How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last?

Laptops are the portable desktops of the new generation!

Different kinds of laptops have been made in the last decade to make the best utilization of this trait. Business laptops, gaming laptops, and cost-effective laptops have become widely popular because of their key features.

The kind of laptops specialized to excel in gaming and gaming alone is the Gaming Laptops. These are the most suitable laptops for gaming and can run all present games with the highest definition graphics.

Unfortunately, such power sacrifices a lot of qualities, including the endurance of a regular laptop.

Common Gaming Laptop Features

Gaming laptops are built with a single objective in mind: superior gaming. Present-day gaming laptops are top-rated among teenagers and adults for their smooth gaming facilities all the time.

However, problems are more to occur in a gaming laptop than in other notebooks.

A gaming laptop always has the best GPU, SSD, Huge RAM, and the latest processor. It also has a better cooling system compared to other laptops.

On the other hand, a gaming laptop won’t last over 2 hours without charging, overheating too soon, and breaking down faster.

A gaming laptop can handle all kinds of games of the present day and for the next few years without losing fps. Unfortunately, since laptops tend to overheat faster than desktops, they last way less than a business laptop. Using up all the CPU powers is only possible when using a gaming laptop.

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

Why Do Gaming Laptops Have Low Lives

The thing about gaming laptops is that it’s optimized to run games of all kinds and requirements, even at the cost of their destruction. To be completely honest, a laptop isn’t a suitable device for gaming because of the heating problem that damages the whole laptop over time.

Since the laptop has all its parts in an enclosed space and has very little room for upgrades, it’s also at a disadvantage. So, the developers have made these laptops to provide you with the best experience for the few years you will use them.

A good example of gaming laptops having low life expectancy is the use of game mode. When the game mode is turned on, the whole RAM is cleared off of necessary and running programs to clear up space for smooth gaming. This affects the PC slowly, which gradually becomes fatal after a year.

Additionally, no other program takes up the whole RAM to accomplish tasks like high-end gaming does.

Is A Gaming Laptop Worth It

Gaming Laptops in Other Sectors

You can play low-end games, edit videos, and do office work on a regular laptop, but that’s not the case for gaming laptops. To obtain the highly sought-after achievement of gaming anywhere, gaming laptops have to sacrifice too many uses of a regular laptop.

Office Works

The office works like using MS word, excel, and PowerPoint is an ordinary matter for gaming laptops. However, using it to project images of documents or use it with a printer or scanner can be quite painful. The process is usually slow and may require troubleshooting from time to time.

Photoshop and Video Editing

Gaming laptops are not the best laptops for editing videos and photos, but they get the job done. Such programs usually create more overheating for the laptop, which is harmful and damages the internal parts. However, you can use almost all the video editing software on the present gaming laptops.

Streaming Videos & Browsing

You won’t have any problems streaming videos and browsing while using gaming laptops. It’s more than capable of handling 4K Resolution videos, and you can open tons of tabs while browsing. The latest-gen processor and overkilling RAM in the gaming laptop give superior coverage all the time.

Battery Life

Gaming laptops are well-known for having the worst batteries that can stay alive for 2hours at most without gaming. They require a stable supply of electricity 24/7 and can’t use the full potential of the laptop only through the battery. Meanwhile, regular laptops can last over 8 hours while using various programs.

Laptop Endurance

Gaming laptops overheat quite a lot and can’t be used continuously for a long time. It’s usually advised not to continuously play games on a gaming laptop for more than 6 hours. This destroys the battery sooner and damages the GPU more effectively.

what is the lifespan of a gaming laptop

How to Make Gaming Laptops Last Longer

It’s not true that all gaming laptops end their life after a few consecutive years of abuse. A gaming laptop can outlive a business laptop if you can handle it properly. Some minor changes in your maintenance system can make your laptop stand out from other laptops in life expectancy.

1. Reduce Gaming Addiction

It’s no surprise that a game addict has bought a gaming laptop for gaming anywhere, anytime. But if you wish to keep your laptop alive for more extended periods, don’t play games continuously for more than 3 hours. This will create a balance between the overheating and the processing speed of the laptop.

2. Play When Charging

Unlike other laptops, a gaming laptop is the most damaged when you use its battery life to play high-end video games. So, plug your laptop into a stable electricity source before starting your desired games. In addition to that, try to shut down your laptop when it begins to overheat.

3. Gaming Mode Off

Different features like the gaming mode in gaming laptops are an excellent way to experience video games with the best fps. Meanwhile, the damage done by such programs is irreparable. So, try to avoid using the game mode and all so-called “gaming upgrade” software as much as possible. All it does is create more pressure on your laptop’s internal processing.

4. Weekly Maintenance

Keep your gaming laptop in a dust-free room, and don’t eat near your laptop. Additionally, clean your laptop every week and take it for internal and external maintenance. Your laptop will reward you by lasting longer than expected and taking more abuse.

5. Don’t Push Your Laptop

Some gamers get furious while gaming and begin to grind without caring about their laptop’s well-being. Don’t grind on your gaming laptop or push the resolution limits because this only results in overheating that gradually damage the whole motherboard. Play safe and try to have fun while gaming.

Final Words

Gaming laptops cost way more than other laptops and have a shorter lifespan.

But the gaming experience that it provides during this short duration is not possible in any other kind of laptop. So, it’s no doubt that gaming laptops last for about 3-4 years at best.

Since the price tag for gaming laptops is so high, you should always be confident that you’re making the right decision and accept that the laptop will last for four years.

Rest assured, you can expect the best experience while gaming in these few years from these laptops. Have a good game!

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