How To Fix a Laptop That Has No Sound After Windows 10 1909 Update

Are you a Windows 10 user that has lost sound on their laptop due to the 1909 update? If so, you need to read this article as we have some fixes here for you. It is very annoying losing the sound on your laptop and we totally understand your frustration with this. One of the most common reasons for this problem is outdated drivers, which we will explain.

If you do not have the right drivers for your laptop sound system, there is a breakdown in communication between the CPU and the hardware devices. Some people have experienced the recent 1909 Windows 10 update corrupting their sound drivers.

1. Check the Basics

headphone jack plugged into laptop

Even though you may think this is a waste of time, we encourage you to check the basics for your laptop sound system. This starts by checking that there are no loose connections for your speakers or the audio jacks.

Did you plug your speakers into the right jack? Sometimes, people plug their speakers into the microphone jack by mistake and the result is no sound.

Look at the volume levels and the mute facility for your laptop sound.

Is everything in order there? Remember that if you are using headphones, then this is likely to cut off your speakers.

2. Is there a Bug Fix Windows Update?

Microsoft often releases what they call “cumulative updates” to fix any previous bugs and update driver information. So, it is worth checking to see if there are any more updates after 1909 available that you have not installed.

You will need to be in the Windows settings screen and to do this just use the Windows+I key. Find Update and Security and then the section for Windows Update. A button lets you check for updates so click on this. If there are any updates then download and install them. You will need to restart after this.

3. Check the Windows Audio Service

Is the Windows Audio Service running on your laptop? There is also the Audio Endpoint builder service that needs to be running as well. First, you need to open the Services window, and you can do this with the Windows+R key and then typing services.msc and hit enter.

With the Services window open, find the Windows Audio Service and right-click to restart the service. Repeat this with the Audio Endpoint builder service. If either of these services are not running, then you will have no audio.

4. Audio Drivers

The first thing you can try to fix your audio problem after the 1909 update is to roll back your audio drivers. This means that you will use the drivers that worked previously. First, access your Device Manager and then right-click on your audio hardware to see the properties. Next, click on the Driver tab and then use the Roll Back button.

If rolling back drivers doesn’t work, then you can reinstall your audio drivers. We recommend that you go to the manufacturer’s website for the audio device and find and download the latest drivers. In Device Manager, you can right-click on your audio hardware and then right-click and select Uninstall. You will then need to restart.

When Windows restarts, you can install the latest drivers that you obtained from the manufacturer’s website. Sometimes there is a setup application with the drivers, which makes everything a lot easier. After this, restart your laptop and check the sound.

5. Try the Windows Audio Troubleshooting

Audio troubleshooter Windows 10

You can try the Windows Audio Troubleshooting using the Windows+I keys or go to Start>Settings>Update & Security>Troubleshoot>Additional Troubleshooters if you are still experiencing sound problems. Open the troubleshooter, and select the audio not playing option, and let it run. There will be an automatic check of your audio system, and Windows will fix any problems that it finds. Again, you will need to restart and then check the audio.


We have answered the question “how to fix a laptop that has no sound after the Windows 10 1909 update” by providing you with a number of things that you can check. We are confident that these checks will fix most Windows 10 sound problems after the 1909 update.

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