Technize.Com Acquires Masssiveonlinegamer.Com

Leading online tech publication, Technize, announced that the company has acquired Massive Online Gamer, a preeminent online game publication previously owned and operated by Beckett Media.

Technize announced that the leading online tech publication had formally acquired Massive Online Gamer from Beckett Media. MOG is considered one of the leaders in gaming coverage and will become an essential part of Technize’s ecosystem of complementing websites.

Massive Online Gamer is a publication that mainly covers Massive Multiplayer Online gaming, like announcements, news, and updates to the most popular games and lesser-known ones. The publication will continue to cover games as it always has under Technize since no change in the website’s editorial calendar was announced after the acquisition.

Technize takes a slightly different approach to covering technology. The publication mainly covers the technology of interest to the average Joe. The online magazine has, over the years, become a rich resource for all things technology-related. The well-researched articles have amassed a sizable audience and continue to grow, making Massive Online Gamer an essential addition to the company’s portfolio of technology websites.

Technize also reviews products, providing an unbiased approach that helps buyers make informed decisions. Readers can find out more about Technize and read the latest articles by visiting Here are some article by Technize about best gaming laptops under budgets:

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