What Is A Gaming Laptop?

Laptops have become a trendy and useful form of PC because of their portability feature. They have redefined the meaning of using a PC because of their close competition with their desktop counterparts.

Although laptops aren’t as flexible as desktops, they can excel in the right objective if you buy the correct one.

Due to the problem of not being able to change any parts in the CPU of your laptop, many kinds of laptops were built to meet the needs of different people. A gaming laptop is one such laptop type that has the built-in specs to play any game in its highest resolution. These laptops are the ultimate readymade gaming solution.

Brief Gaming Laptop Experience

Suppose you have a gaming laptop and bought it anytime in the last decade. You can run all the latest AAA games of the 21st century without any worry. However, you’ll have a tough time maintaining the overheating of your laptop, which will force you to buy a cooling pad.

Nonetheless, you’ll have the best experience of your life for the few years you use this laptop. You will have the technological advantage over other non-gaming pc gamers and always play online games with the smoothest fps. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to run the laptop for more than 2 hours without charging.

lenovo legion gaming laptop

Who Needs A Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops are a type of laptop that is not built for office work and video editing. So, keep in mind that gaming is your priority because gaming laptops are among the most expensive laptops on the planet. If any or all of the criteria mentioned below are similar to your demands, you should look forward to buying a gaming laptop.

Professional Gaming

Professional gamers need a gaming desktop and a gaming laptop more than anyone. They have to grind for over 8-10hours a day to perfect their skills and master their craft. Online gaming is no piece of cake because you will be going up against other humans who have the same skills as you.

Such gamers make a livelihood through online gaming tournaments, so it should come off as their source of bread and butter. Gaming laptops represent the ability to play games anywhere if the gamer has any mandatory work but can’t ignore their game time.

YouTube Game Guides

A YouTuber specializing in showing easier walkthroughs of newly released games needs a gaming laptop. Most YouTubers these days don’t have enough time to set up a whole desktop CPU part by part, so buying a readymade gaming laptop is the fastest and easiest option.

Looking at the job from another perspective, such YouTubers get money from views, likes, and subscribers. Therefore, the game needs to run in its best graphics and fps so that the viewer can enjoy the game and learn the walkthroughs.

Live Streaming Gamers

Live Streaming has become a massive trend in the last few years and most gamers of today’s youth earn tons of money through live Streaming their favorite video games. There are also communities built up by their fans and followers around these live streamers.

If you desire to become a live streaming gamer, you need to get a gaming laptop ASAP and grind for a few weeks on the latest games. A gaming laptop will never lag while streaming and playing games simultaneously because it’s built that way. On the contrary, low graphics streaming will undoubtedly get fewer viewers.

Game Fanatics

Gaming laptops can excel outside the online gaming industry through single-player and storytelling games. Most gamers in the present world are not professional gamers, but game fanatics popularly referred to as geeks. Gaming laptops are a must for someone who goes mad over new games.

To have the ability to carry your PC everywhere and play the latest games anywhere without lags or fps drops is a blessing. Anyone who keeps gaming as a hobby wants a game to provide themselves with the best experience possible. That’s when gaming laptops enter the discussion and solve the puzzles.

Disadvantages of A Gaming Laptop

Like the name, gaming laptops are only great for gaming and other small game-related tasks. These laptops tend to sacrifice a lot of useful features present in a desktop or a regular laptop just to provide its user with a top-notch gaming experience.

Bad Battery Backup

Gaming laptops have the worst built-in batteries on the planet. The processor stays under intense pressure to provide the best performance for gaming which leads to draining the battery in under 2 hours without charging. Most gaming laptops can stay in a standby state for 2 hours at most before shutting down for good.

Low Lifespan

Gaming requires a lot of memory to process complicated tasks in a short time. The so-called “Game Mode” in gaming laptops creates an artificial pressure on the entire motherboard by clearing out necessary and unnecessary tasks so that you can play the game smoothly. It damages the various components of the laptop and gives up after 2-3 years of continuous abuse.

latpop overheat warning

Unnatural Overheating

A gaming laptop overheats way more than a regular laptop while playing high-end games. There have even been reports of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) frying itself due to excessive heat. For this reason, you have to maintain a schedule between gaming and letting the laptop cool down.

Steep Price

Buying a gaming laptop that will last for 4years if you’re lucky for a cutthroat price is obnoxious. So, it’s best to decide if you need to have a gaming laptop or not. It would help if you also kept in mind that most parts of a gaming laptop are irreplaceable, and you’ll have to adjust with them whether you like it or not.


Gaming laptops are the most beneficial readymade gaming devices if you are the person who needs them.

Unless you’re one of those people, you should consider buying a regular laptop or a desktop for flexible gaming.

Whatever you do, remember that your actions have consequences, and a gaming laptop may break up your bank balance.

So, this is the complete discussion regarding present-day gaming laptops. All the advantages and disadvantages of owning a gaming laptop have been mentioned and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these laptops are good for gaming and gaming only. All you need to know about buying gaming laptops is here.

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