Why Is Your Laptop Battery Draining So Fast? (Top 5 Reasons & Fixes)

Why is my laptop battery draining so fast? There are very few laptop owners that do not want to know the answer to this question. This guide will explain why this happens and how to increase your laptop battery life.

There are several reasons why a laptop battery will drain fast, and we will cover the main ones in this guide. It doesn’t matter if you have a Windows or a Mac laptop; if you don’t pay particular attention to the things that will drain your battery fast, you will be disappointed with the amount of battery time you have available.

Top Reasons Why Your Laptop Battery Is Draining Too Fast

1. Display Brightness and Keyboard Backlight

Change screen brightness in Windows 10

It doesn’t matter if you have a Windows or Mac laptop; bright screens and keyboard backlights will make your laptop battery drain faster. The good news is that you can adjust these settings on your machine to consume less power and make your battery last longer.

Windows 10 has its own settings for the brightness of your laptop screen. You need to access the settings window and then select System. When you are in the system settings, look for Display in the left-hand menu, and you should then see a slider that you can use to adjust the brightness of your screen.

It is also a good idea to use the Battery saver feature in Windows 10. You can access this from the system menu as well. When you click on battery saver, you will see a switch that you can use to turn the feature on or off. If it is turned off, then turn it on. 

Usually, the battery saver will automatically kick in when the charge in your battery goes below 20%. There are settings associated with battery saver, and one of these is to automatically reduce the brightness of your screen. Make sure that this is checked.

Finally, with Windows 10, we recommend that you adjust the power and sleep settings to ensure that you can turn off your screen and even put your laptop into sleep mode if you are not using it for a while.

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If you have a Mac laptop, you need to enter system preferences and select the Display option from the available tabs. Here you will see a brightness slider that you can adjust to reduce the brightness of your screen. Decreasing the brightness of your laptop screen is good for your eyes and saving on your battery power.

With a Mac laptop, you can automatically adjust the screen brightness if you want. The jury is out on whether this helps to prolong the life of your battery or not. In our opinion, it is a simple process to adjust the brightness of your screen manually, as we described above. 

Within the Energy saver preferences, you can choose to slightly dim the brightness of your screen when you are using battery power. We recommend that you enable this feature by checking the appropriate box.

If your laptop is still switched on but not using it, there are settings to make the screen or the computer itself sleep. In addition, you can adjust when the sleep function takes over when you are just using the battery.

Some laptops have a backlight for the keyboard. If your laptop has this feature, make sure that you turn it off during the daytime when it is not required. You can also turn off the keyboard backlight if your laptop is idle for a while.

2. Laptop Power Settings

Change power settings windows 10

Your laptop will have power settings that you can adjust to prevent your battery from draining too fast. To access the power settings for a Windows 10 laptop, you will need to open the Settings window and then select System. From the system window, you now need to find Power and sleep and select this.

You will see options here for turning off your laptop screen after a certain amount of idle time when you are in battery mode or plugged-in mode. If your laptop is plugged into the mains, you do not have to turn off your screen at all, so leave this set to Never . When using battery power, we recommend turning off your screen after 5 minutes of idle time.

The same options exist for putting your laptop into sleep mode. Again, this is unnecessary if you have your laptop plugged into a mains outlet, but you can set this to occur at the idle time you specify in battery mode.

There are additional power settings where you can make your own power plan or chose the optimized or balanced setting. If in doubt, use the Balanced plan. With a Mac laptop, you will find the laptop power settings in the energy saver section. These use similar settings to Windows 10 laptops, so adjust them to your preference.

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3. Wireless and Bluetooth

Turning off your wireless and Bluetooth network connections is another way to make your laptop battery last longer. Again, this is easy for you to do with both a Windows 10 and a Mac laptop. 

If you have a Windows 10 laptop, open the Settings window, find Network connections and click on this. Here, you will see all of your network connections, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. To turn these off, just right-click and then select Disable.

It is a similar process with a Mac laptop. You need to go into the settings for your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and turn off both services.

4. Peripheral Devices

Data storage drives

It is normal to have a few peripheral devices connected to your laptop. These can be external drives for storage, a printer, another display, and so on. However, even if you are not using these peripherals, they will drain some power from your laptop battery.

So, if you are not going to use an external storage drive, for example, unplug it to prevent the excessive drain on your laptop battery. Make sure that you remove all peripheral devices safely. Only plug in a peripheral device when you have to use it.

5. Faulty Battery

How to Find What Battery My Laptop Has

It is possible to have a faulty laptop battery even if your machine is pretty new. A faulty battery can prevent charging and discharging altogether, or it may only allow these things to happen on a partial basis. Whatever the fault is doesn’t really matter. Your laptop battery is going to drain fast.

If you have a relatively new laptop, check the warranty that came with it. Then, get in touch with the vendor or the laptop manufacturer and tell them that you suspect that your battery is faulty. You should be able to replace your faulty battery if the warranty covers this and has not expired.

Trying to fix a faulty laptop battery is not a good idea. It is just best to get a new one. If your laptop warranty has expired, you must bite the bullet and purchase a new one. You will probably find that it is cheaper to source a new battery for your laptop online than to purchase it in a store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What drains a laptop battery the most?

The display is the biggest source of battery drain on your laptop, so reduce the brightness of your computer screen. USB flash drives, CDs, mice, and other accessories will cause your battery to drain faster, so remove these items for a small improvement in battery life.

How can I prevent a fast battery drain?

Allow the screen to turn off sooner. Reduce screen brightness. Set the brightness to change automatically. Turn off keyboard sounds or vibrations. Apps that use a lot of power should be restricted. Adaptive battery or battery optimization should be turned on. Delete accounts that are not being used.

How do I stop my battery from draining so fast?

Enable the Battery Saver mode. To turn on Battery Saver mode: Tap Settings > Battery and device care > Battery (or Settings > Battery > Battery Saver).

Why is my Windows 10 laptop battery draining so fast?

This “battery drain” problem happens in Windows 10 because of two main reasons. The first reason is that Windows 10 loads too many background apps that use battery power even when they are not being used. The “Fast Startup” feature is the second factor that drains the battery even when the laptop is fully shut down.


Using your laptop with full-screen brightness will consume the most power and result in your laptop battery draining quickly. However, it is easy to adjust the settings and not use maximum screen brightness unless needed.

We recommend that you use the energy-saving features that are found in Windows 10 and Mac laptops. If you know that you will be away from your laptop for a while, these will turn off your screen and hard drive and put your laptop into sleep mode if you set it up this way.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are continuously scanning for changes, and you can easily turn these off as well to prevent your laptop battery from draining too fast. Finally, it is always good to unplug any peripheral devices that you are not using to save battery life.

This guide aimed to answer the question, “why does my laptop battery die so fast?” So, now that you know the main culprits for draining a laptop battery, please follow this advice and enjoy using your laptop on battery power for longer.

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