Is 32GB RAM Overkill For You?

If you are willing to buy a new computer, you might be having trouble choosing the size of your RAM.

Well, most of the computers are shipped with 8 gigabytes of RAM, and even the least priced motherboards support 32 gigabytes of RAM at ease. So, you might be thinking of getting a lot of RAM as the larger amount of RAM never hurts.

Getting multiple sticks of RAM can be helpful for some people, but many people won’t even be able to use that many resources.

Now the question is, is 32GB RAM overkill for you?

Let’s find out.

Why Do You Need 32GB RAM?

Before answering this question, think of the tasks you want to accomplish using your computer. You might want to use Microsoft Office, browse the internet, watch movies, etc. In that case, 8GB of RAM will be enough. But there are people out there who want to do more. Let’s find out who needs 32 gigabytes of RAM for working. If you are one of them, you should consider getting 32GB RAM for your PC.

  • Gamers: If you are a hardcore gamer, you might have noticed that most games recommend having 16 gigabytes of RAM in the system. Having 16GB RAM will help you achieve optimal performance. But for a competitive gamer who streams and plays high demanding games simultaneously, 16 gigabytes of RAM is never enough. That’s when you need 32GB RAM.
  • Video Editors: For a person who works as a video editor would need as much RAM and GPU as possible. Video editing programs like DaVinci Resolve recommend 32GB RAM if you want to use fusion with it. Even if you’re going to edit large images with your favorite image editing programs like Adobe Photoshop, you would also wish to have 32 gigabytes of RAM.
  • Programmers: If you are a programmer, you might need to test your programs on different platforms before publishing them. But you cannot have multiple platforms running simultaneously on your computer unless you use a virtual machine. With 32GB RAM, you can run multiple virtual machines and allocate enough RAM for them without slowing your system down.
  • Game developers: Having more RAM will help a lot for a game developer. Engines like Unity require 32GB RAM for working, and you can even consider 64GB RAM for building high graphics games. So, if you are a game developer, 32GB RAM is not overkilling.

When Can 32GB RAM Be Overkill?

32gigs of RAM is no simple memory size for the present PC generation. Such enormous power can completely dominate all other PCs and never lag even if you continuously run the CPU for days. However, 32GB RAM isn’t necessary for most tasks and can be overkill.

Firstly, writing documents, making spreadsheets, and making PowerPoint presentations require a few megabytes of RAM to accomplish. You can even complete all of them simultaneously, and the most memory you could use would be half a gig. You can realize that buying a PC with 32GB of RAM is undoubtedly overkill if your main goal is to do daily office work.

Secondly, streaming videos on Netflix & Amazon Prime or browsing high-profile websites don’t require a 32GB RAM PC. Such mediocre tasks take up about 4GB of RAM and can stream 4K Resolution videos without any hassle. Using a PC that is almost 15 times the power necessary to stream can be considered overkill.

Thirdly, 3D painting or graphics designing are some very important employment opportunities in the current generation. Nevertheless, they take up very little memory to run smoothly and don’t need a God-like powerhouse like 32GB of RAM. A simple PC with 4GB of RAM is enough to do such activities.

Finally, you will never need 32gigs of RAM just to do your online classes. 32GB of RAM isn’t cheap and If you have a computer with 4-8GB of RAM, you can easily run online classes on Google Meet or Zoom without worrying about frame drops. So, it’s wise to save that RAM stick money and buy something more useful.

Is 32GB RAM Worth It?

The current generation of PCs has a minimum requirement of 4GB RAM, whereas 4GB RAM was considered a luxury a decade ago. It’s almost guaranteed that with the rapidly changing pace of PC evolution, 32GB RAM will become a necessity in the next 10-20 years.

By buying 32 gigs of RAM, the only profit you gain is the authenticity of future-proofing your PC. Unless you work in a movie production company and edit videos frequently, you don’t need 32GB RAM on your PC. After considering the points, it’s clear that adding 32GB RAM to your PC is not worth it in the present generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to have 32GB of RAM?

If you want the fastest possible performance with no stuttering, lag, or other problems with graphics or speed, 32GB RAM might be your ideal. Additionally, 32GB of RAM might extend the life of your system, which could result in financial savings if you decide against buying or upgrading the latest tech.

Is 32GB RAM too much for gaming?

Gamers use 32GB of RAM more frequently, and the improvement in FPS above 16GB is likely a key reason. With 32GB, you can play games with better graphics and still do other things simultaneously, such as live streaming and using Chrome, system software, or Spotify.

Who needs 32GB of RAM?

16GB is enough for the vast majority of gamers. However, 32GB can be useful and will give you a little extra room if you intend to stream or run many applications simultaneously with your games.

How much RAM do you need?

Even if you don’t use your computer like a pro, I think you should have at least 16GB of RAM. With this much RAM, you won’t have to worry about your computer slowing down if you have multiple browser windows, video streams, and documents open simultaneously.

How much RAM is too much?

For many people, 64GB of RAM is excessive because it is far more than is required. Most computers should require roughly 8GB of RAM. Even gamers who spend most of their time on their PC can get by with as little as 16GB or 32GB for future-proofing.

Final Words

RAM is the essential unit of the CPU that serves as the working memory for the whole PC. Having more RAM is never a curse. But in the age where 8GB RAM is considered the optimal memory size, 32GB RAM is undoubtedly overkilling.

Since 32gigs of RAM is necessary only for a handful of employments unless you’re one of the few people who’s into programming, competitive gaming, or video editing, 32GB of RAM is not for you. Don’t buy such enormous RAM, and if you already bought one, save it for the future.

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