The Best 7 Laptop Buying Tips to Save Money

Nothing is as satisfying as having a cost-effective high-performance laptop. Different laptop models have a varying range of prices, while some are made-to-order. Understanding what your needs are is necessary when purchasing a laptop that you won’t regret having later.

You will be happier buying a quality laptop within your price range and even more at a lower price. So if you’re wondering about the possibility of saving that extra money when purchasing your next laptop, you’re in the right place. Here are a few ways to get that laptop at the best possible deal.

how to save money on laptop

How to Save Money on a Laptop

1. Set your Budget Plan

We all know that the more money you spend on a laptop, the better its performance will be. Well, you can spend a few hundred dollars and still get a high-performance laptop. However, it’s important first to set a budget, so you don’t end up paying for what you don’t need.

Coming up with a budget will help decide what type of laptop you need and why you need it. First, you need to ask yourself what exactly it is you want to do with your laptop. Do you need it for low-end tasks such as studying or demanding processes such as video or photo editing? Going blindly into a purchase is unwise without knowing the value you need from a specific laptop.

You can then research the features or components of the laptop. Different laptops have different price ranges. And when you have a solid budget plan, you can make a good deal within your price range.

2. Don’t pay for features you don’t need

Laptops come packed with good features like high-end graphics cards, touchscreen, backlit keyboards, tons of storage, and even extra storage (SD) card slots, all of which are nice to have. However, before you spend lavishly on such features, it is wise to decide which features you require and those you don’t need.

A typist doesn’t need a backlit keyboard to navigate around a keyboard. If you’re one to browse the internet, send/receive emails, catch up with friends online, or media stream, you don’t need a costly processor like Intel Core i7 or the AMD Ryzen 5 series. A Chromebook with a dual-core processor with around 16GB storage and 4GB RAM will suffice (unless you want to run specific software things like high-powered computations). They are affordable.

don’t pay for laptop features you don’t need

Likewise, you don’t need to go higher than full HD or 1080p. There’s nothing that beats having to stream or play a video game on some high-resolution display screen. But, going higher than full HD (2K – 4K resolution) means more money, which can be disheartening for someone who wants to study with a laptop. As a gamer, ask yourself if you will run on AMD or Intel processors. AMD processors are better than Intel are less expensive at lower ranges.

For those who love software programming or coding and do not want to spend large amounts of money, a refurbished laptop with 256GB SSD, Intel Core i5 processor, and 8GB RAM for a powerful performance is just fine. There are other laptop models, of course. We all know SSDs are more expensive than HDDs. However, when comparing these drives, SSD is more reliable than HDD: using less power and the data access is faster. So you don’t want to spend less only to buy ‘slow’ features.

Photo/video editing and gaming PCs require powerful graphics while running complex programs, calculations, and codes need more memory and CPU power. If you store more data, you will need a lot of solid-state drive. Skipping any of these features will save you money.

3. Go for a Refurbished Model

Most buyers think that refurbished laptops are somewhat used when in reality, it’s a model that has been returned to its manufacturer for various reasons; maybe software issues, and therefore can’t be sold as new in the market. However, the manufacturers will typically test the laptop for its functionality and fix any issue(s) before selling them to you. They are often described by some as “better than new.” They can indeed be identical to new laptops.

It is not always imperative to spend a fortune on a laptop when you can get the same qualities of that laptop at even a lower price. Refurbished laptops come with the best deals that cost a few hundred dollars less, or even 50. Of course, I’m talking about certified refurbished laptop models.

Surprisingly enough, some Dell’s refurbished laptops come with a one-year warranty which an authorized refurbisher has already tested, and some have a minimum 90-day warranty. Apple, Acer, and HP also refurbish the best laptops that come with essential to high-end specifications. All you need is to check for seller details before ordering one.

What does refurbished laptop mean

If you’re a Mac user, you can pay a few hundred dollars less for the same laptop model if you were to buy from the manufacturer directly. When you go to Apple’s official website, type in ‘refurbished’ on the search box, and you will be able to get all of their refurbished models. What you can do is to compare the buy price of the new laptop directly from the Apple Stores to the cost of having the same model refurbished. You can save almost hundreds of dollars. Crazy, isn’t it? Well, Apple may be expensive, but they are worth it. You can pay in cash instead of putting it on a credit card to save some cents.

The only downside is that most of the certified refurbished laptops have no warranties. It is therefore important to check the seller’s note before making a move to buy one. And if you’re a gamer, don’t feel left out. You can also buy refurbished PC parts and build your PC without hurting your wallet.

4. Hunt for Discounts and Vouchers

There’s a thrill in searching for discounts and voucher codes on a laptop – and finding a deal saying 40% off will make you feel good. 

If you’ve been planning on buying a new laptop – and you’re looking to spend a few hundred dollars – you can keep an eye out for laptop sales at the best online stores like Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, and Walmart, where you’ll occasionally see deals that will save you some few dollars.

You won’t always find these discounts or vouchers, but searching for them will eventually prove worthwhile.

5. Wait for the Right Time to Buy

Not all months or days are the right time to buy a laptop. While laptops may have discount plans, there are certain times when you can save money on a laptop.

We are in October, just a month away from Black Friday. Many people are always in a rush to shop for electronic deals. This can be the best time to narrow your search down for the best laptop models you need for easy sales when Black Friday deals begin.

Best Time To Buy A Laptop - Christmas holiday time

For students, the back-to-school deals may be the right time. They often start in mid-July and end in August. Discounts on laptops are tailored for students and the supplies they’ll need in schools.

Another best time is Amazon Prime day, where you can find good deals if you act fast. However, you must have Prime membership, and it’s even more challenging predicting when Prime day will be. For 2021, it was set for July 26 – 27. Don’t worry, you can wait for next year.

If the manufacturer announces or releases a new model, the price of the older models falls significantly. In addition, discounts are also made to incentivize interest in new laptop models.

6. Don’t Buy directly from some Laptop Manufacturers

When shopping for a new laptop from authorized retailers, like Amazon or Best Buy, you are likely to pay less for the same model if you buy from Apple, Microsoft, or Dell directly. These online stores, especially Amazon or even Best Buy undercut the manufacturer’s prices a bit.  Amazingly enough, they often offer discounts and have deals the manufacturers can’t beat.

There are plenty of websites that sell or auction laptops at unbeatable prices. This is where you need to search for a laptop, although it’s an overwhelming experience with ads, reviews, and customer support. But eventually, you will get lucky and find the best price for whatever laptop model you’re looking for.

Best Time To Buy A Laptop

7. Avoid Extended Warranties

It is one thing to want to save your money, and most customers recommend that extended warranties are a waste of your money and overpriced. You need to carefully check the policy and see if you can return the laptop within the standard warranty. Problems with your laptop often happen in the first few months. You wouldn’t want to pay a retailer should you have issues with your laptop out of warranty.

You need to know and understand what you want to efficiently save your money on a laptop – whether buying or upgrading its components. Many stores sell laptops and it’s only with patience and research that you will find the best deal possible. Never assume that only the best online stores offer the lowest prices on a laptop. They often don’t. Otherwise, always compare the prices of multiple laptop sellers. Feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts with USXX in the comment section below.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this article on laptop buying tips. We know that you can save money when you buy a laptop, but you need to make sure that you are getting the best value for the money you are spending. Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information for your best laptop buying experience.

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