How to Connect Wireless Keyboard to Laptop?

When you are working with wired or corded keyboards, there is not much work. All you need to do is to plug it in, and you are all set for typing. However, things may be a bit different when using wireless keyboards. Yes, this is because wireless keyboards commonly work with cordless receivers and Bluetooth. 

You can place a wireless device anywhere you like, which can be used with desktops and laptops, which is universal to every computer model. 

However, if you have a wireless keyboard with you and cannot get it hooked to your laptop, do not worry because we are here to help you out. 

Procedures to Connect A Wireless Keyboard to Your Laptop

So, to get your cordless keyboard connected to your laptop, you will either need Bluetooth or a receiver. It will work just fine with any of the two. We have described the whole procedure. So, let’s start:

Connecting A Wireless Keyboard to Your Laptop, Using Bluetooth

To connect your wireless keyboard to your laptop, you need to follow a few steps. To start with the process, search for the ON/OFF switch cemented on your keyboard and turn it on. Then, ensure it is fully charged before pairing it with your laptop. 

If you find the switch to be already on, turn it off and turn it on again. By doing this, it becomes easy for your laptop to discover the wireless device.

Now, do the following:

  1. Click on the Windows key on the extreme left on your laptop’s screen. 
  2. By pressing the Windows key, click the Settings above the Power button and you will see the Settings window opens. 
  3. Now, when you are in the Settings window, click on the Devices option. 
  4. After you click on devices, you will be redirected to a page with many other tabs, choosing Bluetooth and devices.
  5. Turn your laptop’s Bluetooth by toggling. When it is on, it will provide you with an option to add a device. Click on add Bluetooth or other devices. 

After you have successfully completed this, your laptop will begin to search for active devices. After a few seconds, you will notice your keyboard’s name popping up on the screen, which means your laptop has successfully discovered your device and is ready to pair. Click on the keyboard’s name and pair it with your laptop. 

Now, what if you got no Bluetooth but a receiver? No worries, read further. We have got that covered too.

Establishing A Connection with A Laptop and Wireless Keyboard Using A Receiver

When using a receiver for connecting a laptop with your wireless keyboard is straight, I mean very straight. Hence, for using a receiver, you should get the software (basically comes in a compact drive, or you can download it), a manufacturer’s manual, 2-3 receivers, and of course, a wireless keyboard. 

Start with plugging the receiver in any USB Ports, which appears like a tiny USB dongle that makes a physical connection to the laptop and helps the keyboard communicate. 

  1. Ensure it is perfectly functional. Have a quick look if the keyboard has some battery requirement or if the battery is already cemented within. 
  2. Turn it on, and you will see an option that says CONNECT. Click on it, and you are all set. 
  3. Open any typing application and type to see if things are okay or not. 

What Can You Do If It Does Not Work Properly?

If it does not work as you have expected, you may consider looking up to the following steps, mate:

  • If it doesn’t work, switch off the keyboard and try again.
  • See if the keyboard has fresh cells or batteries; if you have an inbuilt battery, see if there is enough power.
  • See if the receiver is correctly plugged into the USB port.
  • The receiver should be close to the keyboard. If you take it further, more than 1.5 feet, the connection will terminate. 
  • Ensure the receiver is at least 8 inches away from any metal stuffed appliances such as fans, lights, etc., because it may cause some signal intervention.

Even after trying these methods, uninstall the keyboard driver and reinstall it if it still does not work. Or update the driver.  

How does a wireless keyboard actually work?

Like any other keyboard, wireless cables perform the same way as corded keyboards do. However, it does not have any cables. Instead, it requires either infrared laser tech or radio waves to establish a secure connection between the adapter, which is plugged into the laptop’s USB port.

It is very portable and flexible for the user as he can move the keyboard around then place it on the desk. Therefore, it is not that complicated as it sounds like. 


Yes, wireless keyboards are pretty awesome, and you will have a great experience while using them. We have explored the procedures involved in making a stabilized connection between your laptop and wireless keyboard through this article.

Now wireless keyboard can be used with a receiver and Bluetooth as discussed above, and we have also provided a link, just in case you need some help doing it practically.

Furthermore, if you face problems and your keyboard does not respond, do not worry because we have mentioned a few ways of troubleshooting it. I hope this article will definitely help you with your wireless keyboard, and also, you deserve a break from those messy wires. 

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