The Best Cassette Player Reviews [Top 10 Picks for 2022]

Before the modern era, cassette players were the best form of portable entertainment. Back in the 80s, music lovers would love to carry one of these with them everywhere. Surprisingly enough, they are still popular and sought after in this era where smartphones and other advanced devices rule the market!

Yup, there is still love for these retro devices as they can play your vintage cassettes and give you a taste of the glorious past! So, it’s possible to get the best cassette player on the market and listen to your favorite track, 80s style! They offer a distinct flavor that other devices just can’t match!

10 Best Cassette Players Review

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We’ve diligently put together a list of the high-quality cassette players that are sure to give you an amazing experience. Let’s dive right in!

1. Byron Statics Cassette Player

Byron Statics Portable Cassette Players Recorders FM AM Radio Walkman Tape Player Built In Mic External Speakers Manual Record VAS Automatic Stop System 2AA Battery Or USB Power Supply Headphone

Besides sporting the signature vintage-style design, the Byron Statics has become a favorite through its remarkable portability. It comes with all the desired features and more!

In addition to being small and compact, this retro device comes with a belt clip so that you can easily carry it around. It’s quite solid with cleverly placed buttons. They are easily visible and smooth enough to press.

This model offers a simple plug and play feature. You can hook it up with your cherished old cassette, hit the play button, and enjoy tracks instantly. The speaker is loud and crisp enough, but you can also listen through a 3.5mm jack earphone!

There is also a recording option where you can record your favorite FM radio shows, or songs and save them into a blank tape. That’s right, it streams the radio as well! Running on two AA batteries, you’ll get decent runtime. Besides, it allows you to connect it to a USB power supply.

Also, this is one of the best portable cassette player units that will play all your favorite cassette tapes!


  • Lightweight, compact, and attractive design
  • Offers crisp clear and loud audio
  • Capable of streaming FM radio
  • Built-in mic and recording function


  • Build quality could be better

2. Jensen SCR-68C

Jensen SCR-68C Stereo Cassette Player with AM/FM Radio

The Jensen SCR-68C boasts an attractive and stylish appearance but, most importantly, plays any cassette tape flawlessly! You’d be taken in by its vintage look instantly if you’re looking for them.

This model is incredibly easy to carry since it weighs a few ounces and has a compact structure that fits right into your pocket. You can also let it hang using the belt clip that this one comes with.

And you’ll enjoy high-quality audio using the stereo earbuds. So, go ahead and bring out your old collection of the classic tapes and listen to them again! Or, stay connected to your favorite radio stations since this device can also play FM radio.

Controlling the player is super easy thanks to the number of old-school style buttons for play, fast-forward or stop. Enjoy hours of continuous tracks as the player rests in your pocket or perhaps your hand just like you did back in those days!


  • Highly affordable and definitely a bang for the buck
  • Offers fantastic sound quality
  • Stereo earbuds are free with the device
  • Compact and lightweight enough to be highly portable


  • Requires a headset to work

3. Sony WM-FX197

Sony WM-FX197 AM/FM Cassette Walkman

Sony’s Walkmans were a pretty big deal back in the day because of their excellent quality and top-notch performance. The WM-FX197 is another fantastic device to bring your fav audio tracks with you wherever you go!

And the sleek and slim design makes it lightweight and compact enough to be easy to carry. It will fit in your palm or securely rest inside your pocket. So, you’ll be able to spice up those boring times with your favorite tunes all the time!

This thing offers a really deep and rich sound thanks to the mega-bass technology. Additionally, the AVLS feature will ensure listening comfort by limiting the volume level.

It plays all types of old cassette tapes without any issue, so pop in one of them and enjoy the songs without any interruption. Alternatively, you can tune into your preferred AM/FM radio channel.

On just two AA batteries, this one can run for 25 hours straight! So, no hassle of frequent recharging or running out of charge all too soon!


  • Comes with a belt clip and a high-quality stereo headphone
  • Enhanced sound quality aided by the brand’s mega-bass technology
  • Easy to carry as it’s quite slim and lightweight
  • Incredible battery backup of 25 hours


  • It’s pretty expensive

4. GPX BCA209B Portable

GPX BCA209B Portable Am/FM Boombox with CD and Cassette Player, Black

The GPX BCA209B is an interesting device with exceptional quality to give you amazing listening experience. With its modern look and sublime design, you’ll be playing your favorite mixes in style!

This device is a bit bulkier than the previous ones but still small enough to be portable. The portability is enhanced by the carry handle. Well, the bulkiness actually allows it to equip more features. Besides being a cassette player, it can play your CDs as well!

Another great thing about this one is that it’s a small boombox with powerful stereo speakers, securely placed inside a metal speaker grill. So, you can groove in loud and clear classic tunes!

You can simply plug it into your home’s AC outlet or use the batteries to power it up when you’re on the move. Additionally, it allows you to listen to any AM/FM radio station.


  • A small device with powerful stereo speakers
  • Offers loud and crisp clear sound
  • Capable of playing both CDs and cassette tapes
  • Sports an appealing modern design


  • The tuning knobs feel kind of tight


JENSEN MCR-100 Cassette Player/Recorder

This particular model of cassette player was a favorite among a lot of audiobook lovers in the past. Jensen has brought it back in the signature “shoebox” style with all the qualities that made this one famous!

The top part works as a cassette deck where you can pop in your tapes and start playing them. You can also record anything you want. And the nicely placed buttons make it easy to control. Additionally, the voice control, along with the one-touch record button feature, makes this thing a lot more convenient!

It has a rather compact design and comes with a carrying handle to make it portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. For recordability, this device is equipped with an internal microphone, but if you want to use an external microphone, that’s possible, too, using a jack.

Another convenient feature is the aux input jack that allows you to connect it with your modern digital audio devices like MP3 player, iPod. Overall, this is a remarkable portable device with multiple features at an affordable price.


  • Super easy to operate
  • Boasts Jensen’s unique “shoebox” design
  • Fitted with internal microphone
  • Can easily connect with digital music players


  • Cheap build quality

6. Sony CFDS70-BLK

Sony CFDS70-BLK CD/MP3 Cassette Boombox Home Audio Radio, Black, With Aux

The Sony CFDS70 is a small yet powerful boombox that you can rely on to play all your favorite soundtracks in their best forms. This premium device offers a refined listening experience that is almost unmatched! Being able to play both cassette tapes and CDs, this is much more than a cassette player.

Sure, it’s a bit heavier and bigger than the average ones, but that’s something you would have to agree with if you want the versatility it offers. You’ll still be able to bring this one out with you just about anywhere!

This unit offers a full-function stereo sound aided by the top-notch speakers. It will shuffle your playlist to enhance your experience. With this thing, you can play any AM/FM radio station you want. Found something you want to record? Let this machine do that for you!

You will get 19 hours of constant battery backup. Using the aux audio input, you’ll be able to connect it to any digital audio media.


  • Capable of playing both tapes and CDs
  • Allows you to enjoy clear sound
  • Works as an FM/AM radio with 30 stations capability
  • Can easily be hooked up with other digital audio devices


  • Does not come with skip functionality

7. Jaras Limited Edition Portable

Jaras Limited Edition Portable AM/FM Radio Personal Cassette Player Compact Lightweight Design Stereo AM/FM Radio Cassette Player/Recorder & Built in Speakers

If you’re a fan of the old school things and can’t get enough of them, allow this remarkable device to take you on a nostalgic trip! This cassette player is well-equipped to play any cassette tape of the previous era.

Bring it out and pop your favorite cassette player into this device when you go out and enjoy uninterrupted radio for hours at times! No matter where you go, this one can be the perfect companion to play the tunes you love as it’s compact and lightweight.

Apart from being a music player, it’s also a recorder so you can record whatever you want with it. Thanks to the mini-speaker on the front, you’ll be able to enjoy soundtracks without using an earphone. Or you can just plug in your headset and escape from the annoying sounds, replacing them with your preferred tunes.

Aided by the AM/FM radio tuner, you can tune it to choose whatever radio station you prefer. The button feels solid and satisfying as they work perfectly.


  • An excellent cassette player/recorder
  • Offers crisp clear and enjoyable sound quality
  • Lets you stay connected to any AM/FM radio station
  • Comes in a compact design


  • The built-in mic offers subpar performance

8. Victrola VBB-10-SLV

Victrola VBB-10-SLV 1980's Bluetooth Boombox with Cassette Player and AM/FM Radio, Silver

We’ve got an affordable boombox for you that comes with a distinct 1980s style design but equipped with modern features. So, this will allow you to enjoy the conveniences of modern technology while remaining true to the past era.

This one is pretty big compared to the others and plays any cassette tapes with ease. Well, the bigger size allows it to provide some extra features. For starters, the built-in stereo speakers can go super loud without reducing the quality of the sound, allowing you to enjoy a truly immersive experience.

You’ll be able to stream your favorite songs wirelessly from a distance thanks to its Bluetooth technology. Anything you record can be saved right into a USB device instead of empty cassette tapes, which are definitely a lot more convenient these days.

Additional features include a nice little LED clock that displays time accurately, 3.5 auxiliary input, a headphone jack, etc. Best of all, you can get your hands on it for a very small price!


  • A powerful device to play soundtracks loudly
  • Equipped with Bluetooth technology for wireless streaming
  • Carrying handle makes it easier to carry
  • Jampacked with multiple features


  • It’s quite heavy compared to the others

9. DIGITNOW Cassette Player

Cassette Player-Cassette Tape to MP3 CD Converter- Powered by Battery or USB,Convert Walkman Tape Cassette to MP3, Compatible with Laptop and PC, USB Cable,Software CD,3.5mm Jack Earphone-DIGITNOW

The DIGITNOW cassette player is the one you need for playing your cassette tapes like the good old days. This one will help you rediscover your favorite tunes!

Despite being a retro-looking device, this one is actually fitted with digital technology. The best thing about it is that you can convert your cassette tapes into MP3 formats. So, you can save your old collection from decaying and getting lost forever!

This thing easily hooks up into any modern device like laptop, iPod, smartphone so you can save your tracks in digital format without any problem. To make this even easier, the required software comes pre-included!

Leaving this converter feature aside, it performs impressively as an old-fashioned cassette player. Using the easy-to-press buttons, you can control the entire unit.  Besides, it’s astoundingly cheap, so buying this would barely scratch your wallet!


  • Allows you to convert old cassette to modern digital format
  • Small enough to fit just about any convenient place
  • Everything comes included with the device
  • Offers the classic experience you’re looking for


  • Does not include any speaker

10. By-Heart Cassette Player

Cassette Player, By-Heart Portable Walkman Cassette Player Audio Music Player Convert Tapes from USB to Digital MP3 with Earphones Compatible for Laptop/PC/Mac

This is another multipurpose retro-style device that includes digital features. So, you can relive the listening experience of the past while enjoying the conveniences of modern technology.

Cassette tapes cannot last for a long time. With them, your precious recorded memories can disappear forever. But you can save them by using this device to convert them into MP3 or WAV formats and store them digitally!

You can take it out with you as move around as it’s a handheld tool. So, you’ll get to enjoy the soundtracks on the go! Listening is possible either through an earphone that comes with this thing or by plugging it into another device using the 3.5mm aux input.

For powering this unit up, you can rely on 2 AA batteries or USB power to charge it up. It can run for a long time before needing new batteries or recharge. Everything comes free with the product, including a CD containing the required software.

And this affordable piece of equipment won’t just play the tunes you like, it will also make sure the treasured audio files in your cassette tapes are saved and secured!


  • A multipurpose device with a classic appearance
  • Capable of saving your audio by converting them into digital formats
  • The small and compact design makes it easy to carry
  • Comes at a very affordable price


  • No built-in speaker

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cassette players still available?

Yes! Many companies still make cassette tape players, both portable and stationery. When shopping online, different brands and models are available to choose from.

Are cassette players coming back?

Yes, the audio cassette is making a comeback. The cassette tapes have been brought back to life by audiophiles worldwide. For decades, no one used them, and no Walkman cared about them. According to the entertainment data tracker Luminate, tape sales increased from 173,000 in 2020 to 343,000 in 2021. So far in 2022, sales have increased to 215,000, which is a sign of more growth.

Do cassettes sound better than CDs?

Noise intrusion might be more noticeable in a cassette due to the magnetic tape limits, affecting the sound quality. Even a noise-reduced cassette will have a lower signal-to-noise ratio than a CD. Given these factors, it’s clear that CDs are a better option than cassettes.

Why are cassettes making a comeback?

It looks like nostalgia is the only thing driving this comeback. In the 1980s, cassettes were the most popular way to listen to music. They were the most popular for a decade before CDs took over.

How long do cassette tapes last?

Your audio cassette tapes can last for 30 years if you take good care of them. But a lot of things can make that lifespan much shorter. You’ve probably already done the math at this point. Because it has been over 30 years, there is a possibility that your cassette tapes will be damaged.

Does anyone make new cassette players?

Everyone knows that vinyl LPs have made a comeback in the past few years, but it looks like the humble analog cassette tape may also be on its way back. In light of this, a French entrepreneur is now producing a cassette player designed for modern times.

Are cassette tapes worth keeping?

The value of a cassette tape depends on how well-known the band is, how old it is, and whether or not the music was recorded professionally. Unsurprisingly, cassette tapes from popular bands sell better than others. You might be lucky if you have got some David Bowie or Def Leppard!

Why do people still listen to cassettes?

Unlike a digital file, it is frequently considered as a cultural return to an iconic medium steeped in musical history that people can feel, hold, and experience together. Although they may be less iconic, cassettes also represent significant cultural moments for music enthusiasts.


Now that we’ve reached the end, you should be quite familiar with several incredible cassette players. We’ve included all the details you’d look for in order to make your purchasing decision. If you still can’t land on a product, we’d suggest the Byron Statics Cassette Player because it offers superior performance.

This product excels at playing all kinds of cassette tapes. Since it’s so small and compact, you can practically take it anywhere you want. This one offers the right kind of value and price ratio. Investing in it will not be a mistake.

And this concludes our quest for finding the best cassette player. Hopefully, you’ve already found a suitable one and ready to enjoy your time, classic-style!

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  1. I have had several portable cassette players. Some were accidentally dropped on a hard floor and eventually became defective, or they came to me defective. I want a tape player that’s going to last a lot longer than a couple of months. Which player do you recommend for durability and quality? Forget Sony. They’re too expensive.

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