10 Useful Extensions for Popular Browsers

The Internet is one of the essential things that people use now in this present time. All things are now being converted into a digital platform.

There is about 80% of the world’s population who use the Internet every day and a browser is one of the frequent items being used daily.

When using any browser, it is also important to have extensions as they are a big help just like for those who offer creative writing services.

The use of an extension to any browser allows users to get things done easily and this can be seen when you avail medical school essay samples online.

The use of the Internet, specifically the different browsers is the common activity that people do particularly with the student. As of the present, different browsers are commonly used depending on the preferences of the user.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge are some of the known common browsers being used. 

Extensions for Popular Browsers and How They Can be Helpful to Users

1. Grammarly

This is one of the most used extensions for any browser, either by the student or regular users. This extension has been developed to help users to correct any grammar issues and other writing-related tasks and give a suitable output to the readers. This extension comes with a free version that can be used by most people with their daily assignments, while a paid one for an upgrade is available for people who got a level-up task that needs thorough help with their work.

2. LastPass

This extension is common for both office professionals and students. The purpose of this one is to let your different usernames and passwords be stored in a safe place. In using LastPass the user will just need to click on the saved credentials then they are good to go and gain access. One advantage of using this extension is that it allows users to have safe storage and they will lessen the risk of forgetting important details when it comes to accessing a site or an application on the Internet.

3. Loom

For a recording purpose, this extension is one of the most used because it can capture your screen activity and share it immediately with others. The accessibility of using Loon allows users to have quick access when an emergency recording is needed during meetings or webinars. This application gives the user a huge help during and after their ongoing activity on the web.

4. Volume Master

This particular extension is commonly used in a browser, especially when the video you are watching has a low volume. The application allows you to increase the volume by about 600%, which you can control with the browser tab.

5. Microsoft Translator

If you are a student, then this extension is one of the sought-after in usage. It can translate a page when it is in a foreign language, and you can easily read the content without any problem. For most students and researchers, Microsoft Translator is a gem that you can use to accomplish a certain task specifically when the web page you are visiting for important information is not in the common language that you are using.

6. Honey

Most people who are Internet users are shopping online, and with the use of Honey, you can specifically save money while doing a purchase. The application has been developed to detect coupon codes that can be used for 10,000 online shops and enable people to save money while they shop. The extraordinary function Honey makes it popular in the Internet shopping industry does give a satisfying reason for people to shop and save at the same time.

7. Bit.ly

This is one of the most used and popular extensions for students and professionals at present. Bitly allows users to shorten any link they are using and for sharing so that it will look good and clean when being posted or delivered to others. The developer makes a good tool in it because it allows the user to make any link presentable and easy to click when posted in a very important link.

8. BuzzSumo

This is for people or students who are in a bit of technology when it comes to web pages, BuzzSumo is commonly used to see the insight of the website they are visiting. When a user clicks the extension then they can see the metrics such as several backlinks and also on how much engagement your content is generating. For people who are into SEO, this extension is a good find and very useful with their daily activity.

9. Buffer

Most people nowadays are into social media that is why using Buffer as an extension is a powerful one. This helps users to manage different social media platforms and schedule their content for posting at the same time in one place. The Free version allows users to link 3 social media accounts, and when they need more, they can always upgrade their subscription to maximize its function.

10. Google Calendar

As a busy professional and student, keeping a recorded schedule in Google Calendar is a big help. This allows users to check their appointment with just one click and also to quick scheduling when an emergency schedule is for posting.


These useful Extensions for Popular browsers are lifesaving tools that every Internet user can have for their daily activity. The development of such extensions is done for the sole reason of helping users to have easy access to their needed tools to accomplish their tasks every day. Browser Extensions are part of daily essentials in our digital industry thus it makes our life easier.

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