Most users want a photo editing app where they can do everything in one go so Android users were not pleased with this mish-mash of Photoshop.

But fear not my friends, fortunately, there are a number of very good Photoshop alternatives for Android that will help you to edit your photos all within the same app. I’ve been looking at these apps and testing them and now I can bring you the 9 best Photoshop alternatives for Android.

Best Photoshop Alternatives For Your Android Devices

1. Pixlr – Free

Pixlr is one of the best Photoshop alternatives for Android that you will find. It is great for photo editing and the retouching of images and it has many features such as overlays, effects and filters. It is really easy to edit images on the fly with Pixlr and there is a useful layer edit feature so that you can blend images together.

There are other great features with Pixlr too such as masking, color fixing, text overlay, photo collages, focal blur, using a pencil drawing to style images, poster effects and ink sketches to name but a few.

Pixlr is a free app but you will have to put up with ads which truthfully I didn’t find that annoying. There are more than two million combinations of free overlays, effects and filters in Pixlr and it is great to use.

2. Snapseed – Free

Google now owns Snapseed and it is another fine Photoshop alternative for Android. Snapseed has many users who love the easy to use interface and I must say that I like it too. I found that editing my photos was really easy and you have all the right tools in the right places with Snapspeed.

I’d never used Snapseed before but I was able to use it straight away. It is an ideal app for those new to photo editing on their Android device. There are a ton of great features in Snapseed including reshaping tools, a healing brush, masking, exposure and more. The filters are really good and they didn’t make my photos look fake.

Not only is Snapseed free but there are no ads either! This is an incredible photo editor app for Android that you just have to try. When you edit it is non-destructive so you can play around as much as you want.

3. PicsArt Photo Studio – Free with in app purchases

PicsArt Photo Studio is an extremely popular Photoshop alternative for Android. In fact, it’s so popular that the app has had over 500 million downloads. PicsArt Photo Studio is not just a good photo editor but you can also use it to retouch your photos. I had a lot of fun using the various effects on my images.

Within PicsArt Photo Studio there is a free clip art library, millions of stickers created by users and some awesome drawing tools to create memes and other great content to share. On the photo editing side, you have filters, tools for cutouts, curves for adjustment, crop, text tool, stretch and clone.

I had a great time using PicsArt Photo Studio. The only bad thing I’ll say about it is that the ads are pretty big and can certainly be annoying. There are in-app purchases and you can get rid of the ads.

4. Toolwiz Photos Pro Editor – Free with in app Purchases

I found Toolwiz Photos to be another great Photoshop alternative for Android. I was able to enhance and retouch my images easily and there are over 200 tools for editing. One of the best things about Toolwiz Photos was its advanced tools for color correction. You can use auto tone, levels, color transfer, RGB, gradient map, contrast and brightness.

There are tons of other useful features too such as support for doodling, filters, text overlay, effects, paint styles, watermarking, different blurs, stickers, HDR, borders and frames. Unless you are a professional photo editor you will not use half of these great tools.

You can download and install Toolwiz Photos free but there are ads. Use the in-app purchase facility to turn them off. This photo editing app is now very popular among Android users and it is easy to see why.

5. AirBrush Easy Photo Editor – Free with in app Purchases

If you want a photo editing app that will allow you to enhance your photos to make them look better then AirBrush Easy Photo Editor is a good Photoshop alternative for android. If you take a lot of selfies and really want to enhance them by getting rid of blemishes, making your teeth whiter, make your skin smooth, make you thinner and brighten your eyes then get this.

AirBrush Easy Photo Editor is really all about making beauty edits and it’s very good at it. Selfies are all the rage these days and I was even able to make myself look a lot better than I normally do! There are a lot of great filters you can use to enhance the beauty and the app handles any kind of skin.

If you want to do more than beauty edits then maybe AirBrush Easy photo Editor is not the right choice. It is a free app but there are a lot of ads which you can get rid of by purchasing in-app.

6. Multi Layer Photo Editor – Free with in app Purchases

If you like using layers with your photo editing then the Multi Layer Photo Editor is a good choice of Photoshop alternatives for Android. As a pretty novice photo editor, I found that this app was easy to use and I was up and running in no time. It has a number of useful features in the layer department and you add layers with a tap.

Something that sets the Multi Layer Photo Editor apart from other photo editing apps is the ability to begin with a blank canvas. Other good features include shape overlays, filters, text overlay, paints, a background eraser, stickers and frames.

You can download and install the Multi Layer Photo Editor app for free on your Android device but you will have to put up with ads. There are a number of in-app purchases and you can disable the ads.

7. Fotor Photo Editor – Free with in app Purchases

If making photo collages is your thing then you will find the Fotor Photo Editor to be a good Photoshop alternative for Android. It is also a good app for the application of pre-configured effects to your images. Within the app there is a huge amount of filters and effects and the range of editing tools is impressive too.

I had great fun playing around with different styles such as black and white, film, kaleidoscope and vintage. For your collages, there are a number of templates so that you can add your photos and create a work of art.

If you are interested in monetizing your photos then you can use the app to add your images to the PXBee marketplace. You can also participate in regular photo competitions. I did find the interface a bit cluttered, to be honest, but this is a solid photo editing app otherwise.

8. Desygner – Free with in app Purchases


One of the top best image editor available for Android and IOS, Create logos, Banner, Cards, Menus, Invitation. Removing background image has never been easy but in Desygner in just takes couple of seconds and your good to go. It also has PDF Editor, and Image Animator. In short, I can almost do everything in this tool. Desygner will keep all files editable for you, no matter what type they are. Keep all formatting, elements, and fonts in your document. You can edit the entire document or individual pages without affecting the quality.

It has thousands of templates you will never get tired of choosing, in addition it has access to 125 million shutterstock image. Using a Desygner DAM SOftware, you can easily manage and track your digital assets and layouts with the click of a button. Have secure access to all of your assets regardless of the device you are using. Our Digital Asset Management ensures brand consistency while streamlining your workload.

9. PhotoDirector – Free with in app Purchases

Our last great Photoshop alternative for Android is PhotoDirector. I played around with this for a while and I loved the live camera effects and filters as well as the collage maker. The ability to enhance your photos before you take them is rare with these apps and PhotoDirector certainly gets plus points for this.

There are lots of other good features with PhotoDirector such as contrast sliders, photo bomber removal, exposure, HSL sliders, darkness, RGB channels and brightness. It took me a while to get used to this photo editing app but the time spent learning was worth it.

I love the fact that you can remove objects from your photos easily with PhotoDirector. You can download and install the app for free but you will have to put up with ads that are not too bad.

What Photoshop Alternative for Android should you go for?

Having spent time playing around with all of these photo editing apps it was really hard for me to choose a winner. It is really hard to beat the features offered by Pixlr and Snapseed and I am going to award it to Snapseed because there are no ads!

If you just want to make your selfies look better then AirBrush Easy Photo Editor might be the best for you but you won’t be able to do much else. Toolwiz is good for enhancing and retouching photos. To be honest all of these apps are good Photoshop alternatives for Android so try them all to see which one you like the best.

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